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A Silent Battle

Posted on Mon Aug 2nd, 2010 @ 5:22pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Commander Deanna King & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

Beverly once again replayed the message that had come from the cube, not moments after the usual greeting from the Borg. Now the cube hung in space, like a specter of death waiting in the shadows to claim its victim.
The message had claimed that they were not hostile, and so far the Cube had made no move, plus several life signs from the Cube appeared to be not running along the usual pattern for drones.

With a speed that belayed her worry, her fingers danced across the console in front of her, opening a com link with both the Anubis and the Logos.
"Captain Navek, Commander Alekseev, what are your sensors reading?"

Nadezhda replied, "Not much activity. Weapons are offline and not much biosigns. Not even their engines are running at the moment." Nadezhda thought that was odd since she encountered the Borg many years ago and readings were more erratic at best.

Navek looked across to Lam who was now running the operations station, "Admiral is Lam here mam, our sensors are showing their primary power grid is fluctuating, subspace field emissions are dropping, looks like its primary systems are half shot although its regenerative systems are still online so I'm not sure how like it'll stay like that." Sara's words were quick and clipped, a slight hint of fear in them as she knew all too well from her studies that a damaged Borg didn't always stay that way for long.

"We are getting the same thing here". She pondered the situation a moment, her thoughts racing with the different possibilities that could befall them if this was played wrongly. "Commander Alekseev. I want you and the Logos....."
Her sentence was caught short as Doctor Carva called from the aft station. "Admiral, the Cube is launching a sphere. Its on a direct heading with the planetoid below us!"

"Can we acquire a target lock?", she called out across ops as she reflexively gripped the edge of the Operations table with enough force to cause her knuckles to turn white.

Quickly Lieutenant Shire at the tactical station rattled across the console attempting to track the descending sphere. "Negative, sir. Our targeting systems seem to be interrupted by the sphere itself."

The view on the screen shifted to a burning pier of molton debris entering the planets atmosphere, but with uncanny luck the falling ship held together before impacting on the dark side of the planet.

Now with a heavy sense of forbidding, the situation had turned into one massive furball. "Commander Alekseev, would you select an away team from your crew to join a selection of my officers for an away mission to the Cube. We will select a beam in point and signal you once we are ready".

Nadezhda replied, "Yes. I am sending over Commander Garin Riss, Nia Gen'tral, Lt Legolas Martin and Lt Harm Johnson. Give me the transport coordinates and they will beam over directly and meet your away team."

"Captain Navek, take the Anubis into Orbit and investigate the crash site. We need some answers as to what is happening. Doctor Ulonova and Lieutenant King will join you with a medical team.

Leanne looked across at Beverly, one of the things she wanted to avoid was going over to that cube so going down to the crash site would be a welcome reprieve. "I'll have a medical team ready to go in five minutes."

Deanna could sense Leanne's hesitation, but very understandable. "Dr. I hope you don't mind, I will join you after to help prepare the medical team. Any other help you need, don't hesitate to ask." Deanna then looked at Beverly. "Admiral, don't worry. We will be ready and prepared for beam over."

Beverly nodded to the small group gathered around the Ops table. In one sense she was amused... As of yet she had still to see her senior officers around the table, but each of the junior officers had so far performed above and beyond what she could have hoped.
"Chief", she called to Jrez at the science station. "Were are you going to be more use. Here, on the Cube or on the planet?"

“Until we know who launched that probe, I don’t think I can give an accurate answer,” Jrez replied.

"Care to clarify that Chief?", she added to the conversation, not sure if he had just refused her or if he genuinely was unable to answer. If anything, she had more in common with Jrez as she was once in his position. It felt like a lifetime ago now, but it had actually only been three years. Now she was being flagged as one of the fastest rising officer in the fleet since Captain Kirk or DeSoto.

“I’m sorry, what I meant is, if there are rogue drones over there, was it them who launched the sphere and why? Or was it the Borg drones and, again, why? If we accept the word of this Vulcan woman then the cube was flung out of fluidic space and through a transwarp conduit. The whys and wherefores of that probably aren’t important right now but it suggests that their presence right here, right now, is purely accidental. So why launch a sphere? I don’t think we’ll find the answers to that on the planet’s surface. So, while there’s much I can do here, I…. Look, I didn’t think I’d ever live to hear myself say this – and Thalal’s probably going to kill me when she finds out but…. I think I’d like to beam over to the Cube. If there are rogues there and we can assist them to take control of the ship then this is too good an opportunity to miss. I’m salivating at the thought of the intelligence we can garner. On the other hand…. Frankly, there are those on this station who are more experienced in many fields than I am but I can cover quite a few fields. So that keeps the away team to a small size. Secondly, I’m dispensable. If this is some sort of trap then my loss won’t be felt as much as the loss of a Chief Engineer or Tactical Officer. Mind you, if this is a trap, I don’t give much for your chances but let’s not dwell on that….”

"Chief!", she interrupted him. "Your babbeling...", a smile blossomed across her face. "Were all scarred Chief, its natural. Join the team on the Cube, and can you send along your Geologist to the planets surface, they may need her help down there."


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