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Explosive Paperweights & Speedy Voles

Posted on Mon Jun 7th, 2010 @ 9:53pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Marine Deck

David sat at his desk looking at the bomb he'd helped disarm sitting. It would make a good paperweight if he had any paper to to put under it. He'd managed to move his desk and chair into the gloomy little space for his office and discovered that the door would not close fully.

Helen appeared at the gap in the door and after it refused to open she slid through. The door opened when she was half way through it, to which she sighed.

"What a lovely office you have here," she muttered. "A lick of paint might help, and what is that on your desk? It looks like a landmine!"

"Well, it was. Now it is a paperweight. How are you settling in?" he asked as he idly lifted the small metallic object. "If your having as much fun as I am, I'm sure you'll have lots to tell me. I could do with a rest."

The look on Helen's face was not an inviting one. "Fun? There are voles in our quarters. I've spent the past hour chasing the little buggers about the bedroom with a large piece of metal I hope was not structurally important! Clearly the hid for years in the areas with basic life-support and are now running riot."

David smiled and let out a light laugh. "Hundreds of years old and you are out smarted by pests. How many degrees do you have?"

Helen stuck her tongue out at him and sat in his lap. "Well, if you want to share with the voles, that's fine. But I want the out ASAP. The idea of waking up to one in the morning...." She shivered at the mere thought.

"So, like me waking up to you with your hair uncombed and your morning breath," he replied in a Vulcan deadpan. It earned him a playful slap on the jaw. Soon after a kiss followed before Helen got up and headed for the half open door.

"I want those voles gone," he said as she left the room.

David looked at his paperweight and wondered how many explosives might be set off as the vole population migrated out of there safe areas into the station as a hole. It might result in chaos as people reported explosions, assuming they happened, but at least it would kill two birds with one stone.

With a sigh, David got up and headed for the door, which refused to open further. Outside the Marines were still cautiously checking rooms and moving things into those that had been cleared. Things were going slowly, but hopefully things would be done soon.


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