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Veiled Contact

Posted on Sun Jul 18th, 2010 @ 8:00am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

Staring out of the widow as the stars streaked past, the ship traveling at warp five, Gul Keshac reminisced back to her time as the Commanding Officer of the old Roark Nor mining Station. As with her old friend Gul Dukat, who she had heard had perished several years before to some form of Bajoran spiritual figure, she had been the Commanding Officer of the station that had bajoran workers. She had made no pretense of her dislike for Bajorans, and she had felt very little sorrow at thed eath of her workers, unlike her friend.

Her quarters were dark and her chest plate, the signature Cardassian uniform, lay to the side of her and she sat with a glass of Canar wearing nothing but a Tholian silk robe. She wanted to relax before she arrived at her destination. Gently she sipped at the cloying, thick brown liquid, still lost in her memories, thinking about Damar, the fool that had thought he could defeat the Dominion with his pathetic rebellion. Because of him, Cardassia was in the dire situation it was now because of him, and the interference of those damned Federation and Bajoran's.

'Gul Keshac', the comm system chirped to life. 'Please forgive the interruption... Deep Space Seven is signaling!'.
With more venom than she had intended she spat back at the comm system. "You mean Roark Nor don't you!".
'Yes Gul... Roark Nor!'
"Route it down to my quarters".

Rounding her desk, she came to sit infront of her console. On the screen a Federation symbol could be seen, something that also still filled her with anger and venom. She slapped her hand on the control and on the screen she was faced with something else that also filled her with more anger than she could visibly control.

"I see your temper has not vanished over the years." Tal said as the smirk grew on his face "Nice to see that they can still find a place for you in the Union, even if its just ferrying supplies."

A dangerous smile and a soft tone spoke of the Woman's personality, but the history between the two had been a turbulent one. One filled with anger, disgust and hatred.
"Don't try to provoke me... Traitor!"

Tal did his best to stifle a laugh "Call me what you will, but at least I made a choice to do something other than watch my people die. I digress though, I'm being told that you are en-route to our station to pick-up supplies, but it seems my aide has misplaced the list of what exactly it is you need." He readied a padd to makes notes of what was required "That's not my primary concern though, what I'm more...curious about is what, or who exactly these supplies are for?" With the Admiral busy managing multiple facets of the station and different commands throughout the region, it fell on Tal to deal with issues such as these. It wasn't the most enjoyable part of his job, but the pride he shows in his work would apply nonetheless. The question of what or who was not one that necessarily required an answer, but knowing Keshac and her history with the Union, he felt it was best to know exactly what these supplies would be used for before depleting Federation assets.

"The Union has tasked me with dealing with a break out of the Telrellian Plague on our out lying colonies Goralis, Chin'toka and Quatal... They also told me to be polite... Now I understand why!"
The venom in her voice was palpable but she managed her most sickly sweet smile to try and help smooth over her previous outburst. "If you can't help with something that you Starfleeters consider to be your primary mission then I'll go and talk with the Ferengi!"


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