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Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2009 @ 11:53pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: West Ridge to Temple
Timeline: Present

Commander Lorran adjusted the strap on his Type 3E phaser rifle and quickly double-checked the power cell before setting the safety and slinging it over his back. Then, he made sure that the tricorder and his sidearm were secure at his hips, the portable flashlight was tied tight to his wrist, the borrowed mek'leth through his belt at the small of his back, and the palm phaser he kept for emergencies fitted comfortably inside his boot so that it wouldn't get in the way when he tried to run. The tricorders had all been set to home in on Kathy's combadge, since everyone was reasonably sure that she still had it. They'd also be running continual scans for human life signs. Jorvin and K'Tan had used a few tricks to get the devices to cut through the interference a bit better, but their range was still pretty poor. They'd have to get within a hundred meters of a life sign before they could detect it. Still, it was better than nothing.

The rescue party was going to be kept to a minimum to avoid detection. The Starfleet officers, Captain Jorvin, Lieutenant K'Tan, and Mr. O'Brien were all that Vos had allowed to go, despite nearly every able-bodied crewman and marine volunteering to go along. He'd left Lieutenant Brisbaine in charge of the West Ridge working in close coordination with the Marine XO to keep the defense solid. His orders, should the rescue party not return, were to keep the shields up while the engineers tried to fix the emergency beacon Lieutenants Lake and Wesdon had been working on. It had a habit of shorting out whenever enough power was routed to it, but they assured him that it would be up and running within two hours. Hopefully, they could contact Genesis in time for a beam-out of the rescue team. Vos didn't relish the idea of fighting their way out.

The plan was simple. Henk would lead them to the main temple where he and Krissy had found the Commander's combadge. Then, using as much stealth as possible, the team would sneak in and find Beverly. Each member of the group was equipped with a plasma charge that Vos and Krissy could detonate remotely from their tricorders. As they proceeded into the temple, they'd attach the charges to structural stress points and weight-bearing walls. If all went well, they would be able to detonate the charges and bring the entire temple down on the creatures' heads after they escaped. If worse came to worst...well, they could always detonate the charges anyway. Vos hated to lose.

"Everyone ready?" he called back to the others.

Checking her own gear and tightening the strapping of her light around her wrist Kristina gave the commander a firm nod. She knew the route and the plan, all there was left to do now was to execute it and somehow survive through it.

Henk checked his phaser and put in in the holster around his belt. He also pulled out a small sword from his belt. He checked the blade and put the sword back. He still felt a bit dizzy, but well enough to walk and fight.
"Ready." Henk said.

Mike already had all the things he needed in holster or hand, he checked his rifle just in case "I'm good." he said with fairly dull tone.

"Good to go." Podi had just pocketed a small device and looked up at the others. He had to admit that he had odd feelings about charging into an alien camp but it was for a good cause, even in his state. He just had his family to consider was all.

Jorvin sheathed his mek'leth, shouldered his assault rifle, holstered his phaser pistol and dropped a few grenades into his pockets. "I'm ready as well." As somewhat of an after thought he grabbed his tricorder and pocketed it as well.

Henk looked at the treeline and saw some movement. It was just a small shape, like a child. He walked to a container and grabbed some binoculars. He looked through it and saw the shape. He lowered the binoculars and closed his eyes as he felt a wave of dizziness flow over him.

Kristina steeped up behind him peering in the direction he was interested in. She raised a pair of binoculars and trained them upon the treeline but couldn't see anything threatening.

Leanne had been making last minute preparations with her head nurse. In case they didn't make it back, she wanted the little bit of information that she had to go to Starfleet Medical. The doctor grabbed her medkit and a phaser and walked over to the team just in time to stop Henk from falling over. She reached down, opened the kit and grabbed a hypospray. "I know what to get you for your birthday Mr. Obrien." She chuckled a little bit as the hypospray did it's work.

"Yeah a nurse." Henk said sarcastically. “With my luck, I could use one.”

"I'm ready to go, I've got everything I need and it looks like Henk should be ready to travel." Leanne smiled at his answer.

Henk walked up to Vos and spoke to him quietly: “We have to go. I don’t want to be gone longer then we have to.”

K'Tan looked at everyone else and nodded to himself. Recharging his own Disruptor Rifle, preparing his Federation Issue Phaser pistol, Grenades, double checking his bat'leth and mek'leth he nodded to himself. Tossing Jorvin a look he waited for the command to go. As a final action he pulled out a small tricorder like device tapping a few buttons on it. It beeped coming to life a red beacon on it's top left area starting to flicker and pulsate. "I am ready to go as well. Let's do this".

Vos looked back at K'Tan and Jorvin, his two gung-ho soldiers. "I want you to keep the pins in those grenades until we don't have to worry about keeping it quiet, guys. If we go around blowing up the jungle we're going to attract too much attention." he grinned. He knew that the two of them knew how to do their jobs, but it didn't hurt to remind them every once in awhile. He looked back up at the ship and waved to a crewman watching in a viewport, receiving a nod in return before he ran off. "Alright, people. When the distraction starts, we book it to the treeline."

The "distraction" Vos spoke of was hard to miss. There was a building whine before the colony ship's single phaser emitter spat red death out over the meadow where the creatures had come from. There were a series of booming thunderclaps as the phaser bolts vaporized the air molecules and the atmosphere rushed back in to fill the space. The jungle where the blasts hit lit up like an ancient Earth fighter jet had dropped napalm over it, ripping apart the canopy in a tumultuous firestorm. The screams of the alien creatures were a high pitched screeching noise against the background of the quickly diminishing forest fire. Vos regretted having to destroy the environment like that, but it was the best way to get their attention.

"Move! Let's go!" Vos shouted to the others over the noise, then began sprinting into the forest.

"We're off to see the Wizard of Oz." Mike said leaning in close to Podi and whispering in his ear.

"Okay, I'll just go and get my red slippers, Dorothy." Podi continued the joke theme albeit that he was, for once, the one taking things more seriously than Mike.


The jungle was quiet when Henk and Krissy lead the rescue team in view of the temple. Several of the ape-like creatures stood guard, idly sniffing the air or cleaning themselves. From this distance they almost seemed like normal animals. It was hard to believe that they were once thinking, reasoning, sentient beings. Vos wondered briefly if he should have been looking for a way to return them to the people they once were instead of killing so many of them. Had he been any different than whatever alien intelligence had transformed them? Could he really excuse his behavior with the rationale that he had been looking after his own people? Vos scowled at the ground for a moment before looking back up at the group. He'd mull over the morality of his actions after they'd rescued his commanding officer.

"Alright, people. We need to get in there without alerting the whole lot of them. Is there another way around, Mr. O'Brien?" Vos asked Henk,

Henk looked around. Trying to find another way inside. “That’s the only entrance,” Henk said. “Give me a minute and I can give us a window of two minutes at most to get inside. A diversion if you might call it.”

Crouching beside them peering through the scrub Krissy looked up quickly as Henk and Vos exchanged words. Her brow was knitted with a frown. What was on O'Brien's mind?

K'Tan continued walking, holding the group's flank. Taking a defensive position he checked his beacon and smiled as a light beep could be heard, it's LED starting to flash faster and faster. He turned to Vos and spoke quietly "Sir, I have a contact on my motion detector, moving through the trees, it's definitely alive, about half a mile, south-east".

Mike prepared himself and his rifle, aiming it slowly, steadily and controlled. He watched for anything that showed up on his on-weapon scanner "K'Tan, I can't see anything on sensors." he muttered almost silently, but enough so the Klingon could hear it.

K'Tan smiled and replied "Recalibrate your sensors like mine. It's obviously there Michael", the Klingon responded as he kept scanning the area quietly. Be on your guard, we're safe to keep moving for now."

Vos turned back to the others. "Keep it down, you two. Mr. O'Brien. What exactly did you have in mind? I'd like for us to stay together if at all possible." he whispered.

Leanne nervously touched the handle on her phaser as she tried to scan the area. Adjusting her tricorder slightly she was able to more closely pick up the team's biosignatures, she wasn't as worried about the things as she was one of the away team turning on them. Some of them had been injured in the fights early, and if felt like she was patching people together with tape and wire.

“Well I wanted to lure them in a direction and give them a warm welcome with a few traps.” Henk said with a smile. “It should be done in about 10 minutes I guess. No more problems from those things.”
Henk smile even went wider. He was enjoying himself in a way. His hand was resting on his blade.

The frown on Krissy face deepened, but she switched her attention back to their surroundings. It was clear there was a large amount of residue hatred Henk held for the Aliens, but considering the turmoil he had endured that was hardly surprising. However ten minuets was ten minuets too long in her opinion. Both Kathy and Beverly had been missing held captive for the duration of the night and if they had been infected like Tenyson Krissy would never forgive herself for standing by while traps were being laid when she could he helping them in some way.

"No," Vos decided. "I want to stick together. I want everyone to pick a target, a pair of phasers on each of those four. Set to kill. We're going to take them out in one volley, then head in fast. I want a plasma charge every fifty meters as we go. Captain Jorvin and Lieutenant K'Tan, since you're our strongest fighters you'll be taking point and rearguard respectively. I'll follow the Captain with Krissy and Henk on my ass. Lieutenant Lake, make sure Lieutenant Wesdon doesn't fall behind. Doctor, keep an eye on your tricorder and give me a report on the position of that combadge every sixty seconds." he quickly rattled off. "I want to make this clear, people. We are not stopping and digging in anywhere. We need to keep moving so that we don't get pinned down and overwhelmed. The closed spaces will be to our benefit as we only need two or three of us to fill a tunnel with phaser fire, but we can't be stopping for anything. We get in, grab anyone alive down there, and head right back out the way we came and blow the plasma charges. Got it?"

Vos waited for silent nods of acknowledgment before he started pointing in twos with his fingers, pairing people off with each of the four aliens guarding the door. When everyone was in position, Vos quietly ordered, "Fire." The beams and energy pulses from eight hand phasers and rifles reached out to touch the creatures at the door. There was a short cry of pain and then they were down, riddled with smoking holes. Captain Jorvin lead the way toward the entrance even before the barrels of the phasers had cooled.


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