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Reason over emotion

Posted on Sun Apr 12th, 2009 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Cave system
Timeline: Unknown

Time. It was a curious concept. When one has nothing but time, yet lacks any sense of it's passing, it can become quite a riddle. And it was a riddle that ensign T'Arjia D'Ras has bent her mind to unlocking. Well, she had resoned to herself, she had to do something to stop her faculties from fading, and it helped drown out the wet sounds to meat being torn apart and devoured. Yes, the local inhabitants definatly liked their meat.

She had heard the same sounds for day after day. She knew them. However, the sounds that just reached her ears were... different. What was it? A faint, distant sound. A high-pitched, and continuous sound. Like a hand phaser, but... larger? Yes. Definatly larger. And that meant one thing, and one thing only

A ship. Someone else was on planet, with an armed craft. T'Arjia slipped her hands out of her bindings. Another thing she had been working on to keep her mind alert. Smoothly she stood up, brushing off some of the grime that had started to cling to her uniform. She had been lax in keeping herself presentable. Just one more thing to deal with once off world. As quietly as she could, the Vulcan began to move through the caves, heading for where she thaught the sound had originated from.

As she moved, she switched her train of thaught from time to the unusual inhabitants of the world. It was indeed curious how she had been left alive, how she was approached every so often and examined by the creatures. Perhaps it was some over-riding instinct of theirs that had preserved her life? Definatly a case worthy of study, if it wasn't so dangerous. Also, their numbers had swelled since her arrival, and far too quickly for mammalian reproduction. They also would appear to lack the technology for cloning, so it must be something else...


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