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Renewed Acquaintences

Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2010 @ 10:49am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Ramol Lussot

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Promenade

The Klingon eatery was little more than an area of the refectory that was roped off for Klingons. It was close to the Klingon Ambassadors office and the Klingon Embassy had arranged for a supply of some live food for the more demanding Klingon palates. This is usually where the Ambassador ate, and there was no mistaking her. She was a 6’4” giant of a woman. Although she seldom wore her full ceremonial armour except on state and official occasions, she still wore her standard Klingon Field Uniform.

Ramol did not need to be told her name. Haqtaj, Commander of the Fleets of House Matlh, was well known by the Obsidian Order. It was her ship that had temporarily crippled the Botak at the end of the Dominion war.

Striding into the eatery, Ramol presented a stern and strong appearance, his eyes picking out each individual in the area, before settling on Haqtaj's impressive form. Like all Klingons, she seemed to radiate strength and physical power, perhaps moreso due to her size. With an outward display of confisence, he directly approached her table. "Haqtaj, of the house of Matlh, I presume"

Haqtaj looked up from a plate of barely moving Gagh. She pushed it away from her and looked at the man. "Glin Lussot. I thought it was the Vrak'Nir in dock. Have you come looking for me in particular, or are you just visiting the ruins of your Empire?"

Ramol's expression remained stern at the obvious gouge at the fortunes of the Union. He told himself that he wsan't going to get baited into an argument. At least, not on her terms, anyway. "A little of both, actually. I had heard there was a Klingon ambassador on this fine installation, but I must admit to being a little suprised that it is the general of House Matlh's fleets" He motioned an empty chair at the table. "May I?"

Haqtaj gestured her assent, "The appointment was politically motivated. I am an uncomfortable truth for my family. Many in the Empire feel that I may be more open to manipulation than my younger brother who sits on the council. Although this is far from true it does undermine my brother's position as head of the house. So I am here where I can speak for the Empire."

"What of you? A young fast rising Glin seems an unusual person to place on such a remote position. Have you upset someone in your government, or is there a surplace of Glin in the new order?"

Ramol sat down and leaned back in his chair in a casual way. "I have thaught about how conveniant it is that I am given this assignment over a military one. I know of no less than 8 people who would benefit from my removal from the immidate military command stucture". He leaned forward, almost conspiratorially. "And I will deal with them all, in time"

He resumed his relaxed posture, leaning back in his seat again. "Truth be told, the new Union isn't the same as the old. There is alot more paranoia and civil unrest than before. Some even say that the Obsidian Order is returning"

Haqtaj half laughed, "I am surprised it took so long. What can I do for you Ambassador? I assume you did not track me down just to revisit old battles. We are the two major, Non-Federation powers represented on the station. Our position is tenuous at best, and our powers of influence limited. The Federation has an established treaty with my empire, and the Cardassians and Klingons do not."

Ramol gave a breif smile "Which, I admit, was a motivation for finding you. The Klingons are a strong and honourable people. I hope that the Empire and the Union may, one day, become allies. However, that is not the purpose of this meeting. I felt it prudent to seek you out because you are not a Federation officer, and I hear that you are well respected by this crew"

He formed an arch with his fingers. "To be blunt, what is your opinion of them?" He calmly observed Haqtaj's reaction to his bold questioning, hopng that it would give him an insight not only into the characters of the major players on the station, but perhaps even the ambassador herself.

"My opinion," Haqtaj seemed surprised. "Militarily, they are ill-disciplined and desperate. However they use that desperation as a strength to keep their senses honed. They are paranoid and Xeno-phobic. It takes them a long time to trust even their allies. They look for lies and deceptions everywhere. I would not be fast to mention any connection with the Order."

"When they do come to trust you however they will back you in anything, die for you without a moments hesitation. Their loyaty is as inspiring. It is a quality I value about them."

"If you want an insite in to how to treat them... Demand nothing. Let them come to see the benefits you offer on their own terms. Often a good idea will be rejected simply because it is you who suggest it."

"Finally, understand they are a very closed culture. For all their diversity they do little to try and understand Non-Federation practices. They are proud of themselves and their heritage and fear anything that may threaten their understanding of how life and civilisation should function."

"As for me... Honesty and integrity will get you far. I would prefer an insult to my face than vieled courtesies of court. Perhaps that is why I will miss Mason."

"I know you. I have fought against you and you are still here to talk about it. That makes you a worthy opponent. That does not mean I trust you. Nor do I expect you to trust me."

Ramol sat, taking in all the details as they were railed off by Haqtaj. He would be sure to make use of the details at a later point. "I see. So, in some respects, they are quite similar to the Cardassian people. Interesting. I has thaught all the talk of a uniting species that was being mentioned many years ago was merely something thaught up by the Ferengi to drum up greater inter-species trade. Interesting."

He let out a short chuckle as he thaught about her last words "Battle is truly one of the Klingon's strong points, I must admit. And your sense of honour. But you are right. It is common sense to still keep up my guard. The field of battle may have changed, but we are still opponents, in a way" He moved to stand up. "Perhaps that situation will change, perhaps it will not. Still, you have freely shared information with me and, as I understand it, the honorable thing to do is to offer a favour of information in return"

Haqtaj smiled slightly, "Let us just leave that as a debt pending. It does not hurt to have enemies and allies who owe you favours. If you want any thing else, my door is open. It goes with the territory."

Ramol gave a short bow "Indeed it does. Until our next encounter then" Turning on his heel, he strode out of the eatery


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