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Posted on Mon Jun 14th, 2010 @ 6:46pm by Ensign Carlos Rojas & Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

Carlos wanted a break and tried to think of what he could do. A moment later he remembered he still hadn't talked to the counselor so he left the lab and boarded a turbolift. Several minutes later he paused in front of the door to her office and pressed the chime.

Eloise was started by the chime for her temporary office. The noise seemed so foreign and so very wrong. She had gotten used to the federation standard and not the sound of this one. It was something she hoped could be changed but she knew it wasnt going to be any time soon. There were too many other priorities on this station. So it was a long way down the list. Besides she would much rather proper sleeping quarters and a proper office. Rather than the unused storage spaces that they were currently using. It was all a bit of an adventure as far as she was concerned.

She wasnt currently expecting anyone. She slipped on her new shoes which were still hurting her feet. It was going to be a grin and bare it kind of thing until she was used to them. Until then they were going to give her hell. Now they were on she stood up before uttering "come in" in the most pleasant and welcoming voice she could muster given the pain from the shoes.

As she watched a man in uniform enter. He looked oddly familiar yet she couldnt quite place him.He was probably one of the files she had been reviewing. She noted the pip on his uniform placing him as an Ensign. It should have helped but didnt. Damn my memory sometimes she thought trying not to frown. "Hello there, Im Eloise Star, how can I help you?". She wasnt sure if he was meant to be here or not. Especially since he wasnt expected, for all she knew he had gotten lost.

"Ensign Carlos Rojas," he said, stepping further into the office and extending his hand. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

His name too, sounded vaguely familiar. Oh well she thought now is not the time to try to work it out. Plenty of time later. She gave him another smile "No, you are not interupting anything. Well nothing of any immediate matter in any case. So what brings you here today Ensign Rojas? "

The fact he had asked if he was interupting anything madde her know for sure that his visit to her was intentional and not that he had gotten lost or was looking for someone else. As she waited for his reply she started to size him up in her head. She noted his body language anding the tone that he had used when he had briefly spoken and the words he had used.

So often she would have angry patients who didnt want to be seeing her. This was followed closely behind by sad ones. there had been so many that had suffered the effects of loss in their life. There was too much loss for her liking . Hardly ever did you get to see anyone when they were extremely happy. Not counting outside of her office that is.

"I just wanted to stop by and see if you had time to get my evaluation out of the way," Carlos said with a smile.

Evaluations, of course thats where she knew his face from. "Please do taek a seat. I will just take a moment to review your file" With a few taps here and there she had Ensign rojas's profile up for review. At least he had given her a smile.

As she read through his profile she made sure to keep a neutral face, giving nothing away. It was something she was trained to do. There were definately a few things that raised alarms but nothing that hadnt been handled already.

The two key issues that caused her concern was a few notatins on his temper and his injury to his right leg. Both had the potential to be ongoing problems.

So she thought it was best to start with the simple stuff "So what made you choose a career in Stellar Cartography?". Usually a career choice like that would be something the person would be passionate about. Something that they would be at ease talking about. Once he was at ease then the time would come to ask the harder questions.

"I've always been fascinated with the stars and other phenomenon in the galaxy," Carlos replied. "There are few things as beautiful as a nebula or a stellar nursery."

"oh, excuse my manners, I forgot to ask you if you would like a drink. Can I get you something?" Before waiting for an answer she continued on.. "I agree with you about the beauty in the stars. Was this always your first career choice and where do you hope this will lead you?" She looked at the man before her with the stunning electric blue eyes and awaited his answers before moving.

"I wanted to be an athlete when I was younger but that isn't an option anymore," Carlos said to her. "Someday I'd like to discover something previously unknown," he added. "Not exactly sure what that something would be, though."

She noted he didnt repy to wanting anything to drink. At least for the moment it meant she could remain off her feet. Also she was glad he had brought up about being an athlete in his past. It made a nice lead in to where she wanted to go with the evaluations.

"An ambition to find something that hasnt be found or explored would be a great accomplishment. Some would even say that it would be almost equal if not better achievement than achieving excellence in any given athletic field. How do you feel about the fact that you can no longer persue your dreams in that area. How are you coping with having to change your life goals?"

Eloise smiled warmly at the young man. She knew it would be a hard question to be asked no matter how many times it was asked. Sometimes some questions never got any easier and she suspected that this may be one of them. She also suspected that he would be sick of being asked. Unfortunately it was her job to do so.

Carlos looked at her for a moment before speaking. "It was a long time ago and I've accepted it," he said, looking at his leg. "I could have been known throughout the galaxy but it just wasn't meant to be." He paused again and closed his eyes. "I'm happy being a scientist," he added, still not opening his eyes.

"But yet, its a constant reminder of what could have been. Have you checked recently on if there have been any developments on further repariring your let?" She had looked at him when he said he was happy but he had not looked her in the eyes while making the statement leading her to believe he wasnt truely happy nor fully accepted it. She couldnt blame him but it was something that would need to be monitored.

"I'm scheduled to try surgery tomorrow," he said to her.

She was a little surprised. Technically she could only clear him for up until the surgery and for the surgery. After the surgery he would have to go through evaluations again. It would have made far more sense for him to have seen her after the sugery. Of course it could have been nerves about the surgery. "How do you feel about the surgery? Do you have any concerns?"

"If they mess it up I could lose my leg," Carlos replied. "If that happened it could affect my chances for advancement. Why should I be worried?"

"The chances for things to go wrong are miniscule. The chance for it to right are huge. I only think it would affect your career if you let it. Think about the ferengi who lost his leg. I forget his name he was Ensign Nyg or Nin or something.. hmmm that s not right Ensign Nog, thats it. He has done well for hmself." She had to admit she was concerned by his stetement.

"I'm sure the surgery will go fine but I'll feel better when it's over," he said to her.

"I'm sure you will too. I have every confidence in the surgeons here. All going to plan and the surgery is a complete success do you see yourself returning to your original career pathway?" How committed was he to starfleet, now that was a question.

In her life her career pathway had changed. She was content in what she had now and was sure she had finally made the right decision even if it had been with help. There were only a few more things to check with before she would let the young man before her go and then write up and submit her evaluation. It would be a case of one down and more to come.

"I'm happy being a scientist," Carlos told her. "I may start playing again on the holodeck again if the surgery is successful but I won't try getting back into sports professionally."

"In the holodeck is the best bet to begin with. Less chance of real damage with the safeties on. However if the surgery is sucessful you may find yourself drawn back to your fomer life. It will give you something to seriously think about."

Eloise knew that she had a bit to write up on the evaluation even if he had a been a man of few words. What he didnt say said a lot.

"Last couple of questions. How are you coping family wise?" She wasnt fully up to date on his family situation and hoped it wasnt a sore point. If an appointment had been made she would have been more prepared. she felt like she was caught a bit on the hop.

"I talk to my family when I can," Carlos replied. "They're usually off on some expedition so it doesn't happen very often."

"So you are not close with your family then? " It seemed so many people were so far flung from their families leaving them with a poor support network. It made things so much harder when they were new to an assignment as well. "Do you have a good support network? "

She hoped that would be the case. It always helped speed up recovery on any surgery.

"Unfortunately, no," Carlos said, looking down at his hands. "I really don't know anyone on the base."

"And off base? Do have firm friends off base. Perhaps from your sporting days?" She tried to ask as warmly as possible. Trying to make the young man before her feel more comfortable. He was having trouble looking at her answering question. It was as he was looking for the answers in his hands.

"All of my friends from my past have drifted away," Carlos replied. "I haven't talked to any of them in years. I don't know where they are or if they're even still alive."

"That tends to happen in life a lot unfortunately and its something we all have to deal with. I will let you get on your way and I will submit your evaluation report. Naturally I will need to see you after the surgery for full clearance then. I have every confidence that it will go swimmingly well."

Eloise stood up and shook the young mans hand. She felt short in comparison. That happened a lot though. She watched as he made his way out of her temporary office. He was certainly interesting and gave her much to think about before writing up the report. She had no doubt she would need to see him in the future.

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