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Staring Down The Face Of Perfection

Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2010 @ 8:34pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Borg Cube

Borg Cube

That all too familiar haze permeated Jrez’s consciousness then coalesced into...into a Borg Cube. He turned to the others in the Away Party; not that he was looking for direction but he certainly drew comfort from the fact that others were there with him.

He consulted his tricorder. “No drones in the immediate vicinity but.... Let me get a tighter correlation.... Yes, off to your right Commander Lam. Readings suggest the Vulcan.”

Next to speak up was the newest addition to the stations medical team. Lieutenant Commander Fletcher had transfered in only three days ago, and today was his first active day of duty. It would certainly go down as one of the most dramatic first days in his life.
"Commander, I'm picking up some erratic life signs. Human, Klingon and more than a few that i can't recognize."

"Okay Riss, take your team and find the Vulcan, keep an open comm channel at all times. The rest of you with me, remember stay alert and at the first sign of trouble initiate an emergency beam out, understood?" Lam looked around to see the various members of her team nod as they knew what it meant to face the Borg, if you were to be assimilated it was a fate worse than death, it was the loss of ones self while your body was forced into the bidding of the hive mind, a fate none of them relished.

Another beam of light came in behind the away team. Captain Navek materialized with phaser rifle in hand. "Commander, before you speak I don't want to hear regulations stating why I shouldn't be here. I'm not about to sit idly by on this one. Seems like you've got everything under control here though, so for the moment I'll follow your lead."

Lam was a little taken aback, she knew it was Regulation 12 but couldn't remember the exact wording, it was a sill rule in her opinion anyway but as the Anubis' Executive Officer she had to make sure he was safe at all times. "Very well Captain, its good to have you along, Rodriguez take point, lets move."

Jrez moved over towards Lam. He fought down the urge to draw his phaser. He deemed the tricorder the more important instrument at the moment. On a Borg Cube a phaser would do little good anyway once – or, more accurately, as soon as – the drones adapted. Better to find the rogue and go from there. Anyway, he carried what he hoped would prove to be a far more potent weapon.

Across one shoulder was slung an old-fashioned rifle. Across the other was a bandoleer which held hypodermic darts. He gathered they’d been used in times past to bring down wild animals. Today they would bring down a far more deadly foe.

“She’s still in the same spot and there’s another life form with her. This reading indicate Bolian. Readings suggests he/she is independent.”

Fletcher looked up from his scanner having also read another unusual biosign along the way to their destination. This one was almost reading as a Betazoid, but still had unusual fluctuations in the cybernetic subsystems throughout its body.
"Captain, we may have another life form. Almost one hundred metres in that direction", he pointed in the general direction of the readings. "Its a small detour from our destination. Its reading as a Betazoid but with some very usual cybernetic activity!"

Logos Team

Under any other circumstances, a game of 'Find the Vulcan' might make for a pleasant afternoon activity. This, however, was not one of those occasions. Never in a lifetime did Garin think he's find himself on a Borg ship. The fact that malfunctioning drones and 8472s were running around didn't help matters any. Garin put on a brave face and turned to his team. "Alright," he said. "Let's find this T'pal person and try not to attract any unwanted attention to ourselves."

DS7 Team

"How much of a detour and what sort of Borg activity is there along the route, last thing I want to do is walk into a trap?" If there was another Federation citizen they could easily rescue then it would be their duty to do so but Sara's mind seemed to be thinking things through as a worst case scenario at all times, she knew she'd much better as soon as she set foot back on the Anubis.

"It appears to be a single Drone, immobile with fluctuating readings from its cortical node. Other than that I'm not getting much. A strange biogenic field seems to be permeating the area!"
Fletcher was gazing down at his tricorder the whole time, relying more on sense than anything to judge which direction he should be heading and what was infront of him.

Lam looked to Navek for an inkling to his thoughts but the fact was she hadn't known him long enough to read him, "would you mind taking a detour sir?" Her query was made in such a way to imply that she would be happy to proceed in that direction but a her Commanding Officer she was certain he would let her know if he didn't approve.

"I'm following your lead Commander" He replied. In truth, he wasn't paying too much attention to the direction they were heading. Old habits tend to die hard, and as such, Captain Navek was constantly looking over the structure of the cube, trying to find weak spots in its construction that could be exploited if necessary.

'Great, this is the sort of fun decision the Executive Officer gets to makes' Lam though to herself before making her decision, "Rodriguez, Fletcher you two lead, Captain if you don't mind please stay close by." The team moved of down the corridor, the sounds of the ship seemed as if were alive, almost in pain as the crew fought to control their vessel, the lights flickered causing Fletcher to look back at Lam, she motioned for them to continue.

The momentary flicker of apprehension on Fletcher's face faded once he realized that it was nothing more than a light that was flickering, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen.
"Should be in this vicinity Sir's"

"Sir if you'll wait here I'll take Fletcher and Rodriguez ahead to make contact." The remaining members of the Anubis/DS7 away team stood their ground, continuing their scans and forming a loose defensive perimeter. "Okay Commander, proceed" she said "carefully" she emphasised knowing that even though he probably was but it was just as much a reminder to him as it was to those waiting behind.

Fletcher moved along behind the Commander, who's name he was unsure off having not had the time to review the files for the senior officers. again his tricorder was in hand and actively scanning in passive mode as they wove their way around the long, mechanical corridors of the Borg Cube.
"Just a head Commander!", he pointed to a dark room, were only the faintest of silhouettes could be made out in the gloom.

Logos team

Harm scanned the area looking for the route that this T'pal person went he found it he reported to Commander Garin Riss "Commander I found the route that this T'pal person went" he said.

Garin had one hand on his phaser and the other on his tricorder. The tricorder wasn't as helpful as he had hoped, but he seemed to be getting the same readings as Johnson. Garin looked up at him and nodded. "Yes, I see now," he said. "It appears that she is about seventy meters down and two levels up." He sighed once, trying not to make it audible, and looked at the group. "Okay let's go. It's going to be a bit further than I had hoped, so keep your eyes and ears sharp."

Slowly but steadily, the group made their way down the less-than-inviting corridor. They managed to find the lift, about half way down from the Vulcan life signs, but it took a few minutes to figure out how to work it. The sense of accomplishment at working the thing quickly turned to disgust, however, when they realized that it only went up one level. So much for Borg efficiency.

After arriving one deck up, Garin looked down at his tricorder, and after some study, found that another lift was situated further down the corridor, almost just below where the Vulcan was. "Alright," he said to group. "Let's-"

A very disturbing sound cut the commander off. It was something akin to a growl, only more chilling. The sound echoed down the deserted corridors. It sounded nearby, but immediately so. The group had instinctively crowded back into the open lift as they tried to figure out how to proceed.

"What the heck is that?" Jose asked aloud. He couldn't stop himself. Suddenly, he was beginning to regret coming on this mission.

Natalie read her tricorder. Without looking up, she said, "I'm sorry sir, but I don't have a clue of what it was, do you?"

So much for second guessing! Jrez quickly re-slung his rifle and pulled out his phaser. He checked the setting. If this was what he thought it was, stun would be useless.

Garin looked at the doctor and then to Natalie. He reluctantly nodded in response to her question. "Species 8472's physiology makes them invisible to scans," he said with a gulp. Now what? His tricorder told him that the lift ahead was the only route to T'pal. The sounds from the creature seemed to be fading into the distance. If they were going to do it, they were going to have to do it now.

After one deep breath he looked at the team. "Alright. I say we make a run for the lift. It's.." he paused to consult the tricoder, "30-so meters straight down the corridor and in the same position as this one. The good news is that there aren't any Borg along the way. The bad news know. Is everyone okay with this?"

There were nods. Some came quickly, others a little slower. The growling sound was getting more and more distant from what he could hear, so he went ahead and darted out of the lift car before his better sense had a chance to change its mind. The group followed, eyes darting around along the way. If it were the Academy relay race, the Logos crew would have broken the record. The packed into the new lift car as if it were packed with treasure or something. This time, the controls were easy to activate. On the next level the doors opened, revealing a Vulcan woman.

"You must be T'pal," Garin said, smiling in spite of the jumpiness instigated by the surprise appearance of the figure. "If you don't mind, we'd like to get the hell out of here now."

DS7 Team

Something on Fletcher's tricorder suddenly light up, like the first time at Christmas when the tree lights are activated. Only this time is was something more sinister.
"Commander lam... My tricorder reads a massive life form heading our way, but i can't get a direct fix... Some form of biogenic field is blocking the readings!"

"Defensive positions" she shouted as she raised her Phaser rifle, the sound of destruction seemed to be coming from ahead before the source came into view, 'ah shit!" she thought realising what it was, there was a blur of motion as all hell broke loose.

With a flurry of activity, some with abnormal speed shot from the gloom towards the small Deep Space Seven away team. Fletcher could sense the rest of the team move in different directions, each one with the same thought. Avoid the claws and get out of its way.

Fletcher tucked himself down and rolled forward across the deck just avoiding a clawed swipe from the 8472. Pulling himself around into a kneeling position, his rifle in hand and pointed point blank at the back of the Alien. He was about to discharge his weapon when something gripped his ankle. With more than a little surprise he jumped back before realizing that he had come to find he was next to the downed drone that they had been searching for.

Startled by the sudden response the grip faltered and allowed Fletcher to crawl free. The singular eye of the drone followed him, gazing without wavering, pleading silently for aid.

Feeling he had extended his by-stander role long enough, Tal quickly made a decision. "Return fire on...whatever the hell that is. Commander Lam, we'll give you cover, get Commander Fletcher's ass back over here now!" He was the first to rise and begin laying down fire on the enemy. The alien was quick, evading the shots that were fired its way. It made another pass for Fletcher, but decided that those shooting at it were a better target. With lightning quickness, the alien jumped towards the first shooter it saw, Navek, completely ignoring Commander Lam's dash towards their comrade.

Lam grabbed Fletcher by the arm and dragged him to his feet, "keep moving Commander" she shouted as they darted along another passage allowing them to make their way around to their comrades. Lam stopped to gather her thoughts and have a breather, things were still moving fast, so she raised her rifle and continued to lead Fletcher back towards the small away team.

The alien tackled the off guard Captain, giving him a nice slash across the face as they fell. Tal was starting to feel his age. Twenty years ago if he had taken a hit like that he would have stood fast, however age affected Cardassians as it did most species. His rifle had been knocked away from him. All he could do was look up helplessly as the being towering over him rose its claws once more for what he only assumed was a kill shot.

Jrez had been knocked aside by the alien’s rush. Now it was too close to his comrades to risk a phaser shot. If it moved – and it could obviously move very quickly – he could end up hitting Lam or Navek. He unslung his rifle and turned it around. As hard as he could, he put it butt first into one of the creature’s three shoulders. The jar as it made contact travelled right down his arm, almost causing him to drop the rifle but he gritted his teeth and struck again with all his might.

Fletcher by this point had pulled out his medical tricorder with one hand, and kept his rifle aimed at the behemoth of an Alien that was now ripping his comrades to pieces. Quickly he ran his scanner over the immobile Borg, noticing the all too Betazoid eyes staring back at him. This was the being he had picked up, but now, with the 8472 so close, his scanner refused to cooperate due to the permeating biogenic field.
"Commander...", he said as Lam appeared at his side. "This is the being. Should I signal for beam out?"

"Go, we'll cover you!" shouted Lam as she fired several bursts of fire from her rifle, the power indicator beginning to flash as the setting was now so high it would vaporise a normal humanoid.

With a simple nod, Fletcher clipped his combadge with his finger activating it.
"Fletcher to Anubis. Emergency transport, two for transport directly to sickbay!"
The briefest of moments passed as the battle progressed just down the hallway. Then the glimmer of the blue energy matter stream caught him and the Drone at his feet. It took only a few seconds, but finally, both he and the Drone were now safe.

Jrez struck again and again, blindly trying to do as much damage as he could. He doubted he was having much effect but the alien was being distracted…a bit, at least.

The teams attacks gave Navek the chance he needed to grab his rifle. He made a quick move and unleashed a max blast, point blank to the alien's face. The being flew backwards, hitting the wall hard. It made no movement, but Tal knew it wasn't dead. "Commander Lam, is Commander Fletcher safe?"

"Yeah he's just completed beam out with the drone!" shouted Lam as she looked down at her Phaser rifle, the power indicator blinked as it showed empty, before discarding it and drawing her hand Phaser.

"Good." He replied "Lets get the hell out of here shall we?"

Lam looked wide eyed at Navek, she almost thought he was kidding as no one wanted to stay and face what ever else the Cube could throw at them, "by all means, Lam to Riss, we've got what we came for and are now beaming out!"

=^= We've found T'pal and are preparing to beam back as well =^= came Garin's response over the comm. The voice was animated, almost spastic, ready to leave this dreadful place.

The way the alien fell pushed Jrez hard into the wall behind him. Thankfully, it did little extra damage. It hurt...oh, his back hurt...but he could haul himself back up.

As the team gathered in at the corridor junction Lam looked back along the corridor, she could have sworn the alien moved, "Lam to Anubis, six to beam up." The annular confinement beam began to envelop her but as she entered the matter stream she saw the alien drag itself to its feet before being surrounded by the comforting surroundings of the Anubis' transporter room, still a shiver went down her spine at the thought of the alien surviving all they had thrown at it.


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