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Posted on Tue Jun 15th, 2010 @ 8:39pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Laurie's Quarters, Promenade

David returned to his quarters to investigate the vole problem Helen had reported. As it was, as soon as he walked in the door a particularly large specimen shrieked and charged off towards a broken vent. Had he had a weapon he might have taken a shot at it.

Helen appeared from the bedroom where she had been unpacking some things and trying to find how the voles were getting in.

"I see you were right," David said flatly. "That was a monster of a vole."

"That was a small one," she answered non plussed about the whole thing. "I came back earlier to find two of the little buggers danging in the bathroom, or what will pass for one when it is finally repaired. I don't know what is going on around here, but I would have thought someone would have tried to get them before now," she added, knowing fine well there were bigger things going on around the station.

David sighed. "I'll set up some traps later." He walked over to the vent and bent down to fix the grill in place. The vole inside growled at him and scuttled off into the ventilation system.

"I heard there is an investigation into what happened at 611. Do you know anything about it?" she asked. "I also heard some wild rumours about who was behind the investigation. Everything from Intel to some shady non aligned agency masquerading as a Federation investigation team," she said, her voice betraying her curious tendencies. She liked nothing more than good conspiracy and a bit of gossip.

"I've been stuck moving boxes and defusing bombs, if there is anything going on, I've not heard about it. Anyway, it'll likely be a Starfleet investigation and they'll forget about us until the end." He frowned slightly. "If they are assuming someone had something to do with what happened with the Gorn, any of my men did it, they would be hanging from a beam by now."

Helen knew her husband was exaggerating, despite the level tone he used. He very rarely put much rise and fall into his speech, so she knew from the subtly ticks he gave off. Facial movements and such.

"Come on, let's go for a walk," Helen said as she took David's arm. "Perhaps there will be something on the Promenade to take our minds off the voles and bombs, hm?"

They left their quarters and travelled to the Promenade. Along the way they passed dozens of people carrying boxes, tool kits and personal belongings. Many of the corridors were still in need of aesthetic repairs, but they were structurally sound. The Promenade was not much different. The large windows gave a view out into the calm vastness of space, a total contrast to the bustle of people. However, unlike many Promenades across the Quadrant, these people were not shoppers but workers moving from small supply vessels to areas of work or simply from place to place.

David and Helen moved to the upper level to do a spot of people watching. Just in case there was anyone worth seeing.


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