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The Skeleton Crew

Posted on Wed Jun 16th, 2010 @ 9:45am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Amber Winters & Lieutenant JG Gin Gallia & Alice DeVain(PhD) & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: USS Anubis - Conference Room


The assembled officers gathered in the Anubis's conference room looked far from what anyone would have expected in a senior staff briefing. Regardless with the manning so low on DS7, Zeek was willing to take what and who he could get his hands on for this mission. Regrettably though, the Anubis's first mission on her own would be without her executive officer. He was sure they would make do with what they had, but the presence of another senior officer onboard would have been nice.

"Alright lets get started, we don't have alot of time." Zeek said as he brought up a map on the screen in the room "This is asteroid belt Zeta-Epsilon 245, home to nothing except a small colony. There used to be a rather large dilithium processing facility here, but after the asteroids were cleaned out, the facility was abandoned. A group of refugees decided they would make this place home." He zoomed in closer on the map, adding in an overlay of the Federation/Cardassian borders. "This facility lies close to the Federation border, but still well within the DMZ. Neither the Federation or the Cardassians have claim to this territory, but therein lies the problem. As you all know, the Cardassians are prohibited from forming anything other than a very basic defense fleet for their core worlds. The report we received details multiple large warships, blockading the colony, destroying any ship that tries to go in or out. I contacted the Cardassian government a few hours ago about the nature of the blockade, and they knew nothing about it. We are to assume this is a rogue force, possibly remnants of the Purifier movement." He paused for questions

"Is there any chance that the Cardassians might be lying to us and it is their fleet?" David asked. He'd heard of the Cardassians doing that kind of trick before to throw people off the scent. They were incredibly paranoid about people in the DMZ and blockading a harmless colony sounded like something a Gul with a self esteem problem would go for.

Zeek nodded "That's something we'll have to keep in mind. I'm not going to automatically assume that the Cardassian Government is lying to us, but I'm also not going to completely reject the thought." It was highly unlikely that the Cardassians were building a secret fleet, and it was even more unlikely that they would risk the aid the Federation is providing them, but stranger things have happened with the Cardassians.

"Are we being tasked to break the blockade by any means necessary, if so how do plan to overcome multiple large warships without support?" Gren never liked walking into a combat situation blind and now with a smaller vessel than he was used too things were starting to look a little grim in his opinion.

He was afraid that question was going to come up "We will not be breaking the blockade. While we have the option of requesting support if needed, Starfleet wants to avoid any sort of confrontation. I'm not thrilled with the idea of leaving this colony at the mercy of the Cardassians, so I guess in the end, we'll cross that bridge if we come to it."

As the questions silenced, Zeek continued "We're seriously limited on intel for this operation. Aside from what we've been told by the colony leader, we're flying in blind. Our primary objective is to deliver food, water, and medical supplies to the colony. If we can get the Cardassians to leave them alone, that would be a bonus, but since the colony is not supported by the Federation, theres not a whole lot we can do unless we want to spark off another war. We'll be heading out in thirty minutes. Any further questions?"

Gin raised her hand like she was in Elementary School. "Yes, what did you need me to do?"

"Tensions are going to be running high Lieutenant." Zeek replied "While I'm concerned about how the crew will handle this pressure, I'm also concerned about how the colonists are coping with the situation. If we can get an away team down there, you'll be sure to be part of it."

"I'll plot a flight course and have it ready for you to review shortly." Gren was filling in as Anubis' flight controller, with so many crew pilots needed for the repair operations on the station he would be one of only two crew members on board certified to fly an Intrepid class. Having been aboard for less than two hours his new assignment certainly wasn't lacking in excitement.

"I will prep my med staff to make sure everything is ready," said Amber.

"It certainly is odd though that the Cardassian's would choose to blockade a simple mining station refited by refugees, could it be possible this is just a judge of how seriously the Federation takes them since the dominion war." Alice added from the opposite end of the table.

"Possibly," David said. "I've seen Cardassians take on small targets, especially during the War in the '50's, just to see what the response will be. They are paranoid, and strangely, paranoid that people don't take them seriously. Bajor should have been an easy conquest for them, but they decided to keep winding the Bajorans up to make sure they feared them. Also, some Guls will do what they think is best for their career. Shout that an asteroid colony has terrorists on it and a Gul with a single ships gains a fleet, possibly even an Order, to crush it. Of course, it might not be Cardassians."

David had a dim view of Cardassians after the things he'd seen. They were viscous in war, going so far as to booby-trap everyday items and even children's toys on rare occasions, although not for over 30 years from what he'd heard.

Zeek stood and straightened his tunic "Alright everyone, thats all I have for you for now. Make sure your departments are ready to go, we leave within the hour. Dismissed."



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