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visit from an old friend

Posted on Thu Mar 26th, 2009 @ 1:19pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Another shot passed just over there head. Henk was still carrying Kristina as they run towards the west Ridge. Henk looked back. Suddenly everything happened in slow motion. Henk saw how Tenyson aimed his rifle. Suddenly Henk wasn’t on the planet anymore. Like in a vision hank was walking over the plains of Africa. Looking around Henk saw an familiar face.
“Bacardi henk” shouted in excitement.
A white tiger ran towards him and pushed his head against Henk legs.
“I thought I would never see you again.” Henk said as tears flown down his face.

Henk said down in front of the white tiger and looked him in the eyes. After a few seconds he looked around and saw that he was back on the lion farm.
“You can still make it.” a voice said.
Henk looked around and then back to Bacardi.
“You can still make it. You are stronger then you think you are.” Bacardi said.
Henk looked him again in the eyes and then away.
“I can’t make it. They are to fast. It’s just to far.” Henk said beaten.
Bacardi stood up and walked away.

Henk thoughts went back to his childhood. Working on the farm. Caring for the big cats. Bacardi was his favorite. The only white tiger that was born there. He died just before he went to the Acadamy. Henk was devastated, he always spent a few hours with the tiger. Talking with him over things. He was always looking at him. Like he understood what he was saying.

With a flash henk was back on the planet. He felt the rain falling on him. A thunder flash light up the ground. Henk thought back to bacardi and suddenly a surge of energy rushed through his body. Henk tightened his grip on Kristina and began to run as fast as he could while holding Kristina. The creatures where still closing in, but so was the West Ridge.
“We can make it, oh yes, we can make it. Please let u make it.” Henk was whispering between breaths.
~And please don’t shoot us~ Henk thought as he saw the lookouts on the West Ridge sound alarm.


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