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Prisoner Exchange (Bakpost)

Posted on Thu Jul 22nd, 2010 @ 9:35pm by

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: Brig

V'Lar meeting with Anthony hadn't gone as planned. In fact it had confirmed her greatest fear, Anthony was nearing the edge of losing himself inside his own head. Worst of all he needed treatment and while their was a secure and very efficient institute on the station she didn't want to leave Anthony at the mercy of Federation. Her only course of action was to force the issue with the station and get Anthony out of that security detention cell and get him the treatment that could only be administered by professionals.

She walked into the security office annoyed immediately that the Chief of Security was not present.

"Where is your Chief of Security Lieutenant?" she asked careful to keep her face as calm as Vulcanly possible.

Acting assistant chief Helen Shire wanted to blow out her cheeks in frustration: couldn't anyone see the pending danger?

"Commander Mason is in Ops trying to stop some Cardassian bobby trap from blowing us to hell." Her answer was snappy, she didn't mean that it was simply because she was stressed.

"I see" V'Lar said with understanding.

"As you no doubt know a Mr. Cardel is currently in a holding cell awaiting charges on sabotage and willful destruction of property."

The lieutenant nodded recalling clearly that the reporter was still sitting miserable in the holding cell while Mason continued her investigation. She couldn't quite understood what could have been taking so long, or to why Cardel was still behind bars to speak.

"I am here to ask that he be released into my custody to await a free and fair trial." V'Lar said handing over documentation of her request.

Shire glanced at the document quickly before lifting her eyes: "I'm sorry, but who are you exactly? What gives you the authorization to make this request?"

"I am Professor V'Lar and I am here filling out my obligations as guardian for Anthony Cardel, he has documented that should he ever be incarcerated that his legal powers be transferred to me to act in his best interests." she said pointing to the padd with the various legal papers that Cardel had signed with her nearly 16 years ago.

"Might I ask why your security chief thought it necessary to imprison a suspect for three days without a formal court date?" she asked fully aware that while Antony could have easily made this point out to his jailers he hadn't done so. And as far as she knew he hadn't spoken a single word to anyone but herself, strange indeed.

"I cannot say. I though that had been all arranged," Helen felt ashamed of not knowing a thing regarding Cardel Mason could be such a one woman show sometimes. "Although in her absence I am the figure of authority, you're documents, although old are valid. Providing you outline your future plans and point of contact I see no reason why Cardel cannot be released into your care."

"Thank you Lt." V'Lar said shaking the woman's hand and moving to the holding cell area.

The grip was stronger than the human was expecting. With a faint smile still wondering if Commander Mason would let her live to see tomorrow she followed V'Lar toward the holding area and keyed in her authorization codes to lower the field.

Anthony looked up with weary eyes, "Well, well, V'Lar come to collect the broken pieces?" he asked sitting up from the hard and uncomfortable bed.

"I'm not here to argue with you Anthony, exit the cell and follow me without making a scene" she said slowly.

"Well I suppose I could listen or I could run for the door." he stated shifting his eyes to the young woman in front of him.

"I'd advise against it Anthony, your being released into my custody." V'Lar said glancing at both individuals.

Wondering if she'd made a deal with the devil Shire nodded slightly echoing the truth in V'Lar's words. "I would take the offer before Commander Mason returns and changes the rules."

"Let's hope they don't change, for both our sakes" Anthony said staring at the lieutenant with a calculating look.


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