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Bad News

Posted on Fri Mar 27th, 2009 @ 3:44am by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge - Bridge
Timeline: Present

When the others had left, Vos turned a concerned eye on the Doctor, his hand still reassuringly upon her shoulder. "What's wrong, Leanne? You seem really distracted. What is it you need to tell me?" he asked quietly, chancing a use of her first name rather than "Doctor" or "Lieutenant Ulonova". The way she looked it was as if she'd seen a ghost. As he studied her face he noticed for the first time the heavy bruising on her neck that could only come from being strangled. His other hand came up and he cupped the line of her jaw lightly, the hand on her shoulder moving up to brush her hair away from the bruises. "When the hell did this happen?" he asked, concerned. He hadn't seen her attacked during the recently fought battle.

"I..." she stopped for a minute and looked directly at Vos. "I was attacked by a crewman... or... what used to be a crewman. After I stabilized Podi, I got called to check on a crewman who was running a fever. He had been attacked by one of those things and some kind of infection had spread throughout him. I gave him antibiotics and enough tranquilizer to put down a Klingon..." she stopped for a moment and got that distant look in her eyes.. "he... or... it tried to kill me.. he reached out, picked me up by my throat and tried squeeze the life out of me." She started to cry a little bit.. "He almost killed me... and there wasn't anything I could do... and those blue eyes... those damn ghostly blue eyes..."

"Prophets...Leanne, are there other members of the crew out there who might develop the same symptoms? We need to quarantine them away from the general population so we don't have a riot on our hands." he said, putting his hands on her cheeks and forcing her to look up. "Doctor, look at me. I need to know if this is going to happen again." He hated that far-away look. He'd seen it far too many times on young, Bajoran faces. She was in shock. It happened when someone who had never seen battle before was thrown into a real war, like the desperate fight outside. They closed down to deal with the pain, noise, stress, and loss. Vos had faith that Leanne would get her wits about her and focus on her duty as a Starfleet officer. He smoothed a thumb over her cheek, using one of her own salty tears to wipe some of the dirt off. "Leanne, it's going to be alright, but you have to focus. Please, answer me."

"I've... I've already set up a quarantine area... and I have my staff looking for signs... but.." she tried to stop crying but the tears kept coming, she didn't know how was Vos able to keep himself composed during all this."Anyone who has been attacked by these things is a potential carrier.. I think the incubation time is only a few hours.. but I don't have a lot of information right now. I don't know if any particular race is more or less susceptible to it.. but.. we've got standard quarantine procedure in place, and I told the med team that it was potentially airborne and that is why we needed quarantine, only the head nurse, and one of the other medical officers knows the whole story. I didn't want to scare anyone." It was comforting having Vos with her. With him around it almost seemed like everything would be ok. "Vos, I'm scared... I really am... I don't want to die down here..." She looked up at him, "but I am glad you're here." Her tears had dried up but she was still sniffling a bit, her eyes where no longer distant when she looked at Vos, without knowing it she had put her hands around him and pulled him close to her holding him tight.

"No one else is going to die." Vos said softly into her hair as he let his long arms wrap around her as well. Despite their mutual need for a shower after all the running and the fighting, he could still smell a fragrance she'd used on her hair. The softness of her body pressing against him so tightly and the flowery scent muddled his senses enough that he almost left the humid confines of the colony ship for that moment. "I'll protect you. Just stay close." he whispered. Vos let her have her quiet freak-out without trying to coddle her like a child. When she'd stopped crying, he pulled his upper body back just enough that he could look into her brown eyes. He found his gaze straying down to her lips, but forced himself to look back up. He suddenly felt bad because he was thinking more about whether she tasted as good as she smelled. She had been crying into his shirt and suddenly a combination of stress and adrenaline had him thinking about other things. It started to show in his face.

Leanne looked up at Vos, she had only known him a few days but she felt a definite connection to him. Maybe it was was the adrenaline, maybe it was the culmination of the events or just sheer exhaustion, in the cold dark of this place it felt good to have someone warm to hold onto. She looked up at Vos and before he could protest she reached up and kissed him firmly on the lips. She let it linger for a moment before pulling away. The Doctors face had turned beat red, she quickly tried to explain herself, "I... I am sorry Commander... I.. I don't know.. um...." she was completely flustered.

Vos, for his part, was too stunned for a moment to do anything but enjoy the feeling of her lips pressed against his. Then it was over all too quickly and Leanne was stammering out an apology. He didn't say anything while she floundered about trying to explain herself. Then, in a quick burst of motion he closed the distance again, almost bruising her lips with the force of it. This time he didn't let it end quickly. He drank in the sensation, his arms wrapping themselves tighter around her as he felt her get over her own bout of surprise at his return of her affections. Vos was glad to report to himself that she did, indeed, taste as good as she smelled.

Leanne closed her eyes and just enjoyed the moment. When it ended she was still at a loss for words, she sheepishly smiled at Vos and tried to make a joke, "I hope this isn't how you make all the female crew feel better." She pulled him close and hugged him again really tight while nestling her head under his. She didn't want the moment to end but Vos was right, they had a job to do, and Beverly and Kathy where out there alone. She tried to speak quietly as to not overly ruin the moment. "I need to go get some things ready for the search party... and my tricorder is dead..."

She could feel his chest move when he chuckled quietly in response. "It's not standard Starfleet counseling treatment, no, but this is a special case." Vos buried his nose in her hair again while he had the opportunity, his thought drifting off a bit more until she mentioned work. It left the both of them with unasked questions as to how they were going to move forward after this, but all that could wait until everyone was safe and alive back on the Genesis. He leaned in to savor another tender brush of her lips against his, making sure he remembered every detail in case they were all going to die and it might be one of his last memories. Then he got back to business.

"Let me know if you need anything. Don't bother getting a new tricorder until a few have been modified for the rescue. We'll all be switching out to use those anyway. I'm going to talk to the troops, make sure morale is up, and decide which one of the junior officers I want to leave in charge. I'll be back around to check on your quarantined patients when I'm done. I want to see the effects myself." Commander Lorran said, pulling reluctantly out of her embrace as he let the mantle of responsibility fall squarely back on his shoulders once again.

"Thank you... for everything..." she smiled at Vos and headed down towards the medical teams to check on everything, she stopped and turned around and gave Vos one last look. "When we get back to Genesis... lets talk."

"Dinner and a mandatory physical?" Vos smiled in return.

"Maybe, we'll see." She smiled and continued down to the triage area.


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