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To raise the unmentionable

Posted on Mon Jun 28th, 2010 @ 5:19pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Interview room #1


Jameson sat at her desk contemplating the interview with Mason. It had gone well. Mason reacted predictably though she showed a level of restraint Jameson had not expected. Still, in the end it was easy enough to break through.

The sound of the door chime brought her back to the present. “Come!”

The door opened to reveal Captain Zeek Aerelon.

"Rumor has it that you've been looking for me." Zeek said as he walked into the room

“Come in, Captain. Have a seat.”

Zeek nodded and sat casually in front of the Commander. These inquiries were a sham in his mind, but regardless he would play along for now.

“Let us begin with your mission to rescue the prisoners. Was it your idea?”

"The idea behind it was mine, yes" He replied

“So primarily it was yours alone? You’re sure about that? Admiral DeVuor didn’t suggest it, for example? She didn’t mention that it might stand you in a good light; might help swing the promotion to captain?”

"Thats a bit of a stretch Commander," he replied. "I'm not out looking for pips if that's what you're implying. I'm just a Starfleet officer doing my duty."

“I see. So.... Completely altruistic. How admirable.” Jameson paused to let Aerelon think he’d received a compliment. It didn’t particularly sound like one. “How did you find out about the prisoners?” she continued. “Surely the Gorn would want to keep that a secret.”

"Trusted sources within Starfleet Intelligence, which for the remainder of this little dog and pony show you've got going on here will remain classified." The venom in his words was becoming more apparent with every question.

“Now that's convenient. Don't worry, I can check with Intelligence as to the veracity of that particular claim. Are you sure the information didn’t come direct from the Gorn themselves. Or maybe.... Maybe there were no prisoners.”

"I'll put you in touch with those who lost loved ones at the hands of those Gorn if you would like? Maybe they can shed some light on if there were prisoners or not."

“Oh, yes, many people lost loved ones. But we're not talking about the dead, are we? It seems all to convenient that you should hear of some prisoners being transported back to.... Where was it you said?”

Zeek was becoming irritated. He could tell that these questions were leading no where positive "Look Commander, you've read the mission report. I'm not sure why I'm answering a question that you already have the answer to yourself."

“And you heard about it in time to intercept them.” Jameson’s eyes glazed over as if lost in thought. “Convenient,” she mused. “Are you sure the ‘mission’ wasn’t just an excuse to report back to your real masters? Did they pay you the usual thirty pieces of silver?”

Zeek rolled up his sleeve, showing the still incomplete fusion between his arm and the prosthetic he was provided before the events on 611 "Courtesy of a Gorn bite," he said. "What makes you think I would work for creatures that storm my ship, attack my crew, and tear off my arm? Whoever your source is for these far fetched theories, you should probably be questioning them instead of me."

“Another thought occurs to me, Captain Aerelon,” Jameson continued, blatantly ignoring the exposed arm. “I think you cooked this whole thing up with your lover. Yes, Captain, I know all about you and Commander Mason. She was good enough to tell me herself. You’d be amazed what Commander Mason vouchsafed with me. She can be quite talkative if you approach her the right way. But as I was saying, I think you planned this together. I think you despaired of the outcome of the tribunal. You both know her record – she stood to lose everything. Better to get her out of here but how to go about it? She could hardly catch the next shuttle – not when she’s confined to quarters. You needed a diversion. I’m prepared to accept that it was an innocent plan that went horribly wrong – that the Gorn were only meant to stage a small attack. But once you’d given them the keys to SB 611, they were hardly likely to knock politely then go away, were they?”

Zeek slammed his fist into the table, creating a sizable dent. He leaned over making sure he locked eyes with Commander Jameson "I will tell you this once and only once. My relationship with Commander Mason had nothing to do with the attack on 611. I knew the odds were against her, but I'm not above the law. She knows just as I do that we took an oath to defend and uphold the laws of the Federation. Sometimes that means making the hard choice, sometimes that means watching as someone you care deeply about faces the end of her career. I would never want her to jeopardize her career for mine, and I'm sure she feels the same way." He paused for a moment to regain his composure "And for the record, I'm probably one of the last people who would betray the Federation. The Federation stood by while my homeworld was sacked, almost everyone I had ever known, gone. Yet, I still joined Starfleet. I've shed blood, sweat, and tears with people I'm proud to call allies. I gave a limb to defend my Commanding Officer. So if you're looking for a traitor, you're looking at the wrong person." He straightened his tunic and once again took his seat.

“I’d like to believe you, Captain but, to be perfectly honest, I don’t. Your homeworld was destroyed while the Federation looked on. Federation records tell a different story, as I’m sure you know. Yet you cling to the belief the Federation stood idly by. To my mind, that’s the ideal making of a traitor. What greater motivation than revenge and how better to achieve it than from within Starfleet itself? And who better to recruit to your cause than someone with absolutely no reason to love Starfleet?”

"Its a good thing I don't need your belief then Commander" He replied, putting an uncharacteristic sting on her rank. "Before I joined Starfleet, I had every reason to hate it. Even when I first joined, I only did so to get hands on new technology. That was before I saw those who served with me die for others, for species they didn't know or care about. That gave me a new perspective on what happened to my homeworld, and some peace to that situation if you will. I am a Starfleet Captain, and contrary to popular belief, I've earned that rank. I'd give my life for anyone I serve with, so why would I risk their lives by bringing the Gorn to their doorstep?"

"The events that occurred have all been documented in my after action reports. Feel free to read them at your leisure, because thats all the information I have."

"Oh. I’ve read your reports. In fact, I have them right here,” she added, picking up a padd. “They make for entertaining reading. Now, how about you try a bit harder to persuade me. Let us say, how about you name some of your confederates. Commander Mason’s given me a wealth of detail. How about you offer some of your own.”

"Look Commander, I'm done playing your little game. I've got a mission to lead aboard the Anubis."

“Whether or not you get to command that mission on the Anubis,” Jameson replied calmly, “depends a lot on what you do now, Captain Aerelon. Therefore, I will repeat my question. Did you and Commander Mason destroy SB 611 as revenge – you for perceived lack of protection from Starfleet; she for perceived sleights meted out by Starfleet?”

The raucous tones of a klaxon blared out through the room. Damn, Jameson thought. She would have liked to use stronger words but she prided herself on not resorting to ‘strong’ language. Just a bit more time.... That’s all I ever ask, the time to do my job properly.

The intercom gave explicit instructions as to where the emergency was. From her recollection of the layout of DS7 it was nowhere near her current location.

Should I push it? She decided against it. Sometimes it was better to play the game. Let Captain Aerelon go be the hero. There’s time enough to reel him in.... And all the rest of your associates.

“I think you’re needed,” she said. Jameson offered a smile. “Perhaps we can continue later.”

"I doubt it." He replied "But you know where to find me." With that he stood and exited the room, making his way to the Anubis.



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