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USS Logos Coming To Assist

Posted on Tue Jul 27th, 2010 @ 6:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: USS Logos and DS7


While En Route at Maximum Warp of 9.7 and while at Red Alert, Nadezhda said, "Ops, patch me in to Admiral Beverly DeVuor, at once!" Nadezhda stood at the center of her newly redesigned Bridge which was exactly similar to the Vienna Class Starship.

Nadezhda waited for Admiral DeVuor to reply. She was nervous, but she put on her best poker face, which showed extreme discipline.

The visage of the Admiral appeared on the screen, the station Ops center a hub of activity behind her. 'I don't have much time Commander!', Beverly's words were clipped and the tension coming from her stance could be made out across the subspace link.

Nadezhda nodded and said, "I wanted to inform you we are on our way to assist and should be there within the next 15 minutes. My ship and crew are on Red Alert and are ready to do battle."

Before the Admiral could reply Lam entered the corner of the screen and handed DeVuor a PADD, "compliments of Commodore Varal" she said before exiting Alekseev's viewscreen.

Beverly glanced down at the PADD and allowed a small smile to cross her lips. At least the news wasn't all bad. What with the Phaeton and her small fleet as well as the Logos and the Anubis mobilized, they at least stood a chance to defend themselves. 'I appreciate the help Commander. Now if you will excuse me, we have to prepare the station for battle.'

Nadezhda replied, "Understood, Ma'am. I will see you in a bit. Alekseev, out!" Then, the comm channel closed. Nadezhda could understand Beverly's situation very well as she had been in situations similar to this before.

Harm reported to alekseev "Commander my strategic ops station is ready"Harm said.

Nadezhda turned around and looked at Lt Johnson and said, "Good. I want a report as soon as possible." Nadezhda personally brought up the shields. She was also very nervous as she encountered the Borg before and hated them with a passion

Garin was a little too nervous to sit. He tried not to let his apprehension show though. He was hovering over one of the science stations keeping a keen eye on the sensors. Thus far, the readings were negative. He held onto a grain of irrational optimism that maybe the Borg would find something else to do.



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