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Blood and Echo

Posted on Wed Apr 8th, 2009 @ 6:30am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Unknown

The sweat running from her brow had increased over the last few hours and her skin had a sallow tint. Kathy had been asking her if she was well, but Beverly had ignored her. All she wanted was silence. Blessed silence of sleep or death, which ever came first it didn't matter.

After her attempted escape the Alien Queen, which she had since found years past had been called Magistrate Quez'Innana Sultran. How she knew this she didn't know. Each of the Aliens that went past had a name from a life long dead, all that remained of that person was the sleek, muscular form of the vibrant killers she now saw fighting over the corpse she had fallen into earlier.

The sound of half heard whispering was getting louder, names and conversations in lilting and melodious voices would be heard... No, heard was the wrong word, sensed would be more accurate. She could sense conversations, and they were from the Aliens. The voices were beautiful, soft and lovingly warm. In comparison to the exterior monstrous shell.

Beverly was beginning to understand some of the symbols, the few she could recall. Everything was beginning to fall into place. Where these beings the echo of a dead civilization, were they intended as protectors for a passive society, or was it something darker, more sinister. Silently she hoped to discover the answers back on Genesis; however, her gut told her she would never see the light again. She would become nothing more than an echo, another blood casualty in this senseless struggle for life.

The burning within her, coursing through her body within her blood was increasing. She assumed it was an infection, something attacking her blood, and ever since being brought here she had a sense of the queen. She was a complex being. Not as savage as the minions, but a cruelty and brutality that worked in a perfect cohesion with the gently and delicate movements.

All Beverly’s energy was gone, she had just enough to observe the carnal scene unfolding below her as the Aliens ripped apart the corpse of one of her crew. Devouring the flesh and bone alike. Relishing the cold blood that flowed down their throats.
The sensations she could feel from the Aliens aroused a carnal and savage enjoyment and longing to join them. Disgusted, she turned her head, forcing herself to be Human, and closed her eyes. She had to stay who she is for as long as possible.
"Where are you Vos", whispering to herself.


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