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Sitting on the Edge of Oblivion

Posted on Sun Jul 25th, 2010 @ 11:01am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Robert Mugford & Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

Station Ops

Beverly was restless, her fingers drumming with impatience on the top of the Operations Strategy table, nervous perspiration gathering on her forehead as the precursor to the ensuing storm that was brewing on the horizon in the form of perfection and order all rolled into one immense cube.
"Report?", she called over the gaggle of Officer to the duty Operations Officer.

Rob Mugford ignored the sweat that was starting to bead on his brow. "DS7's shield generators are now online and operating at full capacity. Transwarp anomoly has stabalised 1800km off the North East docking ring. Unidentified ship is now entering Federation space." Unidentifed my arse! Rob chlded himself. He knew exactly what it was, he just could not bring himself to say the words.

"All hands this is Admiral DeVuor. Battlestations".

Station Infirmary

The singular emotion that echoed thought the station was almost overwhelming for the Betazied Doctor: Annabelle Brenari whom gripped the edge of the bio bed in a death like grip. This couldn't be happening again... its just couldn't . She had somehow survived a Borg assault previously on 611 having hidden herself along with a straggle of survivors on a medical deck. Now it was like the nightmare was returning causing her to feel quite faint.
Everyone the station was frightened, the emotion amplified louder in her skull hurting so much her eyes were watering.
"Leanne," she heard herself croak. "Please...."

Leanne rushed over to Brenari and gave her a quick hug. "I'll get you a neural supressant to help block it" She knew that everyone was scared, something primordial about the Borg made everyone fear it, losing ones identity, losing themselves in a mass of electronics and implants.

Ulonova quickly moved back to where Brenari was standing in pain and placed a small metallic instrument on the base of her skull. "This should help, I hope. I'm going to need you if I think this is going to be as bad as it is."

Sagging against her colleague Bella felt her eyes rolling until with several hard blinks they came into focus. She could feel the suppressant working, she could still feel the rushing, terrifying emotions of the station but it had been somewhat muffled like hearing them through closed doors.
"Thank you Leanne," she whispered lifting herself into an upright position. She felt hollow, empty without being able to sense those around her and her knees still trembled. "We'll be redundant if things become that bad."

USS Logos

Nadezhda looked at her computer console and saw that the ship was arriving at the designated coordinated and said, "Helm, bring us out of warp." The Helm Officer complied and the ship was brought out of Warp 9.6 and then, Nadezhda said, "Attention All Decks, prepare for battle." All officers on all decks scrambled for battle stations and Nadezhda said, "Ops, inform DS7 that we have arrived and are awaiting orders while we take up a defensive posture." The ops officer sent the message to DS7 while Nadezhda said to Garin, "We will succeed or we will die trying. But, I prefer to live though."

Garin turned and gave Alekseev the most confident look that he could come up with at the moment. "I've grown quite accustomed to living I must admit," he said. He shook his head and forced himself to center. A skittish XO wasn't going to do much for ship morale. It was time to act. "Let's blow these cyborg atrocities out of the sky and go on with out lives, shall we?" he said loud enough for the entire bridge to hear.

Station Promenade

Gul Keshac was standing on the Promenade and despite her misgivings at having to return to her glory days, even if only in proxy, she was now feeling as if she had a better bargaining chip than she had before she had arrived. If she could evacuate the civilian population to the Cardassian Starbase only two sectors over then she could return here and pointedly tell that damned Federation Admiral that she was now obligated to aid her, assuming of course that the station still stood after the battle that was no doubt pending.

"How long until the Civilian population are evacuated to my ship?", Keshac stood almost a head taller than Lieutenant King, but the women seemed efficient and practical. Keshac sensed the presence of another human standing not to far away and with a quick glance she noticed the same male officer that she had previously, someone under Kings direct Command.

"A few minutes," said Deanna.

"Oh, God please no... " Lieutenant JG Helen Shire moaned racing around the Promenade ushing civilians to safety only to faced with Commander Mason's quarry: Haqtaj Matlh standing in her path refusing to move at the request of her officers.

"Ambassador please," Shire pressed. "I understand you wish to help, I really do and thank you. But please just for now return to the cargo-bays for your own protection."

"Protection?" Haqtaj barked. "This station was not able to protect itself from the Gorn or Tholians. How will being in a Cargo bay 'Protect' me? Better to face death with a blade in my hand. And if you had some Klingon Officers like I suggested you might even mount a significant defence to buy your civilians the time they need."

Haqtaj spun her Bat'leth and smiled, "Now let us argue about this if we survive. I will help you evacuate others. I have experience, and can be VERY persuasive."

"Yes.. I can see that," Shire muttered. "Alright your aid is much appreciated."

Furthur down the promenade, Glin Lussot stepped out of the docking bay that led to his ship, the Vrak'nir. He had given orders to his two aides to keep the ship behind the relative safety of the station, but to engage if the enemy ship got too close, or was damaged. Of course, he had neglected to tell them the suspicion of who the enemy was. No need to give his crew a reason to flee the sector until the last possable moment.

However, instead of going with his ship, Ramol was going to stand his ground. Borg be damned, a phaser blast and rifle-butt should be enough to put down most opponents, dispite what the Central Command had said about the Borg's adaptivness. He was a soldier first, and ambassador second. Therefore, he would meet the foe on the field of battle! Of course, knowing the station layout given that it was, in effect, a prefabricated structure, gave him the advantage of being able to lay ambushes, and lead his targets down blind alleys...

Borg Cube

Borg cube to Federation station. We are not hostile. I repeat, we are not host....

The transmission was weak and scratchy. It’s abrupt end left more questions than answers. Yet it had been heard throughout DS7.

Still laying crumbled upon the floor where she had fallen Three of Eleven blinked dumbly suddenly feeling cold and isolated cut off from the voices of the collective she had grown accustomed to hearing day after day. It felt unnerving lying exposed while the invasion by species 8472 continued around her causing her to shiver with an old emotion: fear.

USS Anubis

It seemed like an age since Lam had set foot aboard the Anubis, she had been so preoccupied with the station repairs that she had missed her last two patrols, she had missed the crisp clean lines and the soothing colours of her bridge, a far cry from the Cardassian architecture she had become accustomed to. Taking her seat she began the pre flight checks, most of alpha shift was still to come aboard as was the Anubis' new commanding officer, Captain Navek, a man whom she was still getting to know. She wasn't to sure why but the surroundings of the vessel made her feel at ease, perhaps it was knowing that they could at least try and get away should the worst happen.

As the remaining bridge officers arrived only Navek was to arrive, "all stations prepare for departure" she said moving to stand in the centre of the bridge, her large padd keeping track of various key systems.

Tom Went to his station to prepare for departure"Commander tactical is ready"he said .

As Tal walked onto the bridge, he noticed that the vessel's assigned XO had already done a good job prepping the ship for departure. "Commander Lam, status report?" He asked as he took his seat on the bridge.

"All stations report ready for departure, sir and Ops has cleared us." Lam liked Tal's direct approach, she could see how others could be off put by it but such things were of little concern, especially now.

"Good. Helm, bring us about and form up with the USS Logos. We need to be ready for whatever may be thrown our way." The Anubis disconnected from its mooring port and moved to join USS Logos if defense of the station.

"Captain, we're receiving a transmission from the station." The communications officer announced, the young ensign seeming more than a little nervous, it was understandable but with a quick nod to Tal Lam made her way over to the Operations station to give her hand.

Tal nodded "Open a channel."

Beverly appeared on the screen, her visage looking more harried than it had before. But something about bher seemed pensive and confused.
'Captain, are you reading any weapons signatures from the cube? also, we have recieved a weak trnasmission from the vessel. It claims that they are not hostile....'

Borg Cube

'We are the Borg. Lower your....'

Noru slammed her fist into the panel. The un-earthly voice was cut off.. T’Pal looked askance at her companion. It was an unproductive, emotional response but the Vulcan found she could not criticise the Bolian engineer. T’Pal felt anxiety too – she could almost call it fear. After years of being a drone, her Vulcan training was only slowly coming back to her. It was taking much of her resources to maintain a calm façade but she deemed it essential that she do so. If a Vulcan could not maintain perspective through this then what would that do to their morale and therefore their chances of surviving.

She flicked a switch on the panel she’d been working on.

'Borg Cube to Federation vessels. My name is T’Pal, daughter of Vardel of the planet Vulcan. We request your assistance. We were part of a Borg armada attacking Species 8472. We were thrown out of fluidic space and through a transwarp conduit. We do not know how or why this happened. We do not know if other Cubes suffered the same fate.'

'Some of Species 8472 are on this Cube, having mounted a counter-attack minutes before the ‘accident’. Of greater concern, we are heavily outnumbered by drones. More are awakening as time passes but we do not have sufficient numbers to mount any sort of effective resistance should the Queen try to retake control the Cube. A Human by the name of Julius Cornwallis is trying to round up the – I believe the correct term is ‘rogues’. I have with me a Bolian engineer who is re-routing systems to allow them to be controlled from our location. In light of this, I recommend that you maintain your defensive posture. When we have control, we will allow you access to the Cube so you can take control of it. If you have anyone aboard familiar with Cubes, we are in sector one-eight-one-five.'



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