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Meeting Gren

Posted on Thu Jul 1st, 2010 @ 8:32pm by Lieutenant JG Gin Gallia

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Counselor's office- Anubis

Gin decided to continue meeting the crew of the Anubis, next up it was Lieutenant Gren.

=^= Gallia to Gren, can you report to the counselor's office, please. =^=

Gren opened his eyes, his quiet meditation interrupted by the comm call, "may I enquire to the nature of your request Counselor?" he asked as he unfold his legs and got to his feet.

Gin smiled, "My job, Lieutenant. I just thought now was as good a time as any to meet you, and do your mandatory Psych Eval."

"Of course, I will be with you in a few minutes." As the comm link closed Gren left his quarters, still wearing his civilian attire, and as promised promptly arrived at Gallia's office. As he pressed the door chime the door opened immediately, "Lieutenant Gallia, Lo'val Gren" he said as he slightly bowed his head.

Gin stood up, "Pleased to finally meet you. You may call me Gin. Have a seat. Would you like anything?"

Gren sat down on a rather low, yet comfortable, chair "a cup of bergamot tea would be nice, thank you." Gren allowed Gin to be the courteous host that he knew most counselors liked to do in order to put people at ease.

Gin walked over to the replicator, and got him some tea while she had the Kakorian Wine. She walked back over, and handed the tea to him. She took a sip of her wine before asking, "So how are you handling being on the Anubis?"

As he took a long sip of the hot green tea Gren considered his words, "to be honest I have been on board less then 36 hours, the ship is smaller than I am accustomed to but having served on starships my entire career I've been on smaller." Gren paused trying to think about what else she might want to know, "so far I've had two duty shifts piloting the ship and we're still here so I must have done okay?" Gren smiled wondering of the counselor would appreciate the humour.

She did appreciate the humor, and laughed to show it. "In your travels have you ever been to Kakor? or even seen a Kakorian before?"

"Sadly not, all told I don't recall meeting a member of your species before." Gren was well travelled but it was true, he had never seen a Kakorian before, in fact what little he had heard of them was of a tragic past.

"Ah, I thought not. Kakorians don't like to leave Kakor even though they could." She paused as she thought of her home world. "Anyway, I am sorry you have never met any Kakorians before now, but I hope I have given you a good impression of our species."

"My first impressions are still forming, perhaps I can let you know in a day or two, once I know how this meeting goes? So, do you think I'm fit to serve or are you still making up your mind up?" Gren always thought that such sessions were a waste of time as like most Takarans it was their custom to speak their minds where appropriate, to say they had thick skins would be a vast understatement.

She smiled, "Yeah, you are free to go. I guess I am getting the gift of gab that most Counselors have. You may go now."

Gren drained the last of the tea from the small metal cup, "thank you for drink, it was good meeting you Counselor, I am certain my mental health will be well taken care of" his dry Takaran humour probably lost on the young woman, "well I must return to my meditation, I had almost managed to picture this entire sector in my mind but no worry I will pick up where I left off." Leaving Gallia's office he did wonder how difficult her job might be, for a doctor can diagnose someone in a matter of seconds with a hand held scanner but psychological matters required someone who knew a person and that took far longer.

Gin watched as he walked out, and waved to him as he left, but he never saw that. That was the one problem she could think of in being Counselor. No one ever really wanted to enjoy talking to a Counselor, and because of that she would have to think of another way of meeting people to get to know them. That was it! She would take her lunch break now, and just observe the crew in the mess hall. While there she could also think of what might be needed on this mission.


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