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Grey Nova

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2010 @ 2:04am by Alice DeVain(PhD)

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Docking Bay

A young woman entered the docking bay of Roark Nor, seemingly out of place, dressed in a simple white knee length dress with thin straps on her shoulders with masking shades and a wide brimed white sunhat tilted on a slight 20 degree angle. She walked gracefully and menevolently down the empty cargo bay.

One could say she was seemingly human almost thirty maybe, but no she was far older then that, older then anyone's imagination, quoting herself from previous assignments done for these humans and their assosciates.

She had done the Federation a favor by owing her allegiance to this petty position, what that was, was uncertain even to her. There was no contract, no outlines, rules or regulations, she had been given an assignment and it was going to be executed.

Suddenly she pulled out a pair of grey laced riding gloves, adequet for her duties, afterall she was grey, not black or white, she was grey.

As she continued her monowalk she smiled softly to her self, these petty humans had no idea what was instore. And what was to come.

She pulled out her passport, her right of passage, a loaded gun, this time it was personal and this assignment was deeply her's and Starfleet would be well to stay clear until her assignment was completed.

She turned back as she had forgotten something, she ripped the gun around and fired it towards the docking port, leaving a grey nova shaped hole in the port. Her mark, and a sign she was here. No bullet would be found, only an unsualy shapped hole in the wall, maybe the Cardassians nicked it on the way out?

Whatever it would seem to someone, it was only one thing to her, the start of execution.

A sinisterly Confusing Post By.....

Mysterious Woman
Molevelent Bitch
Roark Nor


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