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Rescue, Part Deux

Posted on Tue Apr 14th, 2009 @ 6:30pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Alien Temple/Cave System
Timeline: Present

Through whatever telepathy that allowed the creatures to stay in contact with their queen, the alarm had by now been sounded about the intruders, but the element of surprise was on their side. The temple was bigger than its jungle-covered edifice had indicated, stretching out and down nearly half a mile underground in a complex series of stone tunnels that, while old, appeared to have been carefully crafted by master artisans. It was going to be a shame to destroy it, Vos thought as he attached his plasma charge to a load-bearing beam with quick, precise movements, then signaled Jorvin to continue. The aliens had, at first, come screaming down the tunnels en masse, but a responding fusillade of fire from the close-knit and determined Starfleet team had ended that strategy fairly quickly. The way the tunnels had been constructed was very much to the invaders' advantage, as the aliens at times had to come at them one-by-one in a straight line. The situation had retreated into an eerie silence as the team continued on deeper and deeper into the dark, dank catacombs following Kathy's combadge signal.

Leanne had almost given up on firing her phaser. She had come closer to shooting Podi then actually hitting any of the creatures no matter how close they where. She looked down and did a scan of the area. It looked like there where several dozen creatures standing between them and Kathy's badge. "Commander, I'm reading at least a dozen creatures directly ahead of us..." she lifted the tricorder a little higher to get a better reading. "I'm reading the combadge about 90 meters in front of us and to the left."

Henk was walking slowly against the wall. He looked into a corridor and saw nothing. His hand was still resting on his blade, in the distance he though he heard a scream. He holstered his phaser and grabbed his blade. slowly he moved inch by inch closer to Beverly and their goal. Making as little noise as possible. Suddenly a creature came from a hole in the wall. Henk cut the creature in the neck and it went down quickly in a spray of blood but the blow did not kill it. Slowly Henk walked behind the injured creature and set his blade against his back between the shoulder blades and slowly, deliberately he drew the blade deeply down the length of its spine.
The creature began to howl and writhe in pain. The agonized sound developing into a chilling scream as Henk applied more pressure until finally his prey no longer processed the strength to continue. The scream cut through to the bone of the away team causing some of them to turn.
Henk continued to apply pressure until the blade had hit the ground having passed through the masses of muscle, flesh and bone. The pleasure he felt was readable on his face if anyone had paused long enough to see it, it would have chilled their blood.

Yanking a charge free from her belt Krissy attached it to the pillar Vos had indicated to and armed the explosive quickly checking her tricorder had registered the signal before she turned away. She could imagine the strong words Beverly would give them later once she had learned they had destroyed the Temple turning it to nothing more the rubble and dust. But their argument was stronger one she'd happily debate over once they were back on the Genesis. In the confides of the underground corridors the close fighting was far more dangerous and frightening then upon the surface, but the narrow confides worked to their advantage bunching up the alien creatures as they hurried towards them.
Then she heard the howl from a lone creature behind her. She spun leveling her rifle and saw a gruesome sight of Henk standing over a bloody corpse, but at that same instant that was the least of her concerns for above her half hidden in the long shadows she saw something move. Raising her light at the ceiling her eyes widened: "Heads up!" she shouted shouldering her rifle.
That was the distinctive advantage gorillas had over their human counterparts, they could climb and do it very well. While the corridors around them looked empty they were preparing their own counterstrike - from above!

Henk looked up and saw the apes swarming over the high ceiling like a giant wave of moving hair behaving like one unit calling for fresh blood. He quickly drew the sword free from the corpse and leveled it cool headily . Like a coordinated attack the creatures launched themselves down from the ceiling raining upon the team missing their prone bodies by less then a inch as the landed.
Instantly the team raised their weapons and gritted their teeth, fighting tooth and claw to live through the onslaught.
Henk could barley deflect all the blows that came his direction, after a few minutes of hard fighting Henk found himself pressed against the wall. But his position did not dampen his crazed look deep within his eyes, nor did it stop him shouted loudly through the stone corridors that could likely become the teams tomb: “Come on.” he yelled leveling his blade again prepared for the charge.
Instantly his shouts had caught the attention of the nearest group which came tearing towards him with a frightening speed. He waited until they where close, waiting until he could see his own reflection in their dark eyes before he unleashed his fiery. Driven by revenge he would not stop until the last on of these things where dead or he was killed first, whichever Henk didn't paused to think. He simply didn't care any longer, he wanted to pay back in blood all those upon the West Ridge that had be killed, revenge those brave Starfleet persons that had also lost their lives on this god for saken planet. It had to stop, and if it mean him scarifying himself to see it done, then so be it.

Before the apes began to rain down upon them Mason had already started firing. However it was obvious she wasn't going to able to fell them all by the time they had reached the ground. Swiftly she tossed her riffle aside where the shoulder strap simply slung the weapon at her side, and in the same fluid movement she drew two long seek blades they had removed from the Klingon corpses yesterday. Turning the blades so she held them backhanded she swiped at the first creature that launched itself at her cleaning slicing its heavy fur coat cutting deeply in the flesh below. Wounded it turned away and disappeared from her sight to the heat of the battle to pick on another weaker foe perhaps.
Taking short, precise strokes time and time again Krissy paced slowly back towards the rest of the team fighting controllable, calmly and dangerously deadly. She had had her share of these beasts and wouldn't allow them to take her down without a fight.

Leanne looked at one of the creatures that had just fallen and saw an opportunity. "Cover me real quick" She knealed down and opened up the medkit that she brought with her and grabbed the three specimen recovery syringes that she had brought with her and quickly jammed one of them down into the chest of the dead creature. The doctor to tried to get as much flesh and blood in the sample as she could. She threw the "Full" Syringe back into the case and closed it up.

Vos ducked a creature just in time for another to rear up in front of him, getting ready to smash him with both arms. If he was a tiny bit slower that would have been the end, but instead Vos charged forward, bringing the butt of his rifle up to smash the creature in the chin. The huge, gorilla-like alien was only dazed for a moment, as big and resilient as it was, but that gave Vos the time to flip the rifle around and press the business end beneath its chin. The simple twitch of his trigger finger later and the alien toppled over backwards...headless. Vos jumped on the dead creature's chest as another fell down where he'd been, trying to crush him. "Everyone keep moving! Down the tunnel!" he yelled over the echoing clamor of the skirmish. They couldn't afford to get pinned down, not when they were this close!

Jorvin dropped his assault rifle to his side and drew his phaser pistols. Duel wielding pistols was one of his favorite ways to fight. The pistols were set on kill so Jorvin started firing. A shot to the head of the creature on his right, another 2 the the one on his left. The creatures began falling left and right around him, but still they came.

Henk stabbed down another creature when he heard Vos give his order. Henk looked down the tunnel the commander had indicated to and saw a row of red eyes blinking the gloom. With a smile on his face and his sword held high he jumped into the darkness. With an explosion of anger he stabbed one creature after another.
“We are clear.” Henk yelled as a small corridor was made.

"Ulonova!" Kristina called sliding up to the other woman still bent over her med kit unaware of the creature charging up behind her. Quickly stabbing a fleeing shape Kristina released her grip on the knife allowing to remain in the body as it slumped she jerked her phaser free and fired across the Doctor's shoulder striking the advancing creature square in the eye.
Pulling her knife free from the fallen foe she crossed to the Doctor and pulled her upright. She looked quite faint but otherwise unharmed. Giving the shorter woman a gentle shaken Krissy pushed her in front of herself; "Hurry down the tunnel. K'Tan, Lake hurry it up!" she shouted over her shoulder dashing after Vos and Ulonova.

Leanne hurried down the hallway pulling out her phaser again, somehow she managed to hit a few glancing blows on the creatures. It stunned them enough to allow the others that had better aim finish the job. She made a mental note to thank Kristina when they weren't running through a dark corridor trying save themselves.

Leanne looked down at her Tricorder which was showing three distinct signals. "Commander, I'm showing three signatures, looks like 2 human... and... A Vulcan?" she adjusted the tricorder a bit. "Yes, a Vulcan, and Kathy's combadge is directly with the contacts as well, real close now within 50 meters."

Vos put his rifle to his shoulder and quickly aimed down the barrel at the creature that had dropped down in front of them. With a twitch of his trigger finger he left a smoking crater where the alien's heart used to be. The guilt at having to do this to what were little more than people with a disease still gnawed at him, but he had to press forward for all their sakes. "Good, everyone, back in formation! Find somewhere to slap that last plasma charge!" he yelled back as he broke into a wide room. Unlike the others, this one seemed to be a feeding chamber of sorts, with half-eaten corpses covered in Starfleet uniforms and civilian clothing littering the floor. Several hung from the ceiling like macabre decorations. Finally, there, off to one side of the room were three people, unchanged and besides one being unconscious or dead (he couldn't tell and hoped for the former), mostly unhurt. Unfortunately, the room had a new complement of aliens to deal with.

"Kathy, it's good to see you alive. Is Beverly...alright?" he called over the creature's heads as they all turned towards the rescue party menacingly. They didn't attack right away, which set Vos' nerves alight. Something was holding them back in a defensive formation between Vos' group and the prisoners...waiting for the right moment. They all began making a low hissing sound that was quite disturbing streaming from their eyeless, sharp-toothed, hairless faces.


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