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Making Waves

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2010 @ 9:31pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Wolf In The Fold. Season 2, Episode 1


The interior of the old starbase gave Tal the chills. The last time he had seen a starbase like this, he was in a Cardassian uniform. Now he was once again walking the halls of a Cardassian station, this time clad in Federation duds. It was easy to find his way to Ops, where he had been told to find the station's commander. The trip from Earth to DS7 had given him much time to do his research on those who he would be working with. The Admiral was a bit of a mystery to him. She had risen through the ranks quickly, very similar to the Captain he is replacing. Such upward movement was rare in Starfleet, giving him cause for concern. He would have to keep an eye on her.

As he exited the turbolift, he quickly noticed the Admiral standing around the center table in Ops. He approached her and extended the padd with his reporting orders. "Captain Tal Navek, reporting for duty Admiral. I'm here to replace Captain Aerelon."

The only word that caught in her mind was replace. She commanded the station and the sector, yet she had not been informed of the change of officer despite her standing within the fleet.
"Replace Captain Aerelon?"

Tal raised an eyebrow in an unusual Vulcan like fashion "Yes, replace." He replied. The look on her face indicated that she had no idea what he was talking about. "Captain Aerelon was selected for reassignment to a ship in the Delta quadrant, along with a promotion. I'm here to take his place as Commander of the Anubis"

The news had taken her completely flat footed and with less than her best amount of decorum, stood with her mouth agape and a sense of hurt that he had not informed her of the news and the move. "As of when Captain?"

"Immediately" He replied "Word is that Commodore Aerelon will be heading up a task group and is required in the Delta Quadrant as soon as possible."

Anger. Upset. Dislike. Each of these emotions played out in DeVuors mind, and each one she knew was unfounded and unwarranted. Captain Navek was just doing his duty, and Captain Aerelon was forwarding his career. Neither one she could blame, but she could feel a great sense of loss.
"Welcome to Deep Space Seven Captain!", she offered her hand, trying to force the strained tone of her voice and the tensing of her muscles to abate, but not fully succeeding.

Tal accepted the handshake "Thank you Admiral" He replied "If you don't mind, I'd like to remain in Ops for a bit. I'm interested to see how much of the original Cardassian database was purged. I read that the Starfleet crew that took over Terrok Nor has some trouble getting past some of the security subroutines, and if that is the case here I might be able to help."

"Please get stuck in!", she waved over at the blond women sat at the science station who seemed to be trawling through the database installed by the federation and the old Cardassian database. "Commander Mason is looking over some data that could pose us a significant problem".

"I'll get started right away." He replied

With that, DeVuor turned on her heel, her next target plain. The only issue would be were could she find him!


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