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Hello darkness, my old friend

Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2010 @ 7:52am by

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: DS7 Security Office Brig

The strangest of all feelings is the one where all control of confinement is handed to someone else. It was strange being in a 6 by 8 cell with a force field blocking any hope of escape. The first problem is the boredom that comes about when you can do absolutely nothing. Anthony had spent the better part of five days in this cell sleeping and staring at the ceiling trying to playback the moments of when he had taken the decision to do something that was against his own nature. Sabotage? It wasn’t really him, why did he do it? His mind replayed it over and over again looking for his breaking point. The proverbial straw on the camel’s back. What had driven him to try and dismantle the lights for a temple? Was his subconscious mind lashing out at things that would only normally annoy him?

He spent a large portion of his time in almost complete solitude ignoring the security officer when meals were given to him. He drank water only and started to drift into sleep and thought almost constantly. One moment would pass into another and before he knew it a moment turned into a minute a minute into an hour and an hour into a day. He looked at his life remembering his earliest memories of kindergarten where he had fought for a blanket for nap time. These memories brought him on the verge of tears, things had been so simple, so easy life’s problems and his parents desire for him to succeed hadn’t pressed him into the floor.

“Mr. Cardel” a voice said breaking him out of his near dream like state.

He turned over to see Professor V’Lar standing over him from being the blue force field.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve called me that Professor” he added looking at her not bothering to get up.

“And it’s been even longer since I was ever called Professor by yourself, what was your nickname for me during your university days?” she asked making eye contact with the security officer to leave the room.

“I believe I called you the Iron Lady” he said with a slightly smile.

“Immovable and unwilling to change your views unless of course logic dictated it.” He added

“Most logical” she added turning away from her former student for a moment.

“Are the allegations against you correct?” she asked

“Ever the correct choice of words Professor” he said getting up and pointing his finger up mocking her carefully chosen words.

“Instead of saying the words like truth and charges you chose the least offense words to try and limit an emotional response from me and try and gain a better understanding of my emotional state without me rising into a temper!” he screaming sending the security guard skidding into the room in a flash.

“Leave us” Professor V’Lar said her eyes filling with a cold stare.

“It would seem that you were able to pick and pry into every word I said, but you have always done that” she said turning back to look at the emotional and unstable man that Anthony had become. The carefully barriers he had crafted his entire life were cracking and breaking allowing his unstable side to regain a foothold in his mind.

“It seems you’re much worse than Doctor Dennett suspected, and by you’ve clearly lost weigh which means you’ve been fasting and meditating to try and control your other side.” She said looking at Anthony’s face which looked deflated and strained and his blue eyes clouded with the grey of his collapsing mind.

“And who’s the winner tonight Tom!” he said in a high pitched voice that would have sent shivers down anyone else’s back but a Vulcan’s.

“It’s Former Professor V’Lar who retired from Cambridge University eleven years ago to study with the Vulcan Researchers Institute” he replied in another voice.
Her eyes drew a line up and down his body trying to find a glimmer of her former student.

Anthony’s faced changed “It’s not working.......28....29 circulation 147 2372....stardate 49977.7, 238 billion views 5th highest viewed newscast since stardate 24374.5.” he stated mumbling the dates over and over again.

“Anthony!” he said stamping her foot in a rare show of anger.

“Professor you mustn’t hit the floor like that, the habituated ring is 23.6 meters below us.” He said rambling on.

“You need to come back from the edge Anthony....if you don’t they will find out and you know what will happen” she said lowering to herself on one knee trying to get a fresh look at the deteriorating man in front of her.

“I can’t the wall’s there are too many holes, so many gaps in the hard to keep them back...the rage!” he said screaming his mouth expelling spit at the force field.

“It cannot be moved nor contained so if it cannot be contained then it must be restrained but what if it cannot be contained nor restrained?” he asked his hands clutching his mangled shirt.

“What then should be done, dear Lenore for it seems that there be a rapping at my chamber door and if the tapping at my chamber door does still become a rapping?

"What then Professor?” he asked tears rolling quietly from his eyes.

“If you cannot control it then you may need to tell them of your past, and then you can receive the help you need.” She said suppressing her own emotions even tighter, afraid that his emotional instability might somehow breach the force field and damage her own emotional controls.

“And what the damage to others?” he asked tasting the salty tears that ran into his mouth and over his tongue.

“The only one you must answer to is yourself, if you don’t repair the damage done you will get worse and you will be consumed by things behind your chamber door.” She said leaving the room looking to speak with the Chief of Security.


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