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All Good Things[Back Post]

Posted on Tue Aug 10th, 2010 @ 7:11pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2


Zeek stood outside Kristina's quarters for quite a few minutes before hitting the door chime. The news of his reassignment came as quite a shock to everyone involved, and he had chosen to tell Krissy personally. Silently he waited for his call to be answered.

Damn it felt good to tug off her shoes and change after the horrid day Krissy had head. Tousling her damp hair from the water shower she looked toward the adjacent room where the door chime sounded.
"Come," she called abandoning the towel to greet the visitor.
Her face soften once Zeek crossed inside, though his expression wasn't quite as she had imagined. It gave her a moment to pause suddenly with concern that something was deeply wrong.

"Hey there" He said, his expression softening a bit once he saw her. It had been a while since Zeek had seen her, and it did him good to be in her presence once again. "I've got some news." He said, taking a seat on the couch "I've been...selected for a reassignment. I'm heading to the USS Arizona to head up a Task Group in the Delta Quadrant."

"Oh," she replied feeling like she had just been kicked in the side knocking the wind from her body. Numbly she moved and sat beside him struggling to find her voice. "Congratulations," she said at last. "You're certainly making a name for yourself."
Did that sound hollow or bitter? It wasn't suppose to but she knew the grimmest news was left to come; that they wouldn't be able to continue their fragile relationship. She could feel an ache already starting to build no longer impervious to the hurt of losing someone dear.

"You could say that" he replied. He put an arm around her, bringing her in closer "I know this isn't easy to hear, but its not all bad news." He said "One of the perks of this new job, is I get a bit of leeway with whom I choose for the Arizona's staff positions. I've been able to fill a few key positions, but there's one I'm having a bit of difficulty with." He pulled a small padd out of his pocket, and set it down on the table infront of them "Krissy, I want you to join me on the Arizona. There's no one better I could think of to run the tactical and security departments and-" He paused, beginning to get chocked up with emotion "The thought of losing you...I just couldn't take it."

With his arm around her side Krissy had prepared herself for the worse resting her face upon his shoulder for what she thought was the last time. In that brief moment she reflected back upon the rare moments they had shared, the bond that was growing between them and the bridges still yet to cross. In his devastating words explaining he would soon be leaving all those hopes of expanding upon their relationship vanished.

She was barley listening at first as Zeek continued to speak. Her attention came back as he placed the padd so carefully upon her wobbly coffee table which she had often struck at in rage and tuned her hearing back into place.
He wanted her to join him? He didn't want to lose her? Did she hear that right?

"Really?" she lifted her head feeling dazed somehow missing his chocked up voice. "You want me to go with you? What about here, Beverly and everything else?"

"Beverly has already given her blessings, the orders have been cut, all you have to do is say yes." Zeek said with a smile

Krissy eyes softened as she sat up straight suddenly feeling turmoil. She wanted to go with Zeek to enjoy new adventures to be back upon a ship rather than a station filled with diplomats and lairs. Yet, this was her home, a place where her friends lived also. Then again, the number of friends she could count on one hand.
Perhaps a change would do her good, perhaps even calm her swift anger. And there was Zeek... an unusual pairing between them but something that was growing by the moment.
Do or die, that's how she felt right now.

"Alright," she said. "I'll do it."

The abruptness of her response caught him off guard "Really? Great!" He exclaimed as he caught her in a swift embrace "All the details of our departure are on that padd."

Mason scooped up that said padd and glossed over the details that were pretty standard. "Commodore, my my... Lunar class very nice..." she read off. Then, abruptly she lowered the padd and turned back to Zeek. "I see our departure doesn't leave much time for farewells."

"Afraid not." He replied "Starfleet only gave me a few days to attempt to assemble a senior staff, and get everything set-up for the Arizona's launch. Whatever is going on, they want all of us in place as soon as possible. Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"I've miss the open skies," Krissy lent back. "I didn't realize it until recently. Life on the station isn't what I had in mind when I signed up. Being tied to one place doesn't really suite me. I think like everyone else I want to be happy, and although I care greatly for the crew here I don't believe happiness can be found here." She paused her hand reaching to take his. "Especially if you were to leave."

"Well it settled then" He replied, the smile on his face growing bigger "Now I won't have to walk halfway around the station to see you."

"No," she smirked. "Instead you'll have me fretting over your protection, since that will be a high priority"

"I guess" He said "But I know I've got the best in the business watching my back." He rose and made his way for the door "I've got a few more things to finish up before I leave, so I'd better get going. See you on the runabout."


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