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Just a Dream

Posted on Fri Apr 3rd, 2009 @ 10:05pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After a few seconds after Vos left Henk was sound asleep.

In his dream he was walking on the beach. He sat down and looked over the sea watching the waves breaking soothingly against the shore. Out of a basked be had bought with him Henk pulled out a bottle of wine and uncorked the end. He filled two glasses and looked again over the sea. He could smell the salt and let the wind blew through his hair emptying his mind of his woes.

Beside him stretched out soaking up the sun Kristina took the glass from his hand and sipped it thoughtfully. "This is perfect," she smirked over her glass following his gaze at the crashing water. "I didn't know you had such a romantic streak in you." she patted his bare leg.

You have no idea how romantic I can be. " Henk said with a smile.
He grabbed a bottle of suncream and squeezed until his hands were covered. "I don't want you to get burned." he said grinning from ear to ear mischievously.

Resting the glass into the sand Krissy rolled over onto her front. "As long as I get to return the favor. I seem to remember you burn faster then I do."
Laying her head upon her arms she felt her muscles quiver momentarily when the cold liquid touched her warm back. However the discomfort faded quickly as Henk began to work his hands across her shoulders and down her spine rubbing in circles spreading the suncream evenly. It was actually a pleasant experience laying in the blissful sunshine upon the shore drinking chilled wine and being massaged.

While henk was massaging Kristina's back he looked around. There was nobody in sight, the sun was shining, just a beautiful day. He looked at Kristina's back admiring how subtle her skin felt and how his hands smeared the sun block about until her soft skin had become saturated with it. After a few minutes Henk stopped and slumped down next to her.
''Did you like it?'' Henk asked with a smile

"Mmmm very nice." she replied nestling her head further down upon her arms soaking up the warmth from the sand and the beating sunshine. Peeping through the gaps between her folded arms she could see the waves crashing a short distance, beating the earth with a the power of mother nature, a marvel she always respected and admired. Their choice of location was perfect, no one accompanied them, there was no screaming children running full long into the breakers nor any other life save the occasionally calling gull in the cloud free skies.
Rising out of her comfortable position she knelt over Henk's pale frame for a moment as if she was looking at him for the first time. Holding the bottle of suncream in one hand she ran her fingers across the freckles on his back and traced the various scars that resided there.
Then, perhaps a little cruelly but meant in humor she squeezed the the bottle building a sizable pile between his shoulder blades. His body shivered involuntary making her smile widen.
With a light, soothing touch she slide her fingers through the cream and rubbed across his skin, again tracing his scars and freckles with a finger before moving on. With a playful swat on his leg she returned back to her original spot laying back in the dent she had previously made in the deep sand which supported her weight and pressed comfortably around her frame.
Stretching out an incisive finger she lightly touched the scar that ran from his ear downwards. "How did you received that?" she asked softly the smile fading slightly upon her face.

Henk turned his gaze from Kristina and back to the sea.
''Its from my childhood," he said after length. "I was working on the lion farm with my Dad when suddenly a lion broke free from his cage. He attacked me and left me with the scars, a painful reminder that you have to be careful around those beautiful creatures.''
Henk looked again towards Kristina again and cupped her face in his palm, then he slowly ran a finger across her cheek and down towards her neckline.
''You know that you are beautiful, don't you?'' Henk asked softly caressing her cheek with the thumb of his cupped hand.

Smiling she pulled away his hands and held him in her own. "I think that might be the wine talking," she laughed. "I'm not special nor am I beautiful."

Henk smiled and looked at the sky.
"My Dad always said that everyone is special in their own way. And the beauty part depends if you are looking to the inside of the person or the outside. With you its both. Once you get to know yourself better."

Still holding his hands she gave them a gentle squeeze. "That's very sweet but I'm still not overly convinced. I feel I have more drive and motivation then beauty, it helps me complete my role better where beauty would not be a useful trait. But thank you for the compliment." she smiled tapping his hands before releasing them and lying back upon the warm sand smirking into her arms, glowing slightly.

''So you need more convincing?'' Henk said sarcastically.
He lent over Kristina's frame, coaxed out her face from her arms and gently kissed her on the lips.

Stunned Kristina blinking when the soft kiss ended. Her lips were tingling slightly from the contact and her brain felt jammed, she couldn't think clearly. However her body was moving on its own accord. She closed the small gap between Henk and herself with a swift movement of her head and returned his kiss with more intensity and hunger.

Henk pulled Kristina closer and after a few minutes he broke off the kiss and just looked her into her eyes.
''You have no idea how long I was waiting to do that.'' Henk said with a smile.

She chuckled wrapping her arms around his shoulders drawing them closer. "I can only imagine," she smiled leaning forward pressing her lips against his again.

Henk closed his eyes and he enjoyed the passionate kiss. His hand slowly began to caress her neck and back. Suddenly he felt a pull against his shoulder. He opened his eyes a fraction and looked around himself. He saw nothing only their deserted beach. He again began to kiss Kristina. Again he felt something pull his shoulder. This time harder. He opened his eyes and looked right in Kristina's eyes.
"What?" Was the only thing he could say when he finally noticed he was back on the West Ridge.

Standing over him Kristina shook his shoulder again irritated. "Get up," she said gently shaking him again. "We'll leaving soon to find Beverly. Check with the Doctor that you can come with us, then arm yourself." She paused looking at him strangely. "Why are you blushing?"

"Nothing." Henk said as he tried to stand up. His legs were a bit weak he held himself to a bulkhead and slowly walked away.

She shook her head slowly watching him wonder slowly away using the bulkheads as support. His resistance and courage surprised her even after what had happened during the night and before he was still going like a determined solider.


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