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Shooting Stars

Posted on Mon Jul 5th, 2010 @ 6:21pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1
Location: USS Greece, enroute to DS7


The stars outside flew past the window of the small room onboard the USS Greece as Captain Navek read over his orders once more. His expression was one of concern, one that was not easily hidden from his daughter. Quietly, she took a seat next to him, and waited for Tal to acknowledge her. A few minutes went by before he lowered the padd and turned towards her. "Was something wrong with the other chair you were sitting in?" He asked.

She smiled "Not at all. I just came over here to give you some company."

"What makes you think I want company?" He retorted, fully aware of the game his daughter was trying to play.

"Aside from the fact that you've read over the same padd five times now?" She asked

He grinned slightly "Preparation is key. I need to know exactly where I stand once we arrive. Being both a commanding officer, and executive officer at the same time can get challenging if I don't play my cards right. You'd do well to practice a bit of preparation yourself. You have an exam coming up soon, correct?"

"Yes Father." She replied "Basics of applied medical concepts. I've been studying for days now, I really don't think looking over the same material will help me."

"Maybe, maybe not, but when you are testing and you get stuck, you'll be able to think back and remember exactly what was written in that book." He said "Now, enough with this game. Why did you really come over here?"

She hesitated a moment "I...I saw your face as you were reading. You looked concerned, the same look you had when we were leaving Cardassian space."

He was hoping she hadn't noticed "Concern is a mild way of describing it." He added "I never served on Roark Nor during my days as a Cardassian Officer, but all Cardassian starbases are similar on the inside. I turned my back on my people by joining the Federation, and now I'm second incharge of a former Cardassian station, being run by Starfleet. I almost feel like a traitor." He set the padd down and began pacing the room "I did what was best for us at the time. Cardassia had nothing to offer you, and the Federation made an offer that was nearly impossible to turn down..." He trailed off as his thoughts turned to his wife. She did so much to take care of both Satiel and himself, only to die at the hands of a cowardly Dominion soldier.

Satiel too began to reflect on her mother, however she quickly snapped herself back to the present. "Father, you know I think the world of you. Giving up everything you had and joining the Federation to give me a better life...what more could a daughter ask? Trust that you made the right decision."

"Its not that simple" He replied "To our people, you and I are traitors, and they will treat us as such. As a former military and Obsidian Order officer, I can expect that there are quite a few targets on my head, but I also worry for you. Some out there know a father's weakness, and they will go after you to get to me."

She sighed "I understand that, but you can't always worry so much. I'm a Starfleet cadet now, not just your daughter. I know that there is great danger in my line of work, and I refuse to continually look over my shoulder to see if someone is coming to get me. I've got more important things to focus on, and so do you!" Satiel was now standing, fuming at the actions of her father. She understood how he felt, but she was growing up and as all young people do, desires more freedom. Before she spoke again, she caught the look he was giving her and added a short "Sir.", remembering that they were both in uniform.

"Is that all *Cadet*?" he asked, playing off of her last remark.

"For now, yes sir." She replied, snapping to attention.

"Then let me tell you one last thing. I am fully aware that you are a Starfleet cadet, and I respect that fact. But more importantly to me is that you *are* my daughter. No uniform, and no rank will even change that. And so help me if you ever call me Sir again when its just the two of us, I'll make sure you stay a cadet. Understood?"

"Aye Sir!" She replied with a rather large grin.

As much as he tried, he couldn't help but laugh. He opened his arms as Satiel rushed in to hug him. Before he could speak, the comm in his room went off.

=/="Bridge to Captain Navek. We've arrived at the drop off point. Shuttle Alpha three charlie has been prepped and is standing by for you in shuttle bay two. Captain Glover sends his regards, and wished you and your daughter smooth sailing. Bridge out."=/=

"Guess its that time." He said "Gather your things, we need to get moving."



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