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Are you still here?

Posted on Wed Jul 28th, 2010 @ 11:18am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Kasik Torr

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Bajoran Temple

Harlan wandered the station. There was nothing much for him to do at the moment except to settle in and get familiar. In this process he came across the small worship hall, empty now after the early worshippers had left. He poked his head in to see what it was like inside, hoping he wasn't transgressing some sacred doctrine in the process.

The temple was a simple affair - a moderate sized chamber with several rows of chairs facing the front. The chairs were a random, mismatched and ramshackle collection, apparently harvested from disused corners of the station.

Up the front was a little neater. A table - possibly doubling as an alter - stood up the front, covered with a decorated cloth. A lantern burned in the centre of it. There was a smaller table off to one side with a few more ceremonial trappings, but overall the sanctuary gave an impression of a down-to-earth faith with few adornments.

A young Bajoran in simple robes entered from the back, carrying some books, which he deposited on the table. He noticed Harlan only after he'd been there for several moments.

"Oh... hello there! Can I help you?"

Harlan smiled, "Hello, I am just looking around and I didn't recognise..."

He suddenly stopped and went wide eyed and stammered, "But...y..your...Bajoran!"

"Uuh... yes," the young man responded, a little taken aback.

He rushed forward and looked at the man closely, "You are! But how? When I heard about the fall of B'hala I thought you were all gone. How many survived?"

The young man looked rather alarmed.

"Umm... I dont... I think you'd better speak to the Vedek."

He scuttled through the back door to the chamber, leaving Harlan alone in the sanctuary. There was the sound of voices a little way away, and after a little while another man entered - a slightly older one. He was dressed rather casually, and was blinking sleep out of his eyes.

"Yes, hello!" he said, stifling a yawn. "I'm Kasik Torr. Voran says you had a question about B'hala? It's not really his area of expertise, I'm afraid."

Harlan was overawed, "Two Bajorans in one day! Are there many of you around? I thought you were all lost with the fall of B'hala... I supose some could have made it. What a dozen... two dozen survivours?"

"I'm... not quite sure of exact figures," Kasik replied, unsure. "The Archaeologists maintain it might have triggered the fall of the first great republic though."

Harlan sat down in obvious shock, "Really? And you've been there all along. I should have gone back. I didn't think there'd be anyone... "

"Wait... if you haven't been speaking to Bajorans... are you saying your culture has secondary historical sources concerning B'hala?"

Harlan waved his hand, "Well, obviously not accurate enough. Some things come through, though. I thnk I must have been there. I remember... a purple flower. Very strong smell. Had quite an effect on me. Those things you don't remember from songs. Mostly all the memory is from songs. There is the old Bajoran chant about washing your hands before prayers... though I don't know if you still use that one."

"The Shelach Tiah," Kasik murmured, without even a pause.

He shook his head.

"Wait... B'hala was destroyed two hundred centuries ago. You can't have actually been there."

Kasik suddenly remembered the stories of Akorem Laan being brought from the past by the prophets to aid the Emissary.

"Can you??"

Harlan mocked hurt, "Is it common for Bajorans to distrust people on first meeting."

Something in the Vedek's face moved unconsciously. Harlan saw it though and his face dropped slowly.

"It is common, isn't it. Your people have suffered, and you along with it. Centuries of distrust right there."

The Vedek looked troubled. As odd as it sounded, it was certainly not beyond the will of the Prophets to pluck a visitor from the gardens of B'hala, and bring them here.

"The last century has been... hard. Bajor is having to learn to trust again. It's not an easy road."

"If you've truly stood in the courtyards of B'hala in the height of the first republic... well... I know some people who would love to speak with you."

Harlan laughed, "You would be surprised ho often I hear that. In fact someone in B'hala said much the same thing about my experience with the T'kon..."

The conversation was interupted by sirens going off. The significance was lost on Harlan but Kasik recognised the Evacuation Klaxon.


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