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Departmental Tension

Posted on Tue Jun 22nd, 2010 @ 11:13pm by 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: USS Anubis Security Office

David entered the small security office on the Anubis and instantly preferred it over his new office on Roark Nor. Clean, stark and simple like all Federation offices it felt more calming that the Cardassian cupboard he was having set up on the station.

For the moment he was the Chief Security and Tactical Officer on the ship. Having taken ship tactical systems classes when he was at boot and refreshers when he became an officer, David was fairly familiar with the basics of tactical systems. Of course he fully planned to get up to speed with the Anubis as soon as possible.

A source of tension might come from the Security personnel that were stationed on the ship. A single Marine fireteam had come aboard, but that might be enough to rub the Security people up the wrong way. The stupid rivalry that existed baffled David since the two groups had different roles as far as he was concerned. The Marines were heavy tactical response; better armour, weapons and equipment for fighting their role was to find and destroy well armed enemy resistance. Security dealt with light enemies, criminals and forensic investigations as far as David saw it. Yes, Security could put on armour and fight alongside Marines, but the Marines were used to it. Marines tended to make bad Security officers as they were too heavy handed and Security were often seen as too... cautious perhaps? in full combat situations.

But that was just one man's opinion on the matter.

As though his thoughts had been broadcast and rejected, shouting echoed around the room from outside the door. With a deep sigh he went out to see what the problem was.

Outside the Marine fireteam was standing defensively in a wedge while twice as many Security ratings stood in a cluster. Rossi was standing inches from a young looking Crewman that was clearly very upset about something. It didn't take long to find out.

"What the Hell are you lot doing here. In case you can't read, this is for Security not dumb guns!" the young man snarled. It was clear where ever he had been before the Anubis had not had Marines, or the two departments were completely separate.

"What's the problem?" David asked calmly. Instantly the Marines stood to attention in a neat wedge. They all looked straight ahead, bar Sandra who was glancing out the corner of her eye at the Crewman. David began to wonder if it had been a bad idea to accept this position, or have brought the fireteam. Or at least this one in particular. With their numbers cut, Rossi had found herself in command of a fireteam in hopes it might temper her slightly. As long as the Lance Corporal and two Privates also in the fireteam didn't learn any bad habits, it would be successful.

"You and your damned ground-pounders invading OUR offices," the crewman snapped, forgetting himself.

If it hadn't been for David's sharp glare, Rossi would have back handed the man. Instead she merely retorted; "You are in the presence of an officer, show him respect. This man had been an officer longer than you have been alive, and enlisted for even longer than that. Remember your place!" It seemed that a bit of responsibility already had her towing the line a bit more than before, although David suspected it was because she liked or respected him in some way. Brass would likely not get the same defence.

He rolled his eyes at the fire and brimstone. It wasn't helping at all it seemed. "I am your commanding officer for this mission. The Marines were at a loose end on the station and security was tied up keeping order. Captain Aerelon requested a volunteer and I did. If you do not like it, you know where the transporter is. That goes for all of you. In less than an hour we leave for an asteroid colony being blockaded by an unknown force, so you had better all be one big happy family, or it will be a long trip. Understood?"

The Marines nodded immediately and the Security personnel followed suit.

"I want this department full operational ASAP. And just so we are clear, this is the Security and Tactical Department. Marines will follow Starfleet Security operating procedures. Dismissed," David said shortly. He was aware he would have to be careful not to favour the Marines simply because he knew them better. No doubt Toombs would keep him in line. And Rossi too.

An Ensign approached. "May I have a moment of your time, Sir?" the tall Andorian asked. David nodded. "I just want to apologise about Crewman Hernandez. He has a bit of a hothead, but he does take duty seriously. May I speak freely?"

"Of course," David replied. What was coming was really obvious, but he needed to let the young man speak if nothing else.

"I don't think this is a good idea, Sir. At least, not so quickly. However, I assure you that the Security and Tacical elements will work to make this Department work. Also, may I ask who will be your Assistant?"

Here was a good chance to keep in with the Starfleet personnel. "Who is the most senior Fleet officer here?"

The young man blushed heavily. "That would be me, Sir. I'm the only officer in the Department aside from yourself. Tactical by training, but I'm good enough at the Security work." he fell silent for s moment. "I'm Thiric ch'Thane."

A light smile came to David's lips, and it was clear it confused the young Andorian. "Pleasure to mee you. David Laurie. And I hereby appoint you Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. If you have no objections, I'd like to make one of my Marines Assistant for Security. Keep things balanced."

"A good idea," Thiric replied, not totally convinced having seen the woman that appeared to lead the Marines.

"Toombs will have a fit when I tell her," he said with a sly smile. Rossi might have become a fireteam leader, but Toombs had the skills to keep a department ticking over on the severely understaffed ship. At least the quiet young woman would be diplomatic while her partner in crime would prefer to stir up trouble.

Hopefully there would be no trouble, but something about the mission just reeked it.


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