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Something my eye (Backpost)

Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2010 @ 6:55am by Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC]

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Before the St George mission

Max rubbed his head a small spark had touched him there as for the second time one of the communication relays had blown. Most of the system was fried and he had work crews all over the station on repairs. Once more he would crawl through tight spaces and find out where the problem was. He knew it wasn't going to be easy but nothing was said about it being downright difficult.

"We should go down to Sickbay and offer our services there" came Kriss's voice

"No time" snapped Maxx "This takes priority first and then the comm's array"

Maxx squeezed him self into an opening were the problem with the relay had originated from and readjusted the setting on the comms node. When he had finished the seal looked good and it should hold.

"Ok Jamie lets try it again" Maxx called him

"Right here goes" he replied "Switching on now"

The relay held for all of five seconds and a stray spark flashed out at Maxx and caught him in his right eye and his hand flu instinctively to it, he knew he mustn't poke around in it that would be the worse thing to do.
"Don't touch it" he heard Kriss's voice inside his head and for once Max agreed with him.

"Turn it off" He called out to Jamie who were both by now feeling very frustrated. "This is no good we'll have to replace the whole lot"

Jamie watched him appear out of the opening, Kriss could hardly open his eye. "I think we had better take you to sickbay" he said

Kriss sighed but agreed, he had wanted an opportunity to go and check things out down there anyway, he just didn't intend it to be like this. "I'll go, you and the team start stripping out all this lot Jamie, it looks like the whole lot is going to have to be ditched, its probably fried somewhere along the pipeline."

"I'll see to it, don't worry just get yourself seen to" and Jamie watched him make his way towards Sickbay.

Work parties were all over the place on the station as Maxx walked he hoped that sickbay was in the same state, it would be easier to get what he wanted.

"You have most likely got a bit of solder in your eye." informed Kriss "Hurts doesn't it?"

Maxx ignored him, pushed his voice away and walked into Sickbay. Helen was the only one there up to her eyes in packages.

"Hi Helen" he called out wincing slightly as the movement of speech made his eye sting. "Was wondering if you could help me?"

Helen turned away from her packing at the sound of Kriss's voice. "What is it Kri...oh! What have you done to yourself?"

She immediately made her way over to him, scooping up a tricorder as she went.

"One of the stupid relays kept blowing" replied Maxx " Jamie and I tracked it down to a problem and thought we could quick fix it. It appears the whole dam lot in that section has fried. A stray spark caught me in the eye, I think it could be solder. "

Maxx wanted to have a look round but was unable to at this time. He had to try and get down here and find out where they kept the drugs he needed.

"She's careful" said Kriss "She wont let you near anything with these drugs and Sileth wont come to you. Your just as trapped as I am"

"Get your hand away from it - you should know better than that Kriss..." Helen said as she pulled his hand away from the injured eye and began to scan the injury.

"Owww" Maxx winged, he had never experienced pain like it, and pulled back slightly.

"I like her" came Kriss's voice but Maxx ignored him.

"Don't be such a big woos Lieutenant. I've seen kids react better! You know the treatment for this as well as I." Helen grimaced at the Trill. "Just stay there and keep your hand away from it. I've got to gather the regenerator and the applicator to treat you."

Helen turned and moved to an implement tray a few beds away.

Maxx though in pain tried quickly to survey the room and saw what he was looking for. It would be easy to get himself on the sickbay rota again and then and then use some of the drugs out of the list he had as a suppressant to get rid of Kriss. Then with Sileth here he would be complete, happy and everything will be as it should.

"She won't come said Kriss eventually you'll end up breaking her heart, I don't love her."

Maxx shook his head which caused him more pain. "Just go away" he mumbled and knew that Helen had over heard him.

"What? Go away? Do you want to treat this yourself?" Helen's voice showed that she was clearly annoyed. "Well, go ahead. Suit yourself." She dumped the med equipment in her hands on the table beside Kriss and stormed back to continue the packing that Kriss had interrupted.

"I'm sorry Helen, I was just thinking out loud" apologised Maxx, reprimanding himself for such a mistake. "I have never had an eye injury before, I was just pushing the pain away....." He didn't need her as an enemy and apologised even more.

"Too late Kriss. You're a doctor and quite capable of treating yourself and since you obviously don't want to listen to me I think self treatment is a good idea." Helen did not even turn around from her packing to look at the Trill as she spoke. "I need to get this finished."

Maxx sighed inwardly cursing himself for such a mistake, he would have to be more careful and keep himself in check.

"Use the optical regenerator" advised Kriss "And find a mirror"

Maxx looked at the tray infront of him and reached out "Not that one, this one" said Kriss to the symbiote.

He walked over to a mirror on the wall and looked at himself with his hand over his eye.

"I can't do this" groaned Maxx "It's to painful"

"We have no choice, Helen won't help you so you have to do as I say"

"But the pain, I can't stand the pain"

"You have to do as I say" persisted Kriss "If you don't you run the risk of infection and it will get much worse..."

Maxx took his hand away.

"Now use setting two on the instrument, gently open your eye and ...."

Max dropped the instrument on the floor there was a clattering noise that echoed around sickbay.

"Dropping valuable equipment will not gain my sympathy Doctor." Helen said as she turned to look at Kriss. "If you ask nicely, I will treat it for you and then you can leave me in peace."

"Please Dr I would value your help." asked Maxx "I'm not a very good patient and I apologise again"

"Doctors never make good patients." Helen sighed. "Here, give me that," she said moving across to him and snatching the instument from his hand. Helen then began to very quickly treat the injury.

"Thanks" answered Maxx and kept very, very still as she was treating him. He tried to ignore Kriss's words in his head, saying something about eyes. No doubt another of his damm poems.

I see in your eyes
the roads left to travel,
long past the mountains
that kneel to the sea;
far past the desert
of total surrender,
up from the valley
another shall be.

I see in your eyes
the mysteries unfolding.
Near to your path,
their wonder awaits.
Given your will,
these visions shall lead you
back to the heavens,
your secrets to trade.

Maxx wanted to shake his head to clear the poem from his mind but Kriss carried on and it was more than his life was worth to move.

"There. Finished. You can go now Lieutenant," Helen said as she placed her insturments carefully on a nearby table in what she pointly hoped was a demonstration to Kriss on how medical instruments should be treated.

"Thank you Dr Lyons, I'll be more careful in future" Maxx replied and walked towards the door. Kriss's voice echoed in his mind.

"She's marvellous when she's angry" he said

Maxx ignored him and went to find Jamie again but this time he picked up two sets of safety eye protectors from stores.


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