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Angeleyes (Part I)

Posted on Sun Jun 20th, 2010 @ 12:01am by Kasik Torr

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Federation Psychiatric Facility, Rigel VII
Timeline: Sometime around the present

"This is what we call the Epsilon wing," Rogas said as they stepped through the doorway into another control area. The orderly behind the desk nodded and them as Rogas flashed his ID, and then looked quizzically at Atton.

"This is Atton," Rogas said to the orderly. "He's new. He's going going to be working in Gamma wing. I'm giving him the tour so he knows what he's getting himself into."

The man nodded. Rogas lead Atton around to the monitor bank. As they walked, Rogas noted a keypad locked case on the wall with three phasers - something he hadn't seen in any of the other ward control areas.

"The Epsilon wing is the maximum security prisoners. The scariest ones are all in here. The ones that could hurt themselves, or other people. You tend to see the worst stuff on Epso duty. They have a higher than average staff turnover, and a fair bit of psych stress leave."

Atton scanned his eyes along the monitors, each displaying a cell. There was certainly an odd bunch in there. A human staring straight into the camera with a dangerous look. A Vulcan sitting cross legged and laughing. A Betazoid screaming and pounding on the wall. A Bajoran in a straight jacket doing sit-ups.

He grimaced as he watched a stocky Andorian rip one of his antenna off, and start writing on the wall of his room with the bloodied end.

"Nice place," he said to Rogas, looking a little disturbed.

Rogas chuckled.

"This is quiet! Just wait till they start acting up."

Atton suddenly frowned and looked closely at one of the monitors. In amongst all of the straight-jacketed menaces and scar-faced crazies, he suddenly caught site of someone who looked out of place.

It was a girl. A Trill girl, he could see by the speckling on her face. With long platinum blonde hair and with a lovely, innocent face, she could barely be more than nineteen. She was sitting on the bed in her cell, hugging her knees and looking frightened.

"Now... I'm gonna guess that's not one of the dangerous ones!" Atton said, half jokingly.

Rogas glanced at the monitor he was indicating, and his eyes widened. He glanced over at the orderly, who looked at Atton with a sceptical expression.

"Umm... I wouldn't put any money on that guess, if I was you!" Rogas said with a shocked laugh. "That's Angeleyes."

Atton frowned, looking at the monitor image in confusion.

"Isn't... isn't Angeleyes that serial killer the Federation News Network was talking about?"

"That's the one," Rogas replied. "That scared little teen in there has a current body-count of 27 people, including several children. Mostly in cold blood, and many including torture, mutilation and dismemberment."

He glanced over at the orderly.

"Larin, open up the door so we can go in and see Thiera."

The orderly nodded, and tapped a few keys on his console. A moment later one of the bulkheads slid open, and Rogas lead Atton through into the passage beyond.

At the end of the passage, another bulkhead slid open to allow them into a hexagonal chamber. In addition to the wall with the bulkhead they entered through, the remaining five walls each looked into a cell. Four were empty, and the fifth - directly opposite - was the cell that had been displayed on the monitor, complete with the frightened looking blonde girl. She watched them warily as they entered.

In the middle of the room was a desk, where another orderly - a Vulcan - sat. He turned and nodded serenely as they entered.

Rogas lead Atton up to stand in front of the cell. They could hear the faint hum of the forcefield from here.

"The Trill authorities are deliberating about exactly what to do with her at the moment," Rogas said quietly - probably a little too quietly for her to make out. "I'm not sure on the details, but there's some weird political issue here that they don't want publicised. Something to do with a joined Trill turning sociopath."

"She's joined?" Atton asked quietly, a little surprised. He'd heard the Trill joining program involved extensive psychological screening.

Rogas nodded.

"To a sybiote called Vos. That's part of the problem, I think. It's not as simple as locking up the crazy girl. Or executing her, for that matter."

The two men started as a loud klaxon sounded. A moment later, the computer voice could be heard over the alarm.


Rogas looked over at the Vulcan orderly.

"That means us. We better hurry!"

He stopped suddenly, glancing at the girl behind the forcefield. He looked at Atton.

"This one shouldn't be left unattended. You stay here behind that desk, and WATCH her. Don't talk to her. If she so much as moves near the forcefield, hit the panic button!"

The two men hurried out of the room, the Vulcan unbuckling the tranquilliser hypo in his belt pouch as he left. The door slid closed behind them.

Atton walked over to the desk, and sat down. After a few moments, the klaxon shut off. Apparently the emergency was at least partly under control.

There was a strange silence. The girl had barely moved. She was simply sitting on the bed, hugging her knees and watching him warily.

She really was quite beautiful. Brilliant blue eyes, and petite features - at least, what he could see of them. She was a tiny slip of a thing. If he'd met her in a club rather than a psych ward, Atton reflected to himself, he probably would have been plucking up the courage to buy her a drink and see where it led.

"Please say something," she said quietly.

Atton started slightly. He looked unsure. 'Don't talk to her' seemed like pretty clear instructions.

"Doesn't have to be anything much. You can just say 'It's sunny outside today!' if you like. I just... I want to hear someone say something TO me. Like I'm actually here."

Atton looked uncomfortable.

"I... don't think I'm allowed," he said, hesitantly.

The girl closed her eyes, a brief look of relief crossing her features.

"Thank you," she said, her voice full of genuine gratitude.

"No... I..." Atton began to respond, and then stopped himself - realising how stupid "No... I wasn't really talking to you!" would sound.

"No one actually talks to me," the girl said quietly. "Doctors come and talk about me. Occasionally Trill government people will come and announce things at me. But no-one talks as if I'm actually here."

She lapsed into silence, looking down at the floor. The silence was long, and uncomfortable, and Atton began to feel a little awkward. 'Don't talk to her' was probably more like advice than an instruction, anyway!

"You're... not REALLY Angeleyes, are you?" he asked tentatively. Something about the image of this girl murdering children just made no sense.

The girl hesitated before answering.

"I... think so," she said, sounding a little confused. "It's kind of hard to see the symbiote's memories. Everything seems... fuzzy, and confused. But I remember the... blood. And they have recordings of me... doing... things."

She spoke haltingly, sounding sickened by the memory.

"The symbiote?" Atton asked, a little puzzled.

She paused again, finding the words.

"I... Umm... They told me that when you are joined, your personality and the symbiote's become one. It didn't really happen for me. I had this vague impression of thoughts... feelings... memories that weren't really mine, but that was all. I thought perhaps that was what they had meant. Or if perhaps I hadn't even realised I'd changed. That the join was so seamless that I felt that the new joined personality was how I'd always been."

"But I began to... lose periods of time. Like I was falling asleep and dreaming, only it happened during the day. And the dreams were... horrible. And they got worse and worse."

"And then one day, the authorities came."

"They say I have... Devares’ Syndrome. I think that's what they called it. The neural pathways between the host and my conscious mind aren't properly connected. The two fight for control of the body. And in some cases it can... make the symbiote go insane. Psychotic. Or worse."

She was looking at the floor, but her eyes seemed to be seeing something else. Something that horrified her utterly.

"They showed me footage of... what I did... when it was in control."

Atton frowned.

"It's not in control any more?"

She shook her head.

"Not now. When the host and symbiote are in sync, they sleep as one. Not in my case. I can feel it sleeping... in the back of my mind."

A single tear slipped down her cheek. Atton stepped out from behind the desk, and approached the force-field.

"Are you OK?"

She shook her head.

"No. Other than you... no one has so much as looked me in the eye for two months. Everyone thinks I'm the symbiote, trying to trick them. I'm like some kind of leper. My mother came to visit the other day, and she cowered back away from the cell like I had some kind of disease."

"In a month or two, the symbiosis commission is probably going to have both of us killed. They won't risk another symbiote in case there's ongoing side-effects from the flawed joining. I can't live without a symbiote any more."

"I'm going to die. And I can't even hug my mum goodbye."

"But surely if someone talked to her," Atton said. "Surely she could be made to understand that you're still in there. Even if it's just long enough to say goodbye."

She shook her head.

"No one believes me," she replied, swallowing back a sob. "They just think it's the symbiote pulling some trick."

Atton shook his head.

"I believe you."

"No, you don't," she said sadly. "You want me to feel better, just in case I'm telling the truth. But you don't really believe me. Not really."

Atton looked at the girl. She was... what? 5'4"? Maybe 45kg? He was twice her size! What could she possibly do?

He knew lowering the forcefield was a gross breach of the rules. But although everyone might say that the cell before him held some kind of twisted serial killer, all he could see was a lonely, frightened teenage girl.

He moved back to the desk. Leaning over it, he tapped a few keys. The forcefield sputtered for a moment and then died.

She looked up at him, brilliant blue eyes full of shock. He moved back towards her, looking her in the eye.

"I believe you," he said simply.


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