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New Beginnings

Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2010 @ 7:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Various

Starbase Majestic - Days earlier

Deanna said gave her sister a hug before saying goodbye. She then looked to Alexandria Taylor whom now commanded the base. A lot had happened in such a short time. A new captain, an engagement, and the destruction of the USS Horizon. She knew they all would be alright, but she knew that she was going to miss them all. She stepped into the ship that would be taking her to her new home. She was given some quarters. She found a window in her quarters where she could watch as they left Starbase Majestic.

Deep Space 7

Once the ship had docked, she was given orders that she may disembark. Deanna didn’t have much to bring aboard as many of her items were destroyed with the USS Horizon. Items can be replaced and that she knew. Lives are the one thing that can’t be replaced and thankfully there were no casualties. She swung her bag over her shoulder and found her way to ops where she hoped the commanding Officer would be located. She found her office at no time at all. She buzzed the chime.

"Come in!", came the curt reply from the Admiral as she was sifting through the crew replacements that were coming in on the new rotation, and one name had jumped out at her. Finally, after the departure of Lieutenant Star, Command had found a replacement. Lieutenant Deanna King. Her record seemed spotless and Beverly hoped that this Counselor would last longer than the previous.

She heard the doors slid closed and the mechanical hiss of the mechanisms within the wall as the two doors connected. She glanced up at who had entered expecting it too be either Captain Navek or Doctor Ulonova but too her surprise it was neither. "Can I help you lieutenant?"

"Hello, Admiral," said Deanna. "Lieutenant King reporting for duty Admiral. I'm your new Chief Counselor."

"I was just reviewing your file Lieutenant!", The Admiral pulled herself out of the chair and came around the desk to stand before the newest addition to the Command Staff. She offered her hand out to shake the Counselors. "Have you found your quarters yet Lieutenant?"

Deanna took the Admiral's hand to return the shake. "No Admiral. I just arrived. I like to check in right away if I can before getting acquainted to my surroundings," said Deanna.

The Admiral motioned for Lieutenant King too follow her over to the collection of chairs around a small table in front of one of the large arrow shaped windows overlooking the Ops center.
"Just too keep you informed. The Bajoran Government is currently setting up a correctional facility on the station designed to house the criminally insane. I'm expecting that you and your staff will be working very closely with Kasik Torr, our local Bajoran".

"Yes. How soon would this be taking place?" Deanna asked. She hoped that she was not making a fool of herself though.

"I believe that the facility will be operational within the next 2 standard weeks. Your best bet is too track for Vedek Torr and see what he says."

"Sure thing," said Deanna with a smile. "If there is nothing else, I would like to get settled in."

"In that case, I won't keep you!", once again Beverly offered her hand out to the Counselor as she stood and shook it as firmly as before. "Welcome to Deep Space Seven Lieutenant!"

"Thank you," said Deanna. Deanna headed out and then turned to the Admiral. "Oh Admiral, As soon as I see what is going on in the counseling department, I will be scheduling appointments on base".


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