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The Start Of Something

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Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

With her jaw throbbing, her entire outline shaking with a mass of emotions Kristina Mason made short work of the dull, long walk for the interview room with Jameson across the promenade and into the nearest lift to head to Operations.

She stabbed the button upon the control panel with gusto in an attempt to speed the process and commanded coldly her desired destination.
Jameson had no right, Mason thought rubbing her jaw feeling its slightly swollen and tender. She claimed to have put Beverly 'in her place' but Krissy knew Beverly far better then that. She wouldn't stand for this, and neither would Mason.

Her thunderous mood continued as the lift rose to a halt and she stormed across the operations deck which was busier and larger than she had expected. Yet, somehow through her temper she became aware of someone calling her name,

Despite being in Ops, Tom wasn't at his station. Although he and Lieutenant Solis had yet to be formally introduced, she was doing a fine job at ..well, nothing, really. But she was doing nothing splendidly at the Strategic Operations console, and that was good enough for him. Tom had volunteered to assist with the repair efforts, and was currently trying to fix the Admiral's "death doors" - they'd slammed shut on his foot twice since he started.

From his higher vantage point he'd noticed the Chief of Security entering Ops, her face almost freakishly swollen. He'd kept an extremely low profile on the station so far, remaining almost invisible - though that was likely to change, as impulse got the best of him.

"Looking good, Kristina!" He hollered towards her, looking over his shoulder as he worked. "Did you do something different with your hair?"

The out burst caused Mason to double back sensing all eyes in the room switch to her. She must have looked terrible with her jaw swelling profusely making it feel as she had hamster cheeks.
"Shut it, Jenkins," she said thickly. "I wasn't looking for your opinion."

From within her office, the admiral heard the outburst as it echoed around the Ops center and also within her office. With a little chagrin at the verbal outburst, Beverly moved around her desk and towards the door.
She spotted who the outburst belong too as she walked past one of the arrow shaped windows on either side of the large doors. Her ire was building to boiling wishing more than anything that Krissy had learnt something from her recent predicament with the Klingon Ambassador. She was building up for a triad but suddenly found herself sitting on the floor having struck something that was solid and unmoving. The door had refused to open before her.

As Kristina approached, Tom kept a careful eye on her in case he found himself needing to defend himself - in doing so, he failed so see the Admiral approaching. The faint 'thud' as she collided with the still temperamental doors brought his attention back around.

"Shit," he whispered out of reflex. "Shit, shit, shit." He repeated as he worked, quickly fumbling around inside the control panel to the side, swapping a set of the isolinear chips this barren rock was famous for using. As he did, the doors swung open.

Rubbing her behind after the impact with the floor, and a face that could melt pure Durainium she snapped at Jenkins. "Get those bloody doors fixed before I have them ripped out!", she pointed at the doors and was about to start another tirade when the com channel chirped to life.

"Lam to Admiral DeVuor, we've got a situation"

"Go ahead Commander, but make it quick. I'm running late for an appointment!"

'Sorry to interrupt Admiral, we've uncovered an old Cardassian anti insurgency device, we may need to evacuate this section of the station.'

"What sort of danger does the devise pose to the station Commander?", this time a more concerned air cam about the Admiral and a slight hint of fear for the safety for her crew and the local population.

'Well we're still assessing to be honest Admiral but if its what I think it is the device may be linked to the EPS feeds to the weapons sail towers, if they go we could lose a third of the habitat ring, I recommend cutting the power to this section and evacuating all non essential personnel to the central core.'

"Acknowledged Commander. Keep us informed. I'll have Mason work her way through the old Cardassian Database and see if we can't identify what the devise actually is. DeVuor out".
With a simply motion she looked around at the two of her senior officers. "You heard... Lets get to work!", all thought about her run in with the door forgotten.

The news took the wind out of Mason's sails but the throbbing in her jaw remained reminding her of the reason why she had came to speak to Beverly in the first place.
"Admiral," she called. "May I have a word?"

Beverly was occupied with trying to find a way around what could possibly be the demise of her station so Krissy's concerns were at the bottom of her agenda, but she would still hear her out.
"Make it quick Commander!"

"I understand my timing at this moment isn't great, but I wish to make a formal complaint agsint Commander Jameson." Mason started. "I gather the two of you have already spoken, but her actions toward myself leading to this rather attractive lump is unacceptable."

Finally noticing the swelling and deep hue of purple black on Masons cheek, Beverly fought down a surge of anger, both at Mason, who no doubt had not helped the matter, and at Commander Jameson for striking one of her officers. "So noted Commander. Once this situation has been resolved I will be discussing certain things with both yourself and Commander Jameson". Turning back to Jenkins who was now sifting through the database for any reference to the unusual artifact that the EVA team had discovered. "Anything Krissy?"

Returning to the current situation upon the station Mason had turned her attention to the various control panels around her to look for some answers.
"Beverly," she called softly. "I think I might have found something that might help. There was a similar event on Deep Space Nine, which again like here the station is old Cardassian stronghold now occupied by the Federation. This could be an anti insurgency decived designed to keep the Bajoran workers in check. It gave them all sorts of hell."

Krissy's words did more than just chill her to the bone, they infused her with fear, panic and a willing fight for survival. The reports had reached her as a young science officer when Deep Space Nine had suffered the same thing when the Commanders son had found an old file that he was unable to delete. Now the same troubles would befall the still settling crew of DS7.
"Commander Lam it is imperative that you deactivate that devise and if possible delete the subroutines that it contains!"

The Admirals comm link caused the pick up the rest of the team to cut out in order to preserve the security of any information, "we're still assessing Admiral but it looks like the device may have a direct link to the computer network, we'll need to disconnect them before tackling the explosive component but at the moment I'm not even sure if thats possible. I know if I had designed such a device I'd make it impossible to prevent tampering."

Something at the back of Beverly's mind was tugging at her, tempting her to discover what had happened in the past of this station and the atrocity's that would have happened here back when it was under the command of the Cardassian Union, but right now, she had to make sure that the station and its occupants lived for another day.
"Do what you can Commander. I have an appointment in the Infirmary, Commander Mason will be in Command until I return. Keep her informed as to your status."

"Acknowledged Admiral, Lam out." Glancing back round to Mugford Lam knew that this could end badly, she just hoped the Admiral understood how badly.

With a nod to Mason, conveying the immensity of the respomcabilty that was now being lumpped on her shoulders, Beverly moved across Ops to the open air turbolift. "Keep me informed Krissy. I'll be back as soon as Doctor Ulonova is finished with me!"

It felt as if a physical weight had just been loaded across Mason's shoulders as Beverly departed. Her previous complaint now felt increadibly small and oboselt with the station under jepodey from some old dangerous Cardassian threat.
She rubbed the swelling upon her jawline with exhasperation before returning to the research before her vision. They had to be some way removing or disarming the threat before everything went to hell.

With a final nod Beverly called out to the user interface and instructed the lift to carry her down to the promenade.


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