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The Dragons Den.

Posted on Sat Jul 10th, 2010 @ 12:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Nebular R-160

The remaining hours of the trip had been spent in a productive haze, Cailyn had prepared an impressive array of weaponry, Kriss had spent the time pooling through the database and studying the few fragments of Gorn language the Federation on record mean while Helen split the time between preparing the medical surplies and equipment and covering the Helm for Jack.

Just past the 10 hour mark the St George dropped out of warp just beyond the influence of R-160's radiation field, once the runabout was properly placed on the edge of the field all but minimum power was shut down. Over the next hour the temperature started to drop in the small vessel until all the crew members where huddled with thermal blankets wrapped around them by Helens instructions.

The cold started to bring back some pleasent and some not so pleasent memories of his time spent on Andoria, luckily about that time the proximity sensors started to emit a warning message "Guys we've got something" Jack had shout to make himself heard in the aft compartment.

Helen poked her head out from the folds of her blankets at the sound of Jack's shout. "Is it them?" Helen asked and flinched a little as she heard the slight waiver in her voice.

The radiation surrounding the small ship worked to protect it from detection but also worked to reduce sensor resolution dramaticly "I can't get a positive reading to be sure, but it's right on schedule for the transport".

There wasn't much that the data base could offer to Maxx when he checked it out. It seem to consist mostly of growls and hisses. From these Maxx was able to put a few words and phrases together. Maybe it would be enough to get them out of a tight spot. He practised saying a few of them much to the amusement of the others as some of it sounded like he was throwing up.

"Right." Helen pulled herself to her feet as best she could wrapped tightly in thermal blankets. "How long do we have before showtime begins?"

Checking the data coming from the remaining sensors "I'll say about 10 minutes at best" slowly bringing more of the primary systems online "Maxx are you ready to start jamming their comms?"

"Just say the word" replied Maxx "and were set to go."

Cailyn looked at some data. She pressed a few buttons and a list of targets showed up.
"I've programmed the computer to target the weapons and com systems in one volley." Cailyn sadi as she looked up. "Just in case the jamming doens't work. With some luck we take them out in one attack."

Jack was seriously impressed with all that they had been able achieved in the short time "Good work everyone, Tarke you better get our gear together we'll need to beam over and secure the bridge ASAP before the element of surprise wears off."

"ON it." Cailyn said as she walked to the back.

--- cargo bay ----

Cailyn looked around and began to start working. She layed different kind of weapons on a table. she layed a few holsters on the table and inspected every one of them. A weak smile appeared on her face when everything was ready.
She slowly began to gear up. a old glock was strapped on her leg, another one was on her hip. A old fashion Ak-47 with silencer layed on the table. She picked it up and rammed a bullet in the chamber. She set the saftey on and waited.

--- Cockpit ---

Thanks to the Runabouts lack of view screen, favoring transparent aluminum windows instead the Gorn transport was visible without the static created by the radiation coming from the nebular. While being visible in the distance the transport was little more than a distinguishable speck, Jack knew though that once the impulse engines where brought on line the distance would shrink in a matter seconds.

"Everyone get ready, we'll need to act fast once we're out of the radiation field" Jack had the intercept course plotted and the resulting attack run programmed.

"Jack...what would you like me to do? At least until you locate the prisoners?" Helen asked. She was starting to feel a little like a third wheel.

"get ready to take over the Helm for me, once we've knocked out their shields and engines I'm going to beam over with Tarke" looking at the sensor display he noted that the transport was just about to reach the optimum position to lauch the attack "speaking of which everyone grab onto your hats cause here we go".

Maxx checked over his instruments one more time he was all set to go.


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