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Dragon Teeth.

Posted on Thu Sep 2nd, 2010 @ 12:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Gorn Transport.

As the transporter cycle finished immediately Jack could feel himself being hit by a wall of heat, his hair instantly matted to his forehead and his body started to feel sapped of energy.

Scanning the corridor infront of him for hostiles he could feel Tarke doing the same against his back "We need to get this done quick".

"Then let;s do this."Cailyn said as she raises her rifle and scanned the area. "Lead the way I got you back."

Quickly the two made their way through the corridors, the transpost only had 5 or so decks with the rest of the area being made up by the cargo modules that would be housing the prisoners.

Strangely they had yet to see any sign of the Gorn stopping at a near by junction Jack consulted with his tricorder for the clearest rout to the Bridge, the dry and thin air was starting to take it's toll on him "The Bridge is just over 10 meters that way".

Cailyn knobbed and walked slowly towardsa door. the heat was awfull. her Uniform was soacked with sweat.

The door way to the Bridge came into view, Jack and Cailyn took position on opposite sides of the corridor just outside of the door sensors range "On my mark, three, two, one".

But before he could give the command to go the Bridge door opened, standing there was the biggest Gorn Jack had ever seen. Acting on impulse Jack brought up his rifle and squeezed the trigger, unexperienced however with the more antiquated rifles of chemical explosives he soon found himself on his ass due to the recoil.

Quickly Cailyn raised her weapon and fire a burst into the head of the Gorn. She grabbed Jack by his arm and pulled him up. she quickly took cover on the side of the door as the first energy blasts came over her head.
"Don;t look onto the Bridge." Cailyn said as she pulled a Genade from her gear. "Flash out."
A few seconds later a bang was heard and Cailyn made her way onto the bridge. She saw all the Gorn covering there eyes. a few where trying to aim and shoot on everything that enter the Bridge, but there shot;s where way off.

Jack entered close on the heels of Tarke, now with the experiance of firing the rifle under his belt he was more prepared for the recoil. Firing in short bursts he aimed for the firing arm and legs of the Gorn onboard, looking to incapacitate instead of kill.

"Clear over here."Cailyn said as she looked around. "Where to Boss?"

"Guys" came Maxx's voice through their ears (OOC: have you got ear pieces on?) "What ever it is your doing you had better be doing it quick. They are beginning to realise that there is something a miss. " Maxx fiddled with the comm systems on the St George rotating them so as not to get to noticed by the Gorn.

That news spurred them both to action, pointing to the port consoles "Find the override, quick we've got to shut them out".

The two worked in a controlled rush scanning panels and readouts desperate to find the ships control center "Maxx what's the Control Override likely to look like?"

Maxx called up the systems schematics on his computer and after a few seconds he replied. On the panel in front of you is a small rectangle to your right on it there are two black lines. That's the control over ride blow that and you lose your cover, run your fingers on it from bottom to top and your in. Good luck" Maxx replied wishing that they would hurry up.

Jack scanned the panel looking for what Maxx had discribed, finally finding the botton as described he stated followed the instructions. Finished the panle went dark and everything seemed fine, then the klazons started blaring.

Looking up at the flashing red beacons Jack glanced at Tarke and could only shrug "Oops", suddenly the doorway and the wall behind the two exploded in a shower of sparks. Both dropped down and behind the doorway for cover while sporadicly returning fire "I might have bollixed this one up a bit".

"You think." Cailyn said as she fired some rounds towards the Gorn. "Got any more bright idea's before we get blown back to the stone age?"

After seconds of ducking fire from the Gorn and returning it to no effect Jack had an epiphany "Maxx get on the transporter, lock onto all the Gorn bio-signals and transport them away."

Maxx let lose a string of curses in a language that Jack couldn't understand and wouldn't attempt to ask for an interpretation. "Working on it...... " he replied as his finger flew across the comms panel.

Letting loose a few more rounds from his position behind the doorway both sides traded shots with neither making any head way. That is until one Gorn decided to try his luck and rush the two officers, Jack instantly targeted the charging monsters legs. The solid rounds of the antique weapons did horrendous damage to the knee joint of the Gorn causing it to buckle and collapse, barely did he have time to let out an angry scream before more rounds impacted it's think skull, courtesy of Cailyn, and killed it instantly.

"Maxx what the Hell are you doing over there?"

".......Still working on it"

"Work faster will you" the death of their comrade seemed to have spured the remaining forces to new heights and now Jack and Cailyn could barely some from the barrage of disrupter bolts shooting by them.

"......And now"

Ducking further away from the rapidly heating dorrway Jack could barely hear the voice coming from his comm badge "What was that, can you repeat?"

"They should have gone, damn and blast it ... hang on" replied Maxx and his hands franticly moved around the console trying to find away through, things were getting tight..."

while Daniel was arguing with Kriss. Cailyn fired another burst at the Gorn. She was met with a barrage of phaser fire. One bolt scratchet her arm. With a his she let herself fall down.

"Lock on and beam them away quick!"

"They should be going about now!" replied Maxx "Though they are not going to like it were I sent them, they will be lucky to get out of that one. Can I suggest you get a move on and don't hang around too much"

Cailyn took of her jacket and ripped of a piece of cloth. with a deep breath she pressed the cloth on the wound. With a hiss she began to apply pressure while attemting to bond the wound.

Looking closely at the cloth covering the injury Jack could already see blood starting to seep through "You OK?"

''I'm fine.'' cailyn said as she stood up '' let's go find those prisoners''


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