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Movement in the Dark

Posted on Tue Apr 14th, 2009 @ 4:19pm by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Deep inside the depths of the temple

Her blood was burning, churning, disrupting her thought process. Barely able to deal with it. However her sense of her surroundings, and the beings around her was stronger than it had been an hour ago. She could feel them, elated in their recent attack on the metal monster that lay in the ritual fields.

The pain was becoming to much for her, coursing through her veins like a poison invading and decimating a circulatory system. She wanted it to end, and in the same token she craved the sensations of fresh blood on her tongue. The feel of torn flesh, and the taste of it. The part of her that was no longer Human was growing, increasing in size and mass, slowly taking over rational thought.
The whole thing had brought uncontrolled tears to her eyes, screams of anguish torn from her like the words of a poem being spoken.

Already deeply concerned over Beverly's health Kathy could only look on as the younger woman screamed like her soul was being pulled from her body. The sound chilled Kathy to the bone. She was utterly helpless and powerless to help her friend and beyond that her son somewhere outside fighting for his life she hoped.
The cut upon Beverly's brow still glistened as she wrestled in her binds, shimmering tears cutting streaks down her dirty cheeks. Ever since the Queen, Kathy believed had drawn her talon across Beverly's forehead her behavior had begun to change, surely that was more than just a coincidence?

Movement in the shadows brought the two women alert, Kathy more than Beverly. A slender figure with a grace that belayed the surroundings.
The creatures appeared to give it a wide berth, avoiding contact with it. Beverly assumed it was one of the humanoid form creatures, or another one similar to the Mother creature.
"What do you want from me?" The pain in Bev's voice was apparent, and the unspoken pleading for it to end was unmistakable.
"Just finish me you bitch!"

In the half light Kathy watched the figure approach unhindered, there was something eerie about the way it cut through the cavern making the other creatures part in respect or fear. Perhaps it was higher in the hierarchy but it looked to Kathy normal, down to the healthy head of hair.
It was a gamble but she took it figuring they had nothing to lose expect what was already hovering on the balance: their lives.
"Can you help us?" she called down. "Please I think my friend is sick."

T'Arjia looked up when she had heard the calling. The light was still dim, but her senses were alert. Alert, because the life-forms here, although they avoided her for the moment, may strike at any time, and she knew full well she was not a match for them in melee. But that was beside the point. Here, now, in front of her were two Starfleet personnel, alive. One in more control of her faculties than the other, it seemed Best not to provoke the more aggressive one. It would be illogical at this stage.

She stepped closer to the pair, allowing what light there was to play across her features, the two women able to make out her dark hair, her pointed ears, and her emotionless expression. "Hold still. I shall remove your bonds" She gracefully strode over to the bound woman and knelt, working on her bonds first "Logically, there is a higher chance for survival with numbers"

Something had taken Beverly. Her mind was submerging, sinking into the depths of feral emotions. Desperate to escape the emotionless being stood before her, unable to sense her, and yet here she was.
A snarl escaped her bared teeth.

Kathy's mind tried to digest the new arrival but couldn't fathom why a lone Vulcan woman would be on this desalinate, murderous planet. She certainly wasn't a member of the crew that much Kathy knew having been on aboard for a number of years. Whoever she was Kathy couldn't have been more grateful for her assistance.
"Yes," Kathy answered a little uncertainly. "You're right we'd be better if we stayed together. My name is Kathy and this is Beverly, but they've done something to her." she licked her dry lips sensing how important it is that she told the Vulcan that Beverly was ill. "I don't know what they did to her but if we can get her out of here and back to the Genesis I'm sure the Doctor can help."
She felt the pressure around her wrists loosen returned blood to her fingers. "How you seen anyone else?" she asked twisting round to see the Vulcan's face as she moved around her body untying the restraints.

Kathy sure did ask a lot of questions. Understandable really. After all, T'Arjia was an unknown to the two Starfleet officers, and here she was, on a hostile world, cutting their bonds. "My name is ensign T'Arjia D'Ras, and, if I may hypothesize as to the intention of your question, no. I have not seen anyone else alive here." She worked quickly and efficiently, finishing off removing Kathy's restraints. She looked over to the other one. Beverly. "I have a theory about what may be occurring here, but this is not the time nor the place for it to be put to the test" She stood up and slowly, calmly, walked across to Beverly, her face, as ever, expressionless. "Do not be alarmed. I am no threat". Swiftly, her hand shot out and clamped onto the other woman's shoulder, pressing down on a very select group of nerves with a surprising degree of force. Beverly dropped. T'Arjia simply moved round and took hold of her legs, before turning her gaze to Kathy. "I could use a hand moving your friend. I regret having to knock her out, but I have a suspicion that she may not have co-operated otherwise"

Speechlessly Kathy moved her mouth wordlessly. How did T'Arjia know that Beverly wasn't herself? Her actions were so fluid and smooth Kathy hadn't been expecting them to have such a power affect on Beverly. She had heard over the years of the reputation that preceded every Vulcan, their superior brain, telepathic abilities and their clear unclouded logic. However meeting one the flesh was something completely different. Part of her didn't want to trust her, but she didn't really have a choice unless she wanted to stay behind and become the next meal.
Clumsily she moved around Beverly's immobile body and gripped the smaller blond woman by her shoulders so that she sat upright. "How did you know?" she asked looked down Beverly's form before pulling her upwards draping one of Beverly' arms across her shoulders and wrapped an arm around her waist so that she was half carrying the unconscious woman.

Thankful for the sharing of Beverly's weight, T'Arjia copied Kathy's actions, supporting the limp form of Beverly with one arm around her waist, and the commander's other arm draped across her shoulders. Together, the two woman started to move through the cave complex. "It is logical to question, for through questioning do we receive enlightenment and knowledge. To answer your question, I have been studying the local inhabitants since setting down on the West Ridge. To begin with, their numbers were few, however they grew at an alarming rate, while the colonists numbers dwindled, but with too few noticeable deaths. I believe there may be a mutagenic virus of some kind on this world."

"A virus?" Kathy said sharply. The cut on Beverly's forehead - what if she had been infected? She tightening her grip around the Commander's waist. "We have a ship in orbit we must get her on it as soon as possible then our doctors can work their magic." Carrying Beverly's dead weight between them Kathy lowered her voice. "I just hope there's people left out there."


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