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To the Victor, the Spoils

Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2010 @ 4:23am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Kasik Torr & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Lieutenant Robert Mugford & Lieutenant JG Gin Gallia

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: FHew Mess
Timeline: After the fight with Pirates

The crew were gathered in the Mess hall at Ro’s request. Many were still sporting injuries from the recent battles, either with the Captain or with the Pirate crew. These were badges of honour, earned in combat and worn proudly. The mood of the Klingons was vibrant but some of the non-humans were feeling a little shaken.

Ro’ stood on the table in the middle and bellowed for everyone to be silent.

“Today, brothers and sisters of the FHew, we have been Klingons. Today, we fought against greater odds and won. Some even had the chance to lock blades with our enemy and taste blood. Today we feast and drink as Klingons should.”

He waved an arm indicating where HoS was holding a live Targ. The beast was squealing in terror at the noise, as if it knew what would soon happen.

“However,” Ro’ continued, “some of us, are not Klingon, and they have needs as well. This party is open to any who serve on this ship, but for those who prefer showers and pancakes a reward should also be given.”

“Marie!” Ro’ waved the quarter master forward. “We are at a human station toady. The Federation payed us 100 Strips of Latinum for the hides of those pirates. Take fifty of those to the Ferrengi bar and buy your people anything they want. Do not skimp. This is a celebration. If anyone comes back hungry or dissatisfied I will take the price of their comfort from your pay. Understood?”
Money – latinum to be precise – and carte blanche on how to spend it. Now that was music to Marie’s ears. Without any encouragement, visions came to her of profit enough to make even a Ferengi proud. She could easily entertain Klingon and non-Klingon alike on what Matlh was offering with more than enough to line her own pockets. After all, organised correctly, what would they remember the next day beyond a massive hangover. Just keep the bloodwine and whatever other poison they wanted flowing and they’d see to the rest themselves.

Conscience.... No, she had none. There was the matter of a stash she’d had to forgo back on Ubatti which needed paying for. Anything else...well, that was just interest.

“Of course, Ro’, leave it with me. I promise you a party we’ll never forget.”

Ro’ grinned broadly and slapped her heartily on the shoulder, “Good! Today we celebrate as family. Let nothing be spared. Celebrations start on the FHew in half an hour and are likely to go all night. Any who wish it are given shore leave at will. This is an allied station under protection of House Matlh. Anyone who brings a bad name to us will answer to Haqtaj and I personally. Qapla’!”

With that the crew are dismissed to make what preparations they wish.

Jared smiled at Marie. Clearly time for a song or two!

He nudged Leah as he passed her.

"You probably managed to catch Ro at his worst before that pirate attack - or the worst I've seen him, at any rate. He's no stoic Vulcan, but he's not an honorless thug, either."

Marie leaned across towards them. “This is a party; it’s not a time for recriminations. Drink up. Be merry. Tomorrow we’ll face Matlh again but for now.... For now, he’s paying for us to celebrate. This is his way of apologising, so let’s get to it!”

Tell listened only half heartedly, she'd stay for a while, have a few drinks with the others and then something to eat. There would be crowds of people soon and she couldn't handle that. She would slip away unnoticed use the holo programme she had been working on and that was now complete. Tell would pay the Ferengi for the use of a holo suite and some personal things of course.

Hay'Legh was going to take this brief opportunity to go and visit the med bay on station. HIchop is a good field medic proficient with breaks and cuts and phaser wounds, she was impressed with the recovery on her arm, but with alien soft tissue damage he needed a little bit more practise. Her knee still did not feel quite right and Hay'Legh wanted it checked before any permanent damage occurred.

Afterwards she would come back and make sure that the celebrations did not get out of hand. Hay'Legh agreed with Ro' - they wanted no trouble with Station Security.


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