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settling in again

Posted on Sat Jul 3rd, 2010 @ 3:58pm by Lieutenant Eloise Star

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: counselors office
Timeline: present

Now that she had gotten the shoes worn in, Eloise found that she had really taken a liking to them. In fact they were well on their way to being her favourite pair. She had cursed and sworn at them the first few days. Her feet had becomed blistered and red raw in places. But now it felt like she had been wearing them for years and not a short period of time. Her patience with them had not been for nothing it seemed.

She had almost caught up with her evaluations. No thanks to the computer though. If the computer had a soul, or even a mind, let alone a sense of humour, she would swear it was deliberately causing her extra work. Not only that it was chuckling as it did it. More than a few occasions it had taken her notes and decided to make scrambled eggs with them. Mixing reports and case notes together. It was not only tiresome but irksome. Thankfully she would have her original copy to sort it out. She swore at the computer more than once. Knowing full well it was an inannimate object and doing so was an exercise in futility. Yet it made her feel better.

So far, fingers crossed every thing was straight and completely correct. She just really hoped that what she sent to Admiral DeVour would be exactly would stay precisely as written and not some scrambled mess. Which no doubt would leave her looking like a incompetent staff member. That was the last thing she needed. DeVour had placed a lot more responsiblity in her hands. So she really needed to prove herself that it was the right decision.

Since there was nothing really she could do now the reports were sent, it was time to relax and stop stressing. Her day was almost over. She was eager to check out the new shops that were opening. She wondered exactly how long it would be before the station was at its very best and filled to capacity. When that time came, she had no doubt that her hands would be full with possibly more work than she could handle. Something she was definately looking forward to.



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