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Chance encounter

Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2010 @ 6:32am by Lieutenant Robert Mugford

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Ops
Timeline: A week after Finishing Touches

Ops was the usual hive of activity, officers coming, repair teams working tirelessly on getting the last of the systems up and running. Lam had returned from her short trip to Antares Fleet yards, the stations newest runabout proving itself more than capable and setting a new top speed for a vessel using the classic Danube class hull; on the whole things had been going well, Lam was getting the last pieces of information about the weapons refit before others had arrived, a meeting that was long over due if she was honest with herself.

Doctor Shannon Carva, a civilian assigned to Deep Space Seven as part of the station Geological team had somehow been drafted by Admiral DeVuor into heading up the Geological survey team, and now, instead of wearing her usual utility cat suit she had replaced it with a Starfleet uniform, even if it didn't have a rank pip. She was currently pulling ops duty as her line Officer was busy with other duties. It had taken her a long time to get the hand of manipulating the system boards of the station as a handheld tricorder was what she was accustomed too. Now however, she was the duty Science Officer, and probably the most inexperienced officer in Ops.

Rob was hunched over his station, his nose barely inches away from the screen as he scanned the station blueprints in an effort to memorize the layout of the old Cardassian Data Network. Once all the power distributions and feeds had all the bugs ironed out of it, replacing the old network with the current ODN tech was next on Mugford’s Agenda. Unless something else popped up to set it back – yet again. At least the showers were still working.

The sight of acting security chief lieutenant Helen Shire upon the bustling Operations room was an odd sight indeed. Normally the short woman would be patrolling the lower levels or keeping a weary eye upon the Klingon population that continued to bloom.
Instead she was trawling through the Station's data banks on the hunt for a ship that had tweaked her interest yesterday. So far her research had not yet been fruitful, but she continued to search regardless hoping that something would leap out any moment.

With a yawn and a long stretch to iron out the kinks in her back, Shannon stood and moved over to the small replicator by the Ops transporter. The shift felt as if it was dragging out longer than it should and the boredom had set in almost three hours ago.
"Peppermint Tea", she ordered. She collected it from the food slot and started to amble back over to the Science station when something caught her attention. A signal contact at extreme long distance.

As the officers gathered to discuss the proposed tactical upgrades to the station, beyond the cursory look it had already been given Lam heard an unusual gasp come from behind her at the science station, she looked round to see the unknown scientist looking rather surprised, "are you okay?" inquired Lam.

"Commander... I... erm... I'm not a spacial analyst or signal specialist but.... I think we may have a problem!"
Carva had now resumed her seat behind the science console, and her fingers were working frantically to clear up the signal. It read as if it was some form of space time distortion, but the correlative factors were constant. She may not be a specialist in this area, but it was easy to tell this was no space time distortion.

A look of concern then crossed Lam's face as she made her way up the steps to the science station, "bring up the long range scan results, lets see what its saying." Carva was right she was no specialist but she certainly knew her way around the console, "bring up the subspace field scans." Her fingers darted over the console, the information seemed to be confirming her initial assumption, triquantum waves and subspace distortions which were rapidly growing.

Across the room Shire looked up from the console rubbing her heavy eyes inserting some lost energy back into her system. Cautiously she rose moving slowly toward Commander Lam to investigate herself.

Lam's training was kicking in to stop her voice trembling and panicking in the face of what she saw, "I think we can cut our meeting short, report to your duty stations, Mugford power up the shield generators and bring power output to maximum."

“Yes Commander.” Rob shot up and raced away from his chair towards the controls for the generators.

Sara pushed a button on Carva's console to activate the comm before looking round to the Admiral's office, "Lam to DeVuor, can you join us out here please Admiral, we have a developing situation."

Helen Shire continued to frown - what was it? For she too could not understand what had made Lam so on edge.

Beverly's voice conveyed nothing of the chargrin she was feeling from the talks with Gul Keshac, instead she was the apitome of calm.
'Report Commander!'

"We're picking up triquantum waves Admiral" she knew the Admiral was a scientist at heart and knew very well that only one race used them extensively, "it looks like a transwarp conduit is forming around 1800 kilometres off the docking ring!" A sudden realization crossed Ops, only one race were known to use transwarp conduits, the Borg!

Instantly Shire felt the blood drain from her round face and her heart leap into her throat. Oh my God.. not again!

Now the Admirals tone took on a different quality. One of worry, fear and unrepressed anger at the actions that Borg had taken during the last encounter she had lived through. She had defeated the collective once before with some of the crew serving under her, and she would manage it again.
'Battle stations Commander. On my way!'

Lam took a deep breath, during her entire career she hadn't wanted to be a combat officer, far from it indeed, but now for the third time in twelve months she was about to be thrust into the heart of a potentially deadly situation. "Red alert, all hands to battle stations, Anubis crew report to duty stations!" A sudden authority that seemed to surprise even Lam herself came across, this was no drill and she was certain everyone knew it.

The sound of the Klaxon seemed to wake Shire from her day dream and spent a bolt of electricity through her body. In a blink of an eye she had scrambled straight to the lift, her hand tapping of badge to rally security officers praying that they would not be needed as the station prepared itself for the fight of its life.


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