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Living On A Thin Line

Posted on Fri Aug 20th, 2010 @ 7:14am by

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Earth

The smell of fresh pine was a welcome smell, it was cold near the ocean but it felt good to feel the natural occurrence of nature. To be perfect honest it felt nice to feel grounded on something other then a starship bullhead. Here near the Atlantic ocean it was oddly peaceful, and it was something he had missed for a long time, peace was always guaranteed within the Core worlds of the Federation but out their near the unknown and dangerous peace was just another word in a book. He could feel the nearing of winter and it relaxed him, four cycles that had existed on Earth for thousands of years. A four cycle constant in a universe where constants were easily wiped out. Normally it would be raining but for some reason mother nature had decided that his evening sitting on a bench would not be ruined by a wet drizzle that was ever a constant reminder that he wasn't on mainland Europe but in his birth nation of England.

It was a odd thing he thought to feel both totally relaxed and free and yet know in the back of your mind that it wasn't true that everything that was so close to him was in actuality far far away.

"Mr. Cardel?" A woman said walking towards him dressed in a plain white shirt with faded jeans.

"Yes." he silently said knowing that his ever brief moment of freedom was drawing to a close.

"I thought I told you that you couldn't sit out in the cold, if you get sick you'll ahve to stay inside even longer." The woman said with a small smile. She was strange to him, she reminded him of a dotting mother who cared about her patients more like children then what they actually were, deranged and unstable individuals.

"I always feel cold, whether it's outside or inside...I like it here it reminds me of something" he said his eyes becoming clouded with thoughts and long past memories.

"Maybe so but I don't want you to get sick, come on now." she said holding out her hand in a gesture of friendship. He took her hand feeling the wrinkles in her palm, he always did this feeling each wrinkle on his hand petting it lightly trying to engrave each line into his withering memory.

They both walked side by side, hands linked as she helped him walk across the mostly snow covered ground and back into the house that was covered by long dead ivy branches.

Anthony's mind became clear for a moment and he stopped and looked up again at the sky but just like a moment it was gone and his mind was clouded again.


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