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living together

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Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1

Viola walked through the Corridors of the station with a bag on her shoulder. She looked on a PADD and sighed.
"Crap. why do they make this station lika a maze." she said as she looked around.
Her hand went to her badge.
"Viola to Mason, I'm lost so I'm going to be a little late."

"Thank you for the acknoglement lieutenant. Head for the prompanade, on the north side you're find the securty offices I'll be down as soon as I can." Kristina's Mason's voice sounded tiny as it sounded through the badge.

Viola looked around and back to the PADD.
"Yes Ma'am" she said as she broke communication. "Easy for you to say."
She started walking and after some minutes she finnaly found a lift.
After a few seconds she was finnaly on the promenade deck. now to find the security office.

Luckily her search was made easier by the presence of a familiar face with her newly acquired black pip: lieutenant junior grade Helen Shire.
"Viola," she smiled. "Good to see you."

"Hi Helen." Viola said "Oh sorry LT. Congratulations with that extra pip."

Faking a hurt expression Helen crossed her arms. although she was smiing boardly. "Hi Helen, is that all?"

"Sorry, I'm late for my shift. Got lost again." Viola said "I hate this station. Why didn't the cardassians make it more like our stations. This is a maze."

"I'm thankful I was on the itinal arrival party, I kinda know my way around now. Where are you suppose to be? Or have you been switched departments so I can keep a very close eye on you?"

"I'm going to be assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer" Viola said with a smile. "I have some reports for Mason, if I can deliver them."

"Ohhh, so your going up in the world too?" Helen teased, "Well the Ice Queen is occupied at Op's at the moment. If you want you can leave them with me and I'll see that she get's them."

"Well see I presume she's going to come down to the security office when she is done. So I'm going to wait over there." Viola said with a tease. "But there is some work to do. There are a few ships that are coming from planets or station that trade in illigal goods."

"I'm sure they'll be some work you can sink your teeth into. If your ship hunting look out for the Warden and one Walter Jones - he's slipperly."

"I think I have a PADD around here somehwere with his name on it." Viola said as she looked at the PADD's. "I will talk with Mason first on what to do, and whjo is going to do the ships search."

"Alright," Helen sighed. "Like I said she's up in Ops dealing with some kind of drama that got everyone on edge."

"Oh." Viola said as she looked at Helen. "Tell me about it."

"Well, I'm not overly sure myself but I think we've stumbled across an old Cardassian booby trap which is set to blow, and if it does it won't be a little puff either. A large portion of the habitat ring has already been evacuated as a precaution while we find out what's happening."

"Right." Viola said as she looked at the lift she just came out. "If people would have said stuff like this I would keep the ship away from the station. Now we have incoming ships."

"Oh, alright," Helen was a little surprised that Viola was leaving already. "If you want you can leave you bag and I'll take it our - I mean your quarters." Her voice faltered as suddenly she hesitated for the first time regarding their growing relationship.

Viola looked at Helen and just smiled. She pulled a PADD out of her uniform and gave it to Helen.
"I have pulled some strings and got a nice quarters for both of us. Outer habitat ring, room 5346. Bring your stuff when you want to come over."

"Feeling a little stunned Helen took the offered Padd slowly. "You mean it?" she asked carefully. "You want me to move in with you?"

"We have talked about it. Why not on this new station?" Viola said with a smile as she saw the face of Helen."I wanted to suprise you tonight, but now is a good time as any."

The previous stray thoughts of doubt were suddenly erased, and with a beaming smile Helen threw her arms around her lover hugging her tightly kissing her cheek with joy. "Oh, thank you!"

In shock of the sudden embrase Viola dropped all the PADD's.
"Easy, I need to breathe." She said as she tapped Helen her shoulder. "Otherwise you have to drag me to sickbay."

Instantly Shire pulled back: "Alright, go and play games with the Ice Queen and I'll see you tonight."

"Wish me luck." Viola said as she picked up the PADD's "If I'm not back at 20.00 hours I will be dead or in sickbay."

"Hopefully niether," Helen smiled handing Viola the last of the Padd's scattered across the floor. "Good luck, I'll see you later."


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