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Angeleyes (Part II)

Posted on Mon Jun 21st, 2010 @ 11:18am by Kasik Torr

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Federation Psychiatric Facility, Rigel VII
Timeline: Sometime around the present

Four bulkheads away, Rogas still heard the scream.

He looked up from the tranquillised form of the Andorian in alarm, glancing at the two orderlies with him.

"What in the name of..."


Rogas looked at the Vulcan orderly, horrified. Section 6! Angeleyes.

They grabbed the medical kit and scrambled out of the Andorian's cell, the human orderly stopping to reactivate the forcefield.

The duel bulkheads leading out of section four seemed painfully ponderous as the slid open. All the while, the screams seemed to be intensifying. Then they suddenly choked off.

They ran through the central control areas. The Phaser rack was already open and cleared - three security guys were ahead of them, and were already opening the final bulkhead. As they moved inside, he heard their shouted challenges and expressions of horrified disbelief.

He stumbled into the room. Taking in the scene, he couldn't help but mumble the worst oath he knew.

The three security stood in a semi-circle, emphatically pointing phasers inward. Thiera stood just outside her cell, calmly raising her hands. And at her feet was what was LEFT of Atton.

There was blood... everywhere. Over the floor. On the walls. Sprayed on the desk. And all over Thiera. Her hands and the lower half of her face was soaked with it. It was starting to pool on the floor.

'Oh God,' Rogas thought in horror. 'How could you possibly do that to someone in a matter of seconds??!? With no weapons??'

He glanced at the security guys. They were breathing heavily. He noticed the nearest one had cranked his phaser up to level 10. If he fired that, she'd be blasted apart so fast they'd be showered with flecks of her. Probably take a sizeable chunk out of the wall behind as well.

He knew he should tell the man to turn it back down. But looking at the scene before him, he was disinclined to.

"Step back in the cell slowly Thiera, or so help me we'll vaporise you before you can so much as twitch."

Thiera calmly stepped back inside the cell and waited. Rogas carefully looked for any trace of blood on the controls to make sure she hadn't tampered with them. Seeing nothing, he touched the key to reactivate the forcefield - which sputtered back into life.

The room's breathing eased just a little, and the security guys relaxed their stance slightly. Rogas stepped forward, and looked down at the ruin of Atton. He wasn't even recognisable any more.

"What... 27 wasn't enough for you? You wanted to up your count by just one more?"

Thiera raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"You had to have one more kill on your record?"

The girl looked down at Atton and gave a dismissive laugh.

"Him? He's not dead."

As if on cue, Atton's mangled form gave a gurgling cough.

Rogas couldn't help but shy back in horror. One of the security guards was promptly sick.

Rogas screamed desperately for the med team. Fortunately, they arrived only moments later, and there was a flurry of activity as med-techs rushed in with kits. For a minute or so they frantically bandaged, clamped, and administered blood, pain suppressants and oxygen. Finally they managed to get him on a stretcher and rushed him out of the chamber and off to the med bay.

Thiera had moved calmly over to the sink in her cell and began washing the blood off her face and hands. She might as well have been washing off dirt from gardening, to judge by her manner.

"Bionic eye implants are quite good now, they tell me. Once they've patched him up, he'll probably come out of it seeing better than he did before."

Rogas shook his head in horrified fury, as they carried Atton out.

"How did you get the field down?"

She shrugged.

"Same trick that almost worked on you in the first few days. 'Oh, I'm a poor scared girl with Devares’ Syndrome! The evil bad symbiote worm made me do it, and all I need is a hug!'"

Rogas shook his head.

"You don't have Devares’ Syndrome. We tested you. Your host and symbiote are in perfect lobal sync."

Thiera laughed.

"Of course I don't. Nor does the Host regain control while the symbiote is asleep in people who do. But you didn't explain any of that to him."

Rogas gritted his teeth.

"This is a maximum security section of a class five psychiatric facility, Thiera. There's no way you could possibly have gotten more that thirty metres from this room! Why would you even bother trying to..."

He stopped suddenly, a feeling of coldness coming over him.

"You weren't even trying to escape," he said quietly, feeling nauseous. "You just wanted to hurt someone."

She smiled as him, her brilliant blue eyes the most malevolent thing he'd ever seen.

"You're learning," she said simply.

She sat down calmly on the bed, smearing blood from her gown onto it.

"I blame you for this, Doctor."

"Me?!?" Rogas replied, shocked.

She nodded.

"Well... I'm a convicted murderer, locked behind a forcefield. Hardly a position of power to be abused. You, however, left a trainee alone to watch over a serial killer with an I.Q. of 194. If there's any lesson to be learned here, it's that you really need to take better care of trainees!"

His reply was cut short by the sound of footsteps in the hall. A moment later, Administrator Vargas appeared though the doorway, flanked by two more armed security guards.

"Administrator!" Rogas exclaimed. "The patient has..."

"I've been briefed by one of the med techs," the Administrator said coldly, cutting him off. He glanced around at the blood-soaked scene.

"Rogas, you still have a patient in Epsilon 4 needing attention. Take Orderly Benson and finish up there. Then go and organise a clean-up detail for this area, including new clothing for the patient."

"Yes sir. But..."

"That will be all, thank you Rogas."

Rogas hesitated for a moment, and then nodded. He left the chamber with the other orderly.

The Administrator stepped up to the forcefield, looking at Thiera with little expression at all. Thiera smiled at him.

"Hello, Administrator," she said cheerfully. "You really are getting quite good at hiding that sort of cold loathing. Especially for an Elorian."

Vargas didn't even blink.

"You've killed again then," he replied levelly. Thiera shook her head.

"No, I don't think so. He should live. But then, I'm not really the one keeping count. It's the federation news net that does that. I just do what I do, and then read the headcount in the daily the next morning."

"You got down here from the ivory tower awfully fast. Don't tell me you ran, just for me?"

"I was already on my way," Vargas replied, once again ignoring the bait. "I thought you might like to know that soon you won't be our problem any more."

"Oh?" Thiera said, genuinely curious. "You mean the Trill government's finally found the backbone to have me quietly executed? Surely not!"

"Hardly," Vargas replied. His disgust for the evasiveness and indecisiveness of the Trill authorities was possibly the one thing he and this woman had in common.

"But you'll be someone else's problem. The federation is setting up a new psychiatric facility in a back corner of space. An old Cardassian station called Roark Nor. You'll be locked up in a refitted Cardassian prison. Or possibly a waste tank. Where with any luck, you'll be forgotten, and left to rot."

He smiled, with no warmth.

"Goodbye Thiera Vos."

He turned, and walked out of the blood-slicked chamber.


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