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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After a while longer Kristina could no longer stand still any longer. The funeral had been completed, the grieving crew had left one by one leaving behind a rabble of new and almost unruly crew behind.
She straighten from her spot leaning against the wall, banged her empty glass upon the bar and left, her ears ringing with the strange and incorrect sound of laughter from the new crew members. They did not know the departed, therefore they did not share the agony Beverley and herself carried, they were taking advantage of the alcoholic beverages and small feast that had been laid down for them.
She lent to the barman, "Wrap this up soon," she whispered. "I don't think it would be appropriate for are new crewmen to be drunk on their first day of duty."
Slowly the barman nodded, he pulled back and shouted: "Last orders,"

Before the rush Kristina slipped away and stealthy trod the corridors until she came to her quarters. They were still strange and new to her, far larger then her older quartets. Some times promotion has its perks she thought kicking a box of her belongings on the floor. She hadn't finished unpacking yet but that was the least of her worries. Sitting down upon the bed that occupied most of the bedroom her thoughts turned to Beverly.
She knew that the young woman had been forced into command of the Genesis, Kristina knew that Bev was not prepared for it but she knew that she would try her up most to fill the empty shoes left behind.

The new XO Lieutenant Zhjaeve would be arriving soon to make the senior staff roster complete. It being her bussinee Kristina had already gone through the man's file as she had done with many of the other new crew. His file contained nothing partially exciting, Kristina suspected that Beverly had a choice she would not have picked him due to his lack to commanding skills and experience in the face of danger. Starfleet was pulling the strings to have the Genesis manned as soon as possible using who ever they could find to fill in the vacancies.
Kristina felt proud that Bev had promoted her to Security chief and trusting her enough to be granted the honor for second officer. She did not want to disappoint a woman who was struggling to hold herself together, if anything the poor woman needed someone to standby to glue her back together. At least that person was someone she trusted completely and would not let any harm come to the ship and its crew even if it was filled with ungrateful and spineless people.


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