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Opening the port

Posted on Wed Jun 23rd, 2010 @ 2:02pm by Lieutenant Robert Mugford & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Landing Pad C
Timeline: Three days after "Where to start"

Word had arrived that the Anubis was needed on an important mission in the DMZ but for Lam there was no escaping her duties on the station. Aerelon had sent her a message advising her that the Admiral had requested she stay on board, it was nice to be in demand but with so much to be done she had been looking forward to relaxing on Anubis' fully functioning holodecks come the weekend.

For now though the work was progressing well with large sections of the station being made habitable rapidly making traversing the central core a far simpler and less hazardous affair. The next task was to get the landing pads up and running, only three would be made available for runabouts while the other three were to be left for future weapon expansion, another item far far down Lam's check list. The daily assignments had been handed out, the computer core update was progressing well with the copy of DS9's memory core being used to wipe the system clean before reinstalling so the next big ticket items were the shields and the docking facilities. Small craft docking was still proving a major issue so Lam assembled a work crew, it would be hard manual work but hopefully by the time the starship Actaeon arrived with there two new runabouts they would have somewhere to store them along with Lam's side project which remained safely stored aboard the Anubis.

"Mugford, DeVuor and Krasinski, grab your gear we're going to get started on installing the new hydraulics, I hope everyone is fully certified for working in an EVA suit?" she asked as she opened a large container before producing a pair of magnetic boots.

The collective sigh in the room was the one thing that made Stewart smile. He had never had an issue with EVA, being one of the few in his class of cadets that had not spilled the contents of their stomach the first time they had been given a space walk.

"Come on everyone, lets get moving, remember double check your equipment and make sure your emergency transporter beacons are fully charged."As lam dragged her suit away into the woman's locker room others slowly began picking up their suits.

Stewart followed Lieutenant Mugford through into the male locker room and started to disrobe, removing all vestiges of his duty uniform and donning the EVA suit that so many in Starfleet despised.
With a final tug the boots slipped on and the suit's systems activated before he moved back to the gathering point.

Lam smiled to DeVuor and Mugford, "looking good gentlemen, now all we have to do is repair the space doors and get the hydraulics online and we can get back out of these things." Placing her helmet on her head she secured it in place, "everyone ready?" she asked, looking round to the various engineers in their EVA suits.

Nodding like a raw cadet, Stewart moved in to stand just behind Lam waiting for the airlock to cycle and allow them to see space, unabashed and in its natural form.

Rob slipped on his helmet, secured it and checked his readings as the suit pressurised. Happy with the numbers he gave Lam a smile. "As ready as anyone can be who is about to step into an absolute vaccuum with only thin layers of material and membrane to protect you." As soon as the words were out of him mouth, Rob mentally kicked himself. He had a bad habit of making a joke of things when he was nervous, and now was probably not a good time for them.

"Magnetize" said Lam and as one the boots of the repair team attached themselves to the deck plate, taking the lead Lam stepped into the airlock closely followed by DeVuor then the rest of the engineering detail. Moments later the large circular door spun closed and the atmosphere was vented. As the team moved into the vast cavernous space of the landing bay the openness of space could be seen through the partially lowered landing pad but for once Lam's stomach remained still, perhaps because she was, technically, inside the station.

"Krasinski and I will get to work on the upper door mechanism, remember keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place, I don't want a ten year old booby trap causing us any trouble." Slow but purposefully the engineers started their long walk into the middle of the bay, each of which was large enough for four runabout sized craft.

Great! Rob thought as he spooled out some of the cable that connected his kit to his EVA suit to give himself a little working room. "Dust, grime and explosive devices...Things just keep getting better and better," he chuckled to himself.

As the teams got to work the sheer scale of the task of repairing the station really hit Lam, this was one of three such areas that needed work and after that there were still five of the six main pylons to look at never mind the actual docking ring itself then there was crew quarters, holodecks and other comforts a crew would need let alone the tactical systems, eighteen months to overhaul was now seeming a tad optimistic on her part, it was done now though.

It took less than an hour to get the bay door mechanism repaired, some micro fusion initiators and a new ODN connection, nothing major at all, thankfully a ready supply of essentials was shipped courtesy of the Bajoran Government and the command staff of Deep Space 9 all of which helped them to maintain the repair schedule. As she climbed down the ladder, Krasinski following, Lam activated her comm unit "team one to team two, how are things coming with the hydraulics?"

Rob pulled himself out of the access panel, feverantly wishing that he was able to scratch the itch on the end of his nose which the EVA suit made it impossible to do. He then turned to offer Stewart a hand to help him climb out of the lower Jeffries tube - which was a feat in itself wearing these EVA suits.

When Lam's comm crackled through his helmet, Rob turned to look up from the hanger floor to see the two officers climbing down the ladder. "It depends. What do you want first? The good news or the bad news?"

Lam paused on the ladder much to Karasinki's annoyance, "always bad news first, whats wrong?"

“Bad news first then. All the seals on unit two are gone and on these Cardassian designs, it’s going to be the devil’s own job to strip it down and replace them. The hydraulic fluids in all reservoirs will need to be replaced – that was not unexpected – and the actuator for unit four has been severely corroded and we will need to source a replacement.”

Rob then smiled. “The good news is that only half the seals and rings on Units one and three have gone and all the accumulators are all in working order – though in need of being re-gassed and bought back to pressure.”

"So we need to get some spares before there's any chance we can shut the door is what you're saying? I'll need to advise security, make a note of the parts you need and send them on to the DS9, they'll be assisting us with sources spares or work arounds fro the time being. Well while you're waiting on parts I want you to work with Beta shift getting the Promenade cleaned up, think you can handle it?" Lam jested, knowing full well that most of the work crews saw the repairs to the promenade as a safe, easy job.

"I've already made a list of what I need," Rob said tapping the PADD attached to his utility belt. "And as to cleaning out the Promenade....Can you guarentee me a decent shower at the end of it?"

"What do you think Gamma shift are working on at the moment" after a small laugh she continued down the ladder onto what would become the main flight deck.

Stewart just listened to the banter between the two officers. It amazed him that two seasoned professionals were so glib about the situation they were in, yet still maintained an air of authority and competence.

As he was listening to the banter between the two seasoned officers something attached to the bulkhead caught his attention. The casing was distinctly non Cardassian but in the same token it was unknown to him. The design was elegant but the actual function again was a mystery.
"Commander.... I may have found something!"

As the smile faded from her face Lam turned from Mugford to DeVuor, "what you found, if its a working hydraulic ram then please feel free to hook it up?" the laughter in her voice still showing through.

Rob turned to look at the ensign, the habitual grin still on his face. "Stewart, point it out for us."

The newly commissioned Cadet, with more that a small amount of trepidation looked once more at the small devise with no apparent function that sat at his magnet boots toe.
"Just here Commander. I can't make it out!"

"Stewart, don't move! Demagnetize your boots and we'll pull you up." Sara looked over to Mugford, the look of fear clearly showing in her eyes. She tapped her comm channel before opening a private channel, "Lam to Admiral DeVuor, we've got a situation"

The irritated voice of the station Commander filtered over the head set built into the helmet of the Chief Operations Officer. 'Go ahead Commander, but make it quick. I'm running late for an appointment!'

"Sorry to interrupt Admiral, we've uncovered an old Cardassian anti insurgency device, we may need to evacuate this section of the station." Lam's voice trembled, she had done simulated bomb disposal back at the Academy but it was far from her speciality.

With a practiced ease the young Ensign son of the Admiral unlocked the controls on his wrist panel and deacivated his magnetic boots and gently pushed off from the deck plate.

'What sort of danger does the devise pose to the station Commander?', this time a more concerned air about the Admiral could be heard over the communication and a slight hint of fear for the safety for her crew and the local population.

"Well we're still assessing to be honest Admiral but if its what I think it is the device may be linked to the EPS feeds to the weapons sail towers, if they go we could lose a third of the habitat ring, I recommend cutting the power to this section and evacuating all non essential personnel to the central core." As Lam finished Mugford was now lying prone examining the device.

'Acknowledge Commander. Keep us informed. I'll have Jenkins work his way through the old Cardassian Database and see if we can't identify what the devise actually is. DeVuor out'

Lam connected her comm link to the rest of the team, "Mugford you and I will deal with this device, Krasinski I want you and DeVuor to flush the EPS conduits in this section, I don't want any charged plasma within 50 metres of this thing."

Stewart did as ordered, moving away and across the bay back to the air lock, the other engineer close behind. His mind was racing with possibilities and options available to them, but one single memory came back too him. It revolved around a report he had read in the academy about Deep Space Nine and some for of protocol within the Cardassian coding that would lock down the station if the Bajoran Workers ever tried to take over. What if this was something similar?


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