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Some Disarming Conversation

Posted on Sat Jul 10th, 2010 @ 3:26pm by Lieutenant Robert Mugford & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Landing Pad C
Timeline: Three days after "Where to start"

Rob felt a trickle of sweat run down his chin and he did not know if it was due to the warm environment of his EVA suit or to the fact that he was now lying down next to what is now looking to be a very powerful explosive.

And it was looking to be one complicated little critter.

He activated his comms.

“Lieutenant Jenkins? Mugford here. I’m afraid what I am about to tell you isn’t good.”

"Commander Mason here, I have dispatched Jenkins to start with the evacuation of the habitat ring. What have you found?"

"Okay Commander," Robert moved slightly to get a better look at the feeder lines heading into the device. A metre behind him was a gaping hole where he had earlier removed the deck plating to get an idea of what these lines actually connect to.

“Now, I am not an ordnance expert but this thing looks to be set up to be triggered from a couple of points. One was the EPS feeds that Commander Lam discovered, another looks to be a feed that is linked somehow to the primary computer core. Maybe it is supposed to be denoted when it receives a saboteur signal of some kind from the computer.” Robert paused his monologue as he rolled over to look again into the gaping holes left by the lifted deck plates to study the mass of conduits, fibre and ODN.

“The last link is one I am having trouble determining, it looks like whatever trips this trigger will cause the device to activate its automatic countdown and will blow this side of the station to kingdom come. The problem is I haven’t as yet found the trigger.”

Back in Ops Kristna massaged her temples. This wasn't the news she had been hoping for. "You certainly pain a bleak picture Lieutenant. Continue your study, we'll do our own research down here."

"Yes Commander Mason." Rob cut the connection, rolled again onto his back and looked up at Lam and smiled. "Any suggestions you can throw at me about this last trigger would now be most welcome."

"If I'm honest I've not got a clue, but if I were a Cardassian engineer I'd build in redundancy to my device. What if we were to isolate it from the key systems then beam it into space?" Lam was well out of her depth, counter insurgency was a basic requirement and one she had passed with flying colours like the others but this device was far from basic, it was going to be down to Mason to find out how this worked otherwise they might have to consider evacuating the station.

The engineers looked blankly at each other as they began to disarm the device, as the minutes passed Mugford stood in the hydraulics pit as he disconnected the power feeds, Lam monitoring the energy output of the device. "Lam to Mason, you been able to find anything on this device yet?"

Fighting to keep the frustration from her voice Mason's tone still sounded strained over the comm: "I'm not some miracle worker," came her initial reply. She then reined herself back, "I'm still hunting, there are several similar devices matching the specs on the data bank. Each with three trigger points: EPS, computer but the third ranges from remote detonation, close proximity to simply command codes. I wouldn't advice you became too friendly to it just in case."

Stewart was monitoring the progress of the engineering team from the control booth within the cargo bay. He had managed to find the command path to the device, but it had been inactive for years. His first instinct was that it was now an unused data relay, but at the two engineers continued to manipulate the connection to the power grid it fired off random bursts of command data directly to the main computer core.

"Commander Lam. I am monitoring the device from the control booth. What ever your doing it has started sending bursts of data to the computer core. I am trying to decode the information now!"

Lam raised a hand to signal that Mugford should stop but then realised he hadn't yet done anything, glancing down at her tricorder she snapped it shut, "good catch Ensign, I think it may have been my tricorder, some sort of anti tamper device, let me know if the data bursts have changed."

Rob looked up at Lam, frozen as he was about to start disconnecting the power feeds. "Perhaps I will wait a moment to hear what DeVour discovers. I'm rather attached to my skin and I would like to keep it and the rest of me together for as long as possible," he said with with a grin.

Tal had taken a break from trolling through the databanks when he was informed about the developing incident. He quickly ran back to Ops, to see what help he could offer. "Commander Mason, I'm here to help. Tell me where you need me."

Mason did a double take having looked up at the unfamiliar voice. "How are - ?" she almost asked than thankfully before her mouth continued working fell short clocking both his rank pips and his species type. Captain, Cardassian equal assistance.

"Anywhere would be useful," Mason altered her words quickly. "We'll struggling to identify the device, and its nature or its actual danger to the station."

Stewart's hands were flying over the command console faster than he could keep track off, but something had caught his attention. The devise had pathways into almost all of the systems on the station which gave him more than one access point.

With a spark of ingenuity he accessed the main power flow for the section by routing through the replicator systems. With a final few commands the power to the device was deactivated and finally the device went dormant.
"Commanders Lam and Mason. I think I've deactivated it!"

As the power visibly drained from the device Lam grabbed her tricorder, "confirmed, its lost power, good job Ensign." After helping Mugford out of the access pit she squatted down and placed her tricorder on the device, "Lam to Mason, lock on to my tricorder signal and beam the device into space, I've already done a memory dump with detailed scans of the device, lets get this thing out of here."

With a simmer of gold stars and vertical lines with faded semi circular shapes the small box dissolved, leaving a blank space were it had once been housed.



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