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An Owed Debt

Posted on Sat Jul 10th, 2010 @ 12:48am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1


Zeek approached Beverly with padd in hand. He wasn't sure if she had been made aware of his reassignment, but with his departure date looming, now was as good a time as any to approach her with the news, and his requests. "Admiral!" He called out, jogging to catch up "Admiral, I need a word with you."

"I thought you might. I was just coming to find you!"
Her tone was stern and controlled, her stance equally so, but as she turned to face him, the watery sheen to her eyes told a completely different story. The emotions she could feel right now were a turbulent ocean that was swelling, pushing and battering her defenses without remorse.
"You could have told me sooner Captain... Zeek!"

"I'm sorry" he replied "Its been an...interesting few days. I've been so caught up between trying to fill out the Arizona's crew roster and preparing for my promotion ceremony that I just hadn't found the time yet." He handed her the padd, containing his official reporting orders.

This time the emotion took over her voice, and each word spoken was heavy and laden with the deep sense of loss that the Admiral was now feeling.
"You are a fine officer Commodore. One of the best I have had the opportunity to work with. You came to us from the Hood with Livia's blessing, even if she didn't want to loose you... i feel the same now".

"I appreciate that." He paused for a moment, choosing his next words carefully "I know this is going to be a difficult transition, which makes my next requests even harder. There's two DS7 officers I'm wanting to take with me aboard the Arizona. I'm planning on taking Lieutenant Avesta as my executive officer, giving her a promotion to Lieutenant Commander in the process. I'm also wanting to bring Krissy with me, as Chief Tactical/Security Officer. I haven't spoken with her about this yet, and of course if she doesn't want to go I'll find someone else, but I wanted to check with you first before I bring it up to her."

The fact that he wanted to take one of the lesser known officers with him as his Executive Officer was enough to make her pause, but his desire to take Commander Mason was the tipping point. Mason had been one of only two other officers that had stayed together since Beverly's induction to the Command chain. Too loose either Leanne or Krissy would be a huge loss for her personally.

She was about to object, but something in his voice spoke to her on more than one level. It had a deep, almost tangible quality of desire to it. She recognized the tone. She had felt it for Lieutenant Jenkins. This was the first she had suspected of the relationship between them, but with each second she could convince herself that it was happening.
"Your in love with her?"

That wasn't the response he was expecting, and it was obvious by the look on his face that he had been caught off guard. As much as he wanted to explain to her the professional reasons for bringing Krissy along, he would be foolish and dishonest if he didn't admit that love was the main reason for his request. "Yes, yes I am." He finally replied "I don't think its something either of us saw coming, but it happened nonetheless. I understand thats asking alot, taking one of your senior officers with me, but what you've got to understand is that I'm not asking this as a Commanding Officer...I'm asking this as a friend."

"I suppose opposites truly do attract!", despite the watery eyes she still tried to hide and failed whole, she could see that not only was Zeek wanting this, she had a funny feeling that Krissy would be the same.
She stepped forward and placed a hand on Zeeks cheek lightly. "If this is something that you want... Who am I too stand in your way... just remember this...", this was the point that the tears started to spill openly, no sobbing, just dry tears of remorse over loosing a good and true friend as well as the best damned first officer any officer could hope for. "You will always have a home here on Deep Space Seven so long as I command this section of the fleet!"
Finally she pulled him close, almost dragging the head taller man into a motherly embrace. "I'm going to miss you!"

The show of emotion was very unexpected, but welcomed nonetheless. Zeek returned the embrace, fully understanding her words. "Thank you. I'm sure we'll stop by every now and then for a visit." He stepped back and stood at attention, quickly giving the Admiral a proper salute "It has been my pleasure to serve under your command Admiral. You've done more for me than I could ever thank you for. I only hope that I can one day become half the officer you are." He dropped his salute, and smiled "And I will truly miss you as well."

"The only proviso I put on this acceptance of you leaving me to break in a new officer is this... You never again call me admiral... From now on its Beverly! And can I just add one thing... you are already more than the officer you think yourself!"
She stepped back, looking at the officer before her wishing beyond hope that he would change his mind.

"Very well, Beverly." He replied. The words felt foreign in his mouth, something he would have to get used to. "Maybe once I get that first boxed pip on, I'll believe you." He replied with a chuckle "And speaking of breaking in new officers, I need to go break in my replacement. I'll make sure to cook you and the rest of the senior staff a good dinner before I leave though, one you'll never forget."

She couldn't voice what she wanted to say, only smile showing each and every facet of her emotions to her good friend. The one that she may likely never see again.
Stroking away the last errant tear, she nodded at Zeek. "Make sure you do!"



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