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Hitting the ice

Posted on Mon Jun 28th, 2010 @ 6:24pm by

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Anubis Holodeck
Timeline: backpost

A sharp crack of a puck echoed across the rink as Leanne sent the small round disk flying across the rink. The puck made a solid ping noise as it hit one of the metal bars at the net and ricocheted off in the opposite direction. She frowned and slowly skated over to where the puck had skid to a stop and picked it up.

"Why don't you go into the net...." looking at black piece of rubber. She skated over to the blue line, her Red and White CCCP jersey hung loosely over providing a bit of warmth. She dropped the puck with a thud and let loose another sharp crack from the stick and watched the puck sail into the back of the net. A small smile came across her face as she hit the com badge underneath the jersey.

"Ulonova to Lieutenant Commander Lam, are your skates sharp?"

"Aren't they always, why what do you have in mind?" Lam was buried under a series of reports, each detailing the massive amount of work required to make Roark Nor a self sufficient station.

"I happen to have a free rink and some empty ice... Care to join me?" She skated over to the empty net and picked the puck up. "And I think I'm getting my slap shot back."

Glancing down at the stack of PADD's she wasn't to sure if she should go but having spent seven hours going through reports she knew she needed a change, "I'll need to stop by my quarters and get changed, meet you in ten minutes?" she queried as she put the PADD's into a secure storage box.

"Make sure you bring your mouth guard, I'd hate to have to put a tooth back in." she said half laughing as the sound of a hockey stick cracking against the ice could be heard over the comm.

The cracking sound was rather disturbing as the comm link closed. It didn't take her long to get her things together as she donned her Canadian top and grabbed her skates. As the holodeck doors opened the massive arena took her breath away as the simulated cold hit her, the recreation was fantastic but it was certainly somewhere far colder than her home town. Skating into the middle of the rink she spun around and moved backwards towards Ulonova, "sorry to keep you waiting, so what you got planned?"

Leanne smiled at Lam "It is ok you didn't keep me waiting very long at all. I remember you said that you would be up for a game sometime, we can do a pick up game or we can just go head to head if you'd like, or even just do some line drills. I've just been thinking alot about it since I watched the last part of that game and going home, and just wanted to get out on the ice." The doctor casually skated around just enjoying the cold of the rink.

Sara's trademark wide smile crossed her face, "you know if I didn't know better I'd say you were up for being a coach, you ever though about getting a team together, I mean there are bound to be plenty of people up for a physical game? I'm happy with whatever you pick, it is after all your holodeck time we're using."

"I did talk to one of the new crewmembers who seemed like he might be interested." She skated over next to Lam. "It all depends on how adventurous you are feeling, I'd hate to throw you into something that you haven't done in a while."

"How about we kick things off with some shooting practice then play a single period, to be honest thats probably all I've got time for, I swear this new station of ours is going to be the death of me." With a slight sigh she skated off to the half way line, "you want to go first?"

"Computer, insert goalie from file Ulonova 7alpha delta, skill level 1, and two pucks, regulation." The items appeared on the ice and the "Goalie" phased in front of the net. The hologram seemed a bit clumsy on the ice at some points holding himself up with the back of the net. "Ohh and a stick for Commander Lam." A stick appeared on the ice next to the two pucks, the doctor skated over and picked it up bringing it to Lam. "This good for you?"

Grabbing her stick she skated off with one of the pucks, the stick flashing side to side to keep the puck under control as she turned and raced towards the goal tender before taking a shot, a loud thwack rang out as the puck sailed passed the keeper and the klaxons sounded, "oh yeah, this'll do"

Leanne lined up and took another shot from the line, knocking the puck directly into the chest of the goalie, who immediately fell over and back into the net. She began to laugh as the hologram tried to get back up and fell over on his face. "So when did you start playing hockey?"

"When I was about ten, I've always been into ice skating but I was asked to make up the numbers in a game my cousin was playing in, his team were a man short so since I could skate and had practised with him a few times, I filled in, since then I've only really played about four games, prefer watching it to be honest. Yourself?"

"Back where I'm from, as soon as you can start to walk they strap skates on you whether you like it or not." The doctor skated over and grabbed another puck and started up towards the net, she shot an off hand shot the ricochet off of the goal post and back into the rink. "In all reality though it is just stress relief.. well this and my violin, though this keeps me somewhat in shape."

"I normally just go running or cycling to be honest, well that and ice skating of course, music though, again prefer listening or watching a good concert of course, according to my sixth grade music teacher 'you're tone deaf, quit while you can kid'" she finished by putting on a gruff male voice which made her laugh. After a couple of quick laps of the rink she fired off a long range shot, high and wide, "looks like my aim is off more than I thought"

Leanne watched as the puck went high and wide and laughed. "Maybe we should hold off on this for a bit till our shots are back... I can't hit the broad side of a barn today." She skated over to Lam and smiled.

"Yeah, I think some shooting practice is probably in order, lord knows I'm going to feel it in the morning." As Lam tried to stretch off a little she knew her back would be killing her, typical to eager to get started she had forgotten to do a warm up.

Leanne skated around doing a few drills and took a shot at the net and missed wide right. "Tell you what lets give this a few weeks and the come back, we'll have some right and proper ice to slug it out on." Leanne skated up next to Lam. "You ok?"

"Yeah its just my back, it plays up when I don't do a proper warm up" Lam tried to laugh it off knowing full well that Ulonova was trying to diagnose her. "My own fault, thank you for asking though, as for the ice hockey, think you're right, how about we try this again once the Anubis gets back from its mission, well that or if I get the stations holosuites up and running."

"Sounds good, though you should stop by sickbay for me to take a look at your back. I'd hate to think that you can't do your job because of me." Leanne smiled at Lam. "Or if you need some time off I can just put you on medical leave." She said as she skated over to the bench on the right of the rink and took her skates off and put her boots on.

Sara skated over to the bench and joined Leanne in getting changed, "think I may take you up on the check up but I can't afford to not be working, DS7 is a mess and thats putting it lightly. How about I stop by tomorrow before my duty shift starts, got to get to work on those landing pads though so I can't be too long."

"Sounds good." She watched as Lam took the skates off and stood up. "Computer end simulation." The black and tinged with gold holodeck walls manifested and immediately brought the room back up to a normal temperature. "Oooh I didn't realize how hot it was in here. I'm going to go and get out of this, see you tomorrow then?"

Lam nodded as she slung the skates over her shoulder, "tomorrow, bright and early." As they went their separate ways Sara knew that Leanne would become a good friend, she could always tell, which meant their inevitable parting would be a truly sad day.



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