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Finishing Touches

Posted on Sun Jul 18th, 2010 @ 8:03am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Deanna King & 1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Ramol Lussot & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Ward Room
Timeline: One Month After The Unknown Device Was Deactivated

Admiral DeVuor, the title still sounded wrong to her despite the length of time she had worn it, was walking with purpose along one of the corridors within the central core. It finally had all the damage restored to normal and almost all of the lighting panels were now operational. Finally it was beginning to resemble what the Cardassian had built all those years ago, only this time the station was built for science development, exploration and forwarding the Federation as well as being a launching pad for larger tactical endeavors and large scale relief efforts.

She was also beginning to feel more like herself again after the medical procedure that Leanne and Annabella had undertaken to clear her of the Alien DNA which had once again tried to take a hold of her. But now she felt like a women reborn with more energy and drive than she had felt for longer than she could remember.

She nodded at a couple of Federation crewman as she passed them, both of which seemed to be engrossed in their work and almost didn't spot the Admiral. She smiled at both before rounding a corner and stepping into the ward room. This was the Cardassian alternative to a Briefing room or Observation Lounge. As with any room of this design, it was a longer room with several oval shaped windows located along the outer facing wall. At the far end was an old Cardassian Strategical display unit. It wasn't exactly what she had wanted in the room, but it would have taken more time to install the portable Federation Unit.

Several Officers had already arrived for what she hoped would be the first of many meetings in this room with her senior officers, she nodded at the few that had already arrived before taking her seat at the head of the table and waited for the rest too arrive.

Hours ago, Deanna had arrived on base. She walked into the conference room. She nodded at Admiral Devour and then sat down.

Haqtaj arrived with her normal sweeping presence. She sat opposite the door but at the far end from the Admiral. Her presence here was a curtosey. At the moment relations between her and the commaders of the station was at an all time high and she had no wish to push the matter.

Acting security chief Lieutenant JG Helen Shire was next to arrive. Her petite frame seemed to vanish into the chair when she sat feeling both undersized and out ranked by the gathered senior staff. This was only her second staff meeting she had attended since the departure of Commander Mason along with Captain Aerelon which certainly rose eyebrows among the crew.
Shire flashed a nervous smile at Admiral DeVuor and held Ambassador Haqtaj's steady gaze when it grazed her face. Likewise Laurie's eyes were telling when they followed her to her seat. Suddenly with all those eyes upon her Shire felt even smaller and twice as nervous.

Jrez felt exhilarated when he entered the ward room. The site of so many senior officers brought him rapidly back to earth. As always, he felt...not intimidated as such but the sight of so much gold braid reminded him he was only an NCO. He was Head of the Science Department though and that carried responsibilities – responsibilities Jrez intended to fulfil despite his ongoing reservations as to his suitability for the position.

Tal watched as the officers continued to enter. He had yet to meet any of the staff other than the Admiral, and was going strictly by personnel files he had read as a means of identifying them.

As Lam arrived she took in the room full of officers and with a few nods took her seat, her lack of energy and her sore limbs a testament to the weeks of hard work that she and her engineers had been through to get the station even half way liveable. It had been a success but many of the engineers were now running on empty, it was time to run on minimal staffing and give people a break but to do so she'd need to clear it with DeVuor. As she waited she made sure to keep Leanne a seat, it had been a while since they had properly caught up and the ice hockey practice was yet to become a regular thing. Resting her forehead in her hands, her elbows on the table she waited for the meeting to begin.

A steaming mug clicked gently to the table next to her. Glancing up Lam saw Haqtaj standing over her. The ambassador gave her a curt nod and moved back to her seat, leaving the steaming black, unsweetened Raktajino for the Engineer. Lam took a long sip from the mug, if the Klingons knew how to do one thing well other than fighting it was make coffee, the warm liquid infusing her with energy.

Beverly saw the uncharacteristic move by the Klingon and the surprise and puzzlement must have been easy too read on her face.
"Shall we get started. Doctor Ulonova and Lieutenant Laurie can jump in as and when the arrive!", she took in the room waiting too see if anyone would object to the suggestion, but when none was forthcoming she continued. "Well, by my reckoning this is the first time we have all come together since we arrived and apart from Lieutenant Daniels, Lieutenant Maxx and our new Chief Of Security Lieutenant Tarke we are good too go. Firstly lets start with a status report from all departments!"

No time like the present, Jrez thought. “Science Department is functioning...after a fashion.”

The term 'After A Fashion' didn't sit well with the Admiral. It brought to mind to many variables that could back fire on them and cause no end of trouble. "Explain".

“Like Engineering,” he replied with a nod in Lam’s direction, “we have problems with the Cardassian systems. I don’t need to go into detail here though it will all be in my report but we keep on stumbling against a frustrating problem. On one level – a basic one, it must be said – there’s not a lot of difference between Federation and Cardassian systems. That’s illusory. The deeper we go, the greater the differences become. Trouble is, they’re difficult to detect. Things seem to line up but there’s subtle differences. It’s almost as if the Cardassians deliberately wrote their programs to suck us into a false sense isn’t quite the word but...well, it’s as if they wanted us to run programs thinking we’d be safe, only to fall over some time in the future.”

"Thanks Chief. Maybe you could work with Captain Tal to dig deeper into this matter!"
It was at that moment she realized only herself had met the new First Officer, but right now was not the time to introduce him. She decided to hold off and wait for a lull in the meeting.

“Don’t thank me,” Jrez confessed. “If it hadn’t been for advice from Professor O’Brien, I wouldn’t have known what to look for. He didn’t encounter anything quite like this but he suspected this was the direction the Cardassians were moving in. Without his input...well, I hate to think where we’d be right now. Probably, that explosive device would mean we weren’t having this meeting.”

Deanna decided to speak up. "As you know I had only arrived a few hours ago. I have not had a whole lot of time to look over the counseling department, but I do plan on getting together with everyone to see where they are at as reading files is never enough."

Haqtaj supplied, "The embassy is set up, as much as can be for now, and the replimat has kindly dedicated an area for Klingons to sit and eat real... I am sorry, to eat Klingon food, without upseting other patrons. The FHew has docked and some of it's crew are already making the most of Rolec's facilities."

Jrez smiled to himself. Yes, they were certainly doing that. The meeting with Marie St. Helene had gone particularly well. He anticipated a successful end to his little side venture.

As she squirmed in her seat Lam finally leant forward to make sure she was next to speak, "Operations is coming along, if I'm honest it'll probably take us months to get things fully operational and everything fully integrated, the purge of the computer cores is ongoing but once the new subroutines are in place it should alleviate some of the issues various departments are finding. The upper docking pylons are fully functional, the lower ones well that's for next month. Outer docking ring, all ports are serviceable but only ports two through five can handle cargo so we're good for limited commerce."

As Lam finished DeVuor inhaled slightly as if to speak but after a brief pause to take a sip of her coffee Lam continued, "as for the inner core, power systems are stable and we're now running four reactors at 80% or more with the other two being now running at 30%, that means we already have an energy output around 6% more than DS9, something I took great pleasure informing them of" Lam allowed a small smile to cross her face but almost as soon as it appeared it began to fade as she concentrated on the ongoing efforts to get the station up and running. "Beyond that weapons sail towers are now operational although secondary systems are yet to be installed so while we can hold our own I wouldn't recommend getting into a fight any time soon as until the Venture gets here next week we're limited to around 300 Photon Torpedoes and last but by no means least the landing pads are up and running, which reminds me you have the honour of naming our two new runabouts." Finally finished Lam looked up to see the Admiral, perhaps slightly overwhelmed at the level of information but nonetheless maintaining her air of authority.

"A bit of a mixed report their Commander, but a job well done given the condition of the station when we arrived!"
Again she roamed the room with her eyes, looking from one to the next wondering who might speak up first. Finally her eyes settled on Leanne.

"Admiral, medical is short staffed as always it seems and with recent departures and reassignments I'm down a few medical personal. I don't think I've slept properly in a few weeks, also with the addition of several different species of aliens, I don't have specialists to go along with it, and increased demand from some of the border planets on both sides are stretching us a bit thin, though now I'm complaining more then anything." Leanne sat back in her chair and waiting to here the lashing that was about to come.

The Admiral could not fault the Chief Medical Officer for her work, but she would certainly be needing more support and more staff. "I'll contact Starfleet Medical and request a new rotation of Officers and see if they can't send out a few extra in specialist area's".
Next she looked over at Lieutenant Shire. "What about Security... Any news to report?"

The door to the ward room slid open, and Ramol Lussot stepped in, wearing his traditional Cardassian military uniform, and seeming right at home. He gave a breif bow to the assembled officers as heads turned at his arrival. "My apologies for being tardy". Moving to the long conference table, he sat down at one of the empty seats and leaned back, crossing his arms

"Please forgive me." DeVuor conintued " I have invited the Ambassadors too the meeting so we can possible call on them for aid if it may become needed, also, Doctor ulonova, Captain Navek and Ambassadors Haqtaj and Lussot, if you would all kindly remain after the breifing we have a trade agreement to hammer out".
With no more ado she brought her gaze back down to Lieutenant Shire.

Perhaps is was her training or some other unconscious mannerism Helen Shire's eyes followed Lussot to his seat keenly before she became aware of the Admiral's eyes burning.
Quickly Shire snapped back to the present and made her report: "Things are progressing well enough sir, with the absence of Lieutenant Trake and the departure of Commander Mason we have like other departments been struggling to make ends met. However, I am please to announce that the percentage of crime has lowered this past month following additional training and coalition from the Marine force."

"Good to know". Beverly had never really interacted with Lieutenant Shire before, but she seemed to be almost a carbon copy of her old senior officer. She was supcisiose of Cardassians, something that she shared with Commander Mason.

"Next on the agenda would be the new additions to the Senior Officers. Both Captain Tal Navek and Lieutenant Deanna King", she motioned for the two Officers around the table. "Now that we have a near complete Senior Team I would like to turn this station into one of the leading Starbases in the region. Captain Navek will be leading exploration missions with the Anubis into the unexplored regions sat on our doorstep. Doctor Ulonova will be dealing with the medical crisis that is sweeping through the Cardassian Colonies on our boarders and Commander lam will be progressing the engineering technologies with her Engineering teams. Each of you has a defined role to play here and I want Command to be aware of you. I pulled you all together as I believe you all to be the best of the best".

The Admirals eyes roamed the room once again, taking in the faces of each. They all looked tired, but with the station nearing completion the jobs would become more stable. "Are there any questions before we conclude the briefing?"

"I have nothing more to add," Jrez offered.

With a final nod to the group and a more than swelling pride at how well the crew had performed over the last month had been more than she could hope for.
"If there is nothing else, you are dismissed! All except Captain Navek, Doctor Ulonova and the Ambassadors if you please". She extended her most courteous smile to the two diplomatic parties, wondering how this next meeting was going too progress.

Haqtaj stood as the group moved to leave and stepped in front of Shire, "As always, members of my house stand ready to aid you and your security forces, particularly in the control of my own people, if you feel the assitance would be appropriate. I will discuss details with you after my neeting with the Admiral."



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