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Making a first impression

Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2010 @ 7:19am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Chief Counsellor's Office

Haqtaj had been avoiding the Counsellor’s office ever since Diego had left last year. The new girl had spiked her attention though and Haqtaj new she would be less likely to frighten a Betazoid who would at least be able to sense that the giant Klingon woman wasn’t here to pick a fight.

The counsellor’s office was not hard to find. That made sense. You would want to give the impression of being accessible. Another trait the two women shared.

Haqtaj pressed the chime button and waited.

Deanna was looking out the window of her office. It seemed like days ago that she was on Starbase Majestic with her twin sister Alex. Now she was here with no link to family. She heard a chime. "Come," she called cheerfully.

Haqtaj stepped through the door and looked around. Books. The counsellor actually had proper bound books. Good.

She looked over at the tiny woman and tried a smile. It seemed to unsettle most people, but she was still getting the hang of it. "Ambassador Haqtaj, of House Matlh, Cultural Liaison."

Deanna looked at the ambassador whom loomed high above her. "Would you like to have a seat Ambassador," asked Deanna showing the couch nearby.

Haqtaj glanced at it, "I doubt it would suit my office, but I may sit on it for now."

She did so with a loud creak from teh leather in her field uniform. Deanna could tell this was a woman used to makingherself feel comfortable in difficult situations, and she did not seem in particular mental anguish.

"I am here as a courtesy more than anything, Lieutenant. As I will be stationed on DS7 for the foreseeable future, I suspect I will have many occasions to discuss with you the impact on humans of my people and visa versa. You should know, for example, that Klingon Counsellor's are usually the same officer who acts as chief of Tactics. They are seen as 'The one who finds solutions'. That may be important if you deal with others of my race."

"Ah, I see," said Deanna. "Do they have an easy time shuffling both duties?"

Haqtaj shrugged, "They seldomn deal with the issues you face. It is unusual for Klingons to face issues such as..." Haqtaj tried hard to remember the term she had read, "Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder. Mostly it is about advising Beq trying to get a promotion, or improve their standing in some way."

"What of you? Have you had much experience with inter-species Psychology?"

"Some," said Deanna. "We after all are trained to deal with different species. You really don't know anything until you get out in the field."

Haqtaj nodded, "I thought as much. Well, then, be sure to come and see me before you try and counsel a Klingon. There is a very... direct methodology."

"Oh is that so," asked Deanna trying to get some dialog from the Ambassador.

Haqtaj smiled again, "For example, 'Reflective Listening' with a Klingon does not work well. Our standard greeting is 'What do you want?'"

Haqtaj stood and moved around the room looking at the book shelf.

"An ecclectic collection," She noted picking up Saxby's 'The man who mistook his wife for a hat', "Do you have a prefered Genre, or is it all text books?"

"Not really," said Deanna "I read everything from technical manuals to the classics. I had a lot more, but all my books were destroyed with the USS Horizon. When I got on base, I did buy some of the books I needed now."

Haqtaj grunted, replacing Saxby, "There used to be a very good Ferrengi book shop on DS7. You could find all sort s of things there. Let me know if there is a title you are looking for. I have an extensive Library myself and may be able to help. I believe being widely read is important."

Deanna could tell the woman was trying to be friendly but was struggling to know how to treat Non-Klingons, and was aware she was coming off as gruff.

"So tell me, what do you do for fun around here?"

Haqtaj glanced at the women, trying to tell if she was genuine. Then she shrugged, a particularly impressive gesture with Haqtaj's frame.

"I read. I practice my weapon skills. I dance. I keep up on the latest Astrophysics research, as well as teh political wranglings within the Empire. You?"

"I love to read, spend some time in the Holodeck and annoy people from time to time." She smiled at the last one. She after all likes to liven up the room from time to with some sort of practical joke. She is not nearly as bad as her older brother Taylor whom is known as a big flirt.

Haqtaj grunted again, "You have an interesting way of making friends then."

"Is there a problem with that," asked Deanna.

Haqtaj shrugged, "You tell me. Your the Psychologist. I have few friends left. Most have died in battle. The closest now would be the Admiral and Mason, though I understand the later is thinking of transfering away. Pitty."

"No," said Deanna "unless you take in offense my warped sense of humor."


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