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A neighborly call

Posted on Thu Jun 10th, 2010 @ 7:43am by Ramol Lussot & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: CSS Vrak'Nir / DS7 Ops

The journey had taken a long time, and not for the first time during the journey Ramol cursed that fact that his ship had been stripped of it's high-powered warp drive for 'homeland security reasons', and replaced with one that struggled to reach 8.5.
Standing up from his command chair, he turned and strode from the brisge, leaving his helmsman and first officer to control the ship. Moving into the rear compartment, he sat at one of the terminals. His hands moved over the keypad in a practiced fasion as he opened a communication to his destination - DS7

"Good morning Sir" answered Maxx "Chief Communications Officer Kriss Maxx speaking how can I help?"

With the link established, Lussot witched over to his visual link and found himself looking into the face of the Trill who called himself Maxx. "He didn't look easilly intimidated, so Lussot decided to go for the less agressive approach. "Ah, officer Maxx. I am Glin Lussot, the Union's ambassador to this region. I thaught it prudent to call ahead and introduce myself"

Leanne was almost running up to ops she was going to be late for the start of her ops shift and she hated being late. Since for the most part, her medical bay was still in pieces there wasn't much to do, she had signed up for a few shifts in ops. Reaching the door, she stopped, took a deep breath to calm herself, and then strode in. There were a few people milling about and saw that Maxx was speaking to someone over the comm link. "Report Lieutenant."

"Good morning Commander, Cardassian Ambassador Glin Lussot of the vessel Vrak'Nir has called a head to introduce himself before arriving on the station." He looked at Leanne "Would you like me to patch you through?"

The doctor grabbed the padd from the center seat and looked over quickly. "Put in on the view screen though you have point for their immediate needs, I'm just here to offer up the federations best wishes, can you co-ordinate for their arrival?"

"Aye Sir, on the screen now" replied Max and watched as the main screen flickered to a view of the Ambassador. While doing this he made preparations for the arrival of the Ambassador's ship.

She smiled at Maxx. "Thank you Kriss." she then turned back to the view screen "Glin Lussot, welcome to Roark Nor, I am Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova, second officer as well Chief Medical Officer for the station. How can we be of service to you?" The doctor tried to stand straight and impressive like Zeek and shown her during some of the command simulations they had been running.

Lussot leaned back in his seat as his view flickered, and the face of Kris Maxx was replaced with a wider view of a disorganised-looking Ops, and a confident human female looking at him. "Well, Lieutennant Commander, as I explained to your communications officer, I am the Cardassian ambassador for this sector and, unless I am mistaken, you are new arrivals here" Lussot arched his fingers. "And, to be honest, with the view I have, it may be more of a matter of what I can do for you"

Leanne gave a slightly nervous smile, Cardassians always seemed to rub her the wrong way, always distrusting, up to something, with ulterior motives, and Lussot was proving no different. "Thank you for your offers of assistance, Glin, though we have a very fine compliment of Star Fleet Engineers working to restore this station that was once gutted to better then original specifications." the woman tried to stay diplomatic about it but it as a pretty well known fact that it was the Cardassians that had practiced a policy of scorched earth when they left a zone. "I'm sure you will find the diplomatic quarters more the satisfactory."

Lussot nodded once. "I'm sure whatever you have will be adequate. I am due to arrive in just under six hours and, under the circumstances, I would suggest that we can bypass the normal protocols for ambassador visits"

Lieutenant Solis had asumed the duty Strat Ops console over in the corner not to far from the port side turbolift making it appear as if she had work to do, but in actual fact the only federation ship in the area was the Anubis which was now outbound and several other civilian transports that weren't even bound for Roark. The only vessel that was would be the Ambassadors ship. It had very little to offer other than being a ship heading in their direction.
"Destination time and specifications have been logged Commander!", she called across Ops to the Doctor.

Leanne jumped a bit from the voice coming from across the room. She still wasn't used to protocol on the bridge. Looking it was Solis, someone who she hadn't had much contact with other then the occasional pass in the corridor. "Thank you Lieutenant." She turned to the ambassador again. "I'll have Lieutenant Maxx prepare for your arrival."

Giving a curt nod, Lussot leaned forward in his chair "Understood. Until then. Lussot out" He switched off the com and leaned back in his chair. First impressions were everything, and Ramol got the feeling that those on the station were weary, over-worked and unaccustomed to the station they were now based in. However, as a trained soldier, he could tell from the faces he had seen that these particular Starfleet officers had determination. That was something to be respected

Solis eyed the blank holographic display a little longer after the sickly sweet visage of the Cardassian had vanished. Being a Bajoran she had very little love of the spoon heads, but something about this one didn't ring true and she couldn't put her finger on it. Still, her assignment wasn't watching the Diplomatic corp, it was closer too home.


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