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Prisoner of Fear

Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2009 @ 11:21pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After the skirmish with the aliens it was clear to Kathy's mothering senses that something was ailing Beverly and it wasn't her moral that was being crushed. In the half light she could see the shine on the Commanders face form her heavy sweating. She looked exhausted and in the same instant feverish.
"Beverly," she whispered softly. "Are you well?"
Her words fell on deaf ears.

Turning back Kathy bite her lip with worry. Why did this have to happen? What if they didn't make it out alive? What about the others? The Queen she had come to believe had already announced indirectly her race was making short work of the Genesis crew and below remains the decimated human was the evidence of her words.
Kathy felt sick to the stomach. Tim, her only son was somewhere out there struggling for his life with the rest of the crew. Would they bring in the corpse of her son next? She couldn't bear to look at the next body that was dragged in beneath them. Yet, she couldn't tear her eyes away either.

She knew them all so well, she could name everyone of them, list their family members, their hobbies even their favorite tipple. The agony of witnessing them becoming nothing more then unwanted leftovers made her reel. She knew that being on a Starship had its own fair share of risks and death was upon the top of the list, but she didn't expect to see it in this shape or manner. This wasn't just death, this was worse, it was cannibalism. There was no glory to be had here for the fallen, no body to commit of the stars only memories to clutch to that would fade in time and become forgotten leaving only a name behind.
Why, why did this have to happen?

The thought frustrated her so much it bought tears to her eyes cutting streaks of cleanliness down her round face. If Tim was to bought through the entrance way next she didn't know what she'd do. Wail relentlessly for hours until they grew tired and devoured her also? Would she be able to hold herself together? Already feeling like a prisoner of her own terrible fear she doubted she would be able to stop the breakdown when it came.

"Where are you Vos?" Beverly whispered barely audio able.
That was a very good question. Was there anyone left to rescue them?


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