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Posted on Sat Mar 28th, 2009 @ 2:49am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge, communications office
Timeline: current

"Podi, boost your power gain by 13 per cent, hopefully that'll be enough to get the power flowing through this thing, but it probably won't fry the boards." Mike said, holding his Tri-corder, intently fixed on monitoring the stats on his small screen.

"Podi had fashioned two sheets of spare metal and some chairs into crutches and he moved over to the desk and picked up another hypospray. "Would you mind?' Podi showed it to Mike thinking h ment to boost Podi's power gain until he suddenly understood with a brief shake of his hand and put the hypospray down. He moved away from the desk and began increasing the power from a panel next to his bucket/seat. 'All good?"

Mike watched the power level spike a small amount "Watch it, Podi, lower it by... point five." Mike watched Podi lower it and he shook his head slightly and gave a small sigh "We might be the people who know the most about these systems, but they are screwed up. Take it down by another one per cent."

Podi grunted as he reduced it even more. "Happy now?" Podi was slightly upset with the constant labour, but did not complain as he would have to be under fire very soon and continued as normal.

Mike looked up and nodded "That should be good for now, make sure you pay close attention to that meter there, we don't want to blow you up again." Mike picked up his tool case and lifted it up onto a small desk and started getting out the tools he needed. He then moved over to an open panel and started tinkering, moving his head every ten or so seconds to check the power running through the circuits.

From Podi's seat he pretended to hit Mike in the back of his head with a crutch. Mike noticed. "That was for saying I got blown up."

"For Christ sake, lets just do this, we are leaving in two hours, we better not be waiting around for you to do this, alright?" Mike said, again, out of his normal tone with Podi just like before.

Podi moved over to his station and kept an eye on the power, adjusting it slightly due to it being over what was neccessary. He moved over to a hole in the wall and adjusted the wiring around. "There...that should be better."

Mike pinched the top of his nose and shut his eyes "Sorry, Podi, that was out of line, I shouldn't yell at you."

"Nah, my bad...the infliction is taking me over...' Podi pretended to moan like a crotchety, very old person and sat up straight again. he put his crutches on the ground, checked his wiring was intact and adjusted the dials again before moving independently towards Mike. 'so...why are you so tense, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Well, Lt Mason, she is missing, you know my feelings there. And not having Commander DeVour around hurts, she is always around to give advice and to be a shoulder to cry on, now she just isn't around. And then there's the uptight attitudes of everyone, Jorvin's little comment... and then I saw something that made me a little... uncomfortable..."

"Oh, I see, yep, go on..." Podi was hanging on every word, except he caught his foot in a circle of spare wiring and was trying to shake it off.

"Podi, Vos touched Leanne, I could swear it was suggestive." Mike said quietly, noticing a Marine in the door way "Can I help you, Private?" Mike asked, resting his arm on a close by panel.
The marine stepped forward, extending his arm to provide two phaser rifles "Just these, an order from Captain Jorvin."

Mike raised his eyebrow quickly and looked back to Podi "He would trust us with these?" Mike reluctantly stepped forward and gave the top one a once over, Mike noticed a few dry spots of blood "Did these belong to the ones... out there?"

The marine gave a nod "We have to scavenge what we can."

Mike slowly nodded and closed his eyes "Thanks." he then turned and threw a rifle Podi's way.

Podi caught the rifle thrown to him, but snapped his hands at it like a venus fly trap and fumbled it. He bent over to pick it up, which hurt his back slightly. He got it and pretended to cock it like an ancient rifle. "Let's do this.' Podi nodded cooly and placed his phaser beside him moving back over to his bucket. 'Anything else you wanna talk about?"

Mike watched the Marine walk away to make sure he was gone "I don't know, just Krissy and Devour being missing scares me, Podi."

"Are you sure Commander DeVour has anything to do with it?" Podi gave Mike a cheesy grin, looking up from his work.

Mike glared across at Podi "I'm sure. Look, ok, I like Krissy, I admit it. I am fearing this Henk guy could've killed her."

"Why would O'Brien kill her, other that being green-eyed." Podi was enjoying teasing Mike whilst slowly ripping the truth out of him, during his work of course. He looked at the dial, and in fright lowered it by several percent.

Mike attacked the circuitry with a laser aligner again "It is a possibility. He seemed a little... distant in the head, he is probably a great person."

"Well, sorry, didn't mean to get you steamed if I did, it's just what friends do you know. I once heard a proverb from...somewhere, it was: A friend will bust you out of jail, but a true friend will be in there with you." Podi smiled and moved over to his panel to rewire the coil around his ankle.

::1 hour later::

After some extended and unnecassary fumbling around with wads of wire, sheet metal and plating, Mike smiled "I guess this is done, about bloody time too." he finished up and then stood up "Ok, lets pull this off." He waited until Podi was clear and activated the beacon, it immediately powered down and ceased to function. Mike and Podi stood there with eyes wide as saucers "You can't be serious!" Mike said as he turned around and hit his head against a wall.

"Maybe it was a... back feed reversal loop with a retrospective arc inversion in the energy coupling matrix, causing a macro-kinetic wavelength trip stitch. Damnit! Should've seen that coming from a mile away and then some..." Podi raced over to his wiring and checked it was intact, only to discover the cable around his foot was attached into his panel of work, and as he shook it off, he had simply unplugged a wire.

Mike watched Podi plug the wire back in "Alright we are going to initiate it again." he tapped the button, with the same result as last time "Damit! I think it must have something to do with the trans-duodynetic flux shell that is protecting the ambient static confinement bubble, which in turn is not allowing the plasmonic containment scanner to work which then screws up the workings of the annular interphasic vertion capacitor and that dosen't allow for the ambient metaphasic vertion field to form."

Podi looked at Mike. "What?" Mike looked impressed at Podi's look of confusion.

"Its like a fish being in a can of water, and on top of that is a layer of kerosene." Mike then showed Podi what it would look like, jumping up and down, pretending to gasp for unobtainable air, he then stopped "Its just like that."

Podi looked completely stunned at Mikes impression. he had just witnessed his best friend leaping around like a very lightweight penguin standing on a massive windblower. "I can see where you're coming from, actually."

"Yeah, any ideas on how we can repair it, in technobable, please." Mike said.

"For the confinement bubble to obfuscate the meremeodons have to be hermetically and irreperably interlinked into the trans-chrono spectrometer loop, which would blitz the internal wiring of sed annular interphasic version capacitator causing the micro-storm drive to conk out and that would mean that the energy coupling matrix wouldn't even be able to start at all...unless the SanDisk was archived through the transmission emmiter, locking the signal on, say...wavelength 2784/Binary 9, allowing for the ambien metaphasic version field to harmonise with the warpfold conjugated internal synchroniser in the self-replicating energy blindfold matrix."

"Yeah, its just like..." another Marine arrived "Commader Loran wants you to report to Engineering, we need to lower the sheilds." Mike looked back to Podi "We'll fix this later," Mike smiled "Krissy might be back."

"Aw, gotta go help your girlfriend." Podi said jokingly and limply followed Mike out of the room.



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